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  • Jane Austen “Pride and Prejudice” Review

    How can one define if a certain book is a specimen of literary classics? With “Pride and Prejudice” this would be fairly simple: it has won universal critical acclaim, it can boast of innumerable translations and adaptations, and, above all things, it is still actively read not only by academics but, in the first place, by ordinary people.
    • Subject: Literature
    • Type of paper: Book review
    • Paper format: MLA
  • Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Project Planning

    Life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) is the process of economic evaluation used to assess the most cost-effective option among various initial costs of the product or project development, operation, maintenance and decommission. Life-cycle cost analysis is an important step in the estimation of factors when making a budget for any new project.
    • Subject: Management
    • Type of paper: Research paper
    • Paper format: Harvard
  • Resume of Mine

    SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Over 3 years of experience in Education and Transportation Systems. Strong background in transportation and management fields. Language skills include upper-intermediate German, upper-elementary French. M.Sc. in Transportation Systems, Technical University of Dortmund, 2015; B.Sc. (Hons), Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering and Planning),
    • Subject: Other
    • Type of paper: Resume
    • Paper format: APA
  • Report on Zepatier Drug

    Merck & Co. Inc. is a well-known American drug developer and manufacturer. The company has produced multiple pharmaceutical products sold successfully worldwide. Among these products is Zepatier, a hepatitis drug developed by Merck and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on 28th January 2016.
    • Subject: Medicine
    • Type of paper: Report
    • Paper format: Chicago
  • Calculation of a Standard Single Turnout

    All turnouts must correspond to the operating conditions they are intended for. To this end, the turnout parameters must be determined and justified, and basic (molded lead and total lead) and axial (layout) dimensions must be established in order to set out and lay the turnout. For educational purposes, the values used herein are applied exclusively within the project and are not precise.
    • Subject: Technology
    • Type of paper: Course work
    • Paper format: APA