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Examples of Custom Dissertation

Book review:Jane Austen “Pride and Prejudice” Review

Academic level: Master

Type of paper: Book review

Subject: Literature

Paper format: MLA

Pages: 4

Research paper:Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Project Planning

Academic level: Undergraduate

Type of paper: Research paper

Subject: Management

Paper format: Harvard

Pages: 5

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You Are Not Alone in Your Need of Custom Dissertation Writing Help

There is no shame in needing help. After all, you have a lot on your plate, and putting your results into words is not always at the top of your priorities list. You are not alone in your struggles with completing this final step to the coveted doctorate degree. Every other post-graduate student has doubts and reservations about their ability to complete the program on time. It is no wonder so many never get to the finish line and drop out in the middle of the race regardless of time and money wasted.

Another common misconception lies in that only hard science students buy dissertation online. While many STEM graduates cannot handle the stress and strain of thesis writing, Humanities students are not far behind. While they do not need to bother with calculations and lab experiments, their research may get stuck at the preliminary stages due to the overwhelming number of preexisting publications.

Regardless of your field of study, you are not alone in your need for custom dissertation writing assistance that your academic advisor and other professors cannot provide. They will never go through the references for you, and neither will they write your drafts. That's what we are here for – to take over the mind-numbing and the mundane tasks while you make most of the opportunities presented to you by the doctorate program. All you need is to ask for help, and you shall receive it in full, whether you are stuck on a research proposal or a particularly confusing chapter.

Your Custom-written Dissertation Paper Options

You need not order a custom dissertation in full to make the most of professional help. We offer multiple ways to make your life easier and your goals more achievable. Here are a few popular options for you to choose from:

  • Get a custom dissertation written from scratch. We can formalize your research and findings or perform analysis in your stead. This option will free up months of your time, but it is by far the most expensive one, even considering the split payment option. We always recommend you get your order in as early as possible for outstanding results.
  • Order a chapter or two to round up your thesis. If your work is halfway done, you need not order a custom dissertation, opt for partial writing. Our writers will analyze your style and complete the piece to look seamless and cohesive.
  • Let our editors polish your dissertation to perfection. It is nearly impossible to weed out all mistakes and typos without outside help. If there are no takers among your friends, let us do the honors and check your work for inconsistencies, redundancies, and glaring mistakes. Whether you go for proofreading or editing, we are at your service.
  • Ensure your thesis makes a good first impression. Formatting a manuscript with 100+ references might just be the thing that breaks you. Instead of slaving over the most mundane task of all, let our custom dissertation writers take over. They will make your work look picture-perfect, whether your school calls for APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago. Custom formatting is also available.

What do you do if none of the above match your custom dissertation writing needs? Fire up a live chat or give us a call and talk it out with our support managers. Chances are, we can help you. With our dream team of researchers, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

Your Road From Blank Page to Custom Dissertation Starts Here

In an ideal world, custom dissertations would grow on trees, and anyone could get a Ph.D. without breaking a sweat. While we cannot make this a reality, our custom dissertation service comes close to fulfilling your most daring dreams and wishes when it comes to academic writing. To get the ball rolling, follow this simple algorithm:

  1. Fill in the order form with as many details as possible. For the custom written dissertation to meet your every need, our writers will require as much information as possible. Detail your requirements, upload files with your notes and your advisor's recommendations. At this step, there can never be too much info.
  2. Forward your first payment or the whole sum. Before the designated custom dissertation writer can start working on your piece, we'll need you to submit payment details and complete the transaction. It's a standard practice that protects both you and the writer.
  3. Stay in touch with your writer to follow the progress. You can keep in touch via the dashboard to provide additional details or get progress reports. Our expert will upload interim results for your approval before completing the order if you've chosen progressive delivery.
  4. Preview and download your custom dissertation. In case you want the writer to make any corrections or additions, send the work for revision, and you will receive the second draft as soon as possible. Approve the final version, and you'll be able to download the editable file.

If the process seems overly complicated and confusing, contact our support team. They are here to help every step of the way.

We Are the Best Custom Dissertation Service. Here's Why

Among hundreds of services promising custom-written dissertation papers, PaperCoach is at the top with a select few other companies that produce quality results and offer iron-clad guarantees. Let us take care of your custom dissertation writing, and you will enjoy the same benefits thousands of our customers have experienced first-hand:

  • Unbreakable confidentiality guarantee. We do not store, process, or share your personal information without your permission. This means no one, including your advisor and doctorate board, will ever prove you have used our custom dissertation writing service. You have nothing to worry about.
  • Flexible, student-friendly pricing. While custom dissertations are not the cheapest of our services, you can play around with order parameters to get your cost down. Extended deadlines are the easiest way to lower the order total, and split payments are always an option if the cost is still a bit outside of your price range.
  • Professional researchers and academics on our roster. We won't let college students or graduates anywhere near your order. By using our dissertation writing service, you secure the top tier of experts. All are holders of Ph.D. degrees and possess research and writing experience across various fields.

PaperCoach is not just another writing company. We are here to help you achieve the ultimate goal of obtaining your Ph.D.

Stay and A-player with us – order your dissertation today!

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They helped to complete my dissertation so fast. Definitely recommended!

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This service literally saved my life. I wouldn't finish my dissertation on time without their help. Thank you so much.


It was the right decision to stop torments and order a dissertation from PaperCoach. I got a paper with good sources and excellent research within 2 months without any stress and loss of time! Thanks!

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I was looking for an expert to write a dissertation for me and came across this platform. I always knew that I was a lucky person. For a ridiculous price, I got a well-structured paper!

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