15 Best Ways To Spend Thanksgiving Weekend 2019

15 Best Ways To Spend Thanksgiving Weekend 2019

Thanksgiving weekend is a four-day holiday that you should spend well. The goal is to have a good rest and devote time to family and friends. We do not recommend spending all day on the couch with a mobile phone or under a TV, as you can get even more tired of this. Therefore, if you do not want to waste the weekend, you should plan the time in advance. If you have no idea what activities add to your list, then read these 15 ideas below.

Activities Recommended To Do Over Thanksgiving by PaperCoach 

1. Be closer to your family

It is a great holiday to spend time with your family. Communicate with your grandparents, and they can tell interesting stories that will allow you to know your family history better. Look through photo albums and dive into childhood memories. It is also a perfect time to phone your distant relatives.  

2. Do a fall photo shoot

Autumn days are at an end, so why not enjoy this season until winter comes? Organize a photo session for yourself and take bright and creative photos outdoors. You can take photos with friends or family, and get a lot of positive emotions and memories.     

3. Prepare for Christmas

Time flies very quickly, and Christmas will come before you know it. Therefore, this holiday is the best time to buy gifts or at least decide what you will give to your loved ones. After all, preparing gifts in haste and on the eve of the holiday is not the best decision. You can also decorate your home for Christmas! It will help to save time before holiday days and will give you a holiday spirit.  

4. Try to cook a new dish

People usually cook a lot of food during this weekend. So, why not test your culinary skills and cook a new dish? Besides, you can cook with family or friends and then taste it together. 

5. Spend time with friends 

Thanksgiving weekend is a perfect time to hang out with friends and to catch up with people whom you have not seen for a long time. Do not waste time and set up a meeting! 

6. Take a good nap

Do not forget to take a good rest and sleep well so that you can go back to college or university with renewed vigor and a clear mind. A good nap is particularly needed if you studied hard the whole fall and did not have enough rest. 

7. Go ice skating

This kind of activity is available in every season and brings a lot of positive emotions. Thus, if you do not want to stay at home, ice skating is a great idea. And after it, you can enjoy hot chocolate with marshmallows in a cozy coffee shop.  

8. Have a movie marathon

If you want to lie on your favorite sofa under a warm blanket, then why not have a movie marathon? Perhaps you have a list of what you would like to watch, or you can find a compilation of Thanksgiving movies.  

9. Go to a Thanksgiving parade

Are you an active person and tired of staying at home? Visit the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! By tradition, many people watch the parade on TV in the morning, but the better idea is to visit it. We assure you that it will give you a holiday spirit.  

10. Read a good book

If you are a homebody, nothing could be better than to wrap yourself in a blanket with a cup of tea and with your favorite book? Or maybe you have a book that you have wanted to read for a long time. Now it is time! It will help you to escape from problems and worries, as well as to find peace of mind.

11. Learn something new or connect with culture

Use free time wisely. Instead of crowding in the malls and standing in line, visit a museum or art gallery. You will spend time in a calm atmosphere and broaden your horizons by enjoying the works of art and historical artifacts. 

12. Participate in hometown activities

If you want to spend your weekend as active as possible, find out what events will be organized in your town. For example, you can participate in a famous Turkey Trot race. 

13. Be a volunteer 

Many people claim that nothing brings more happiness than helping others. Why not try it? Take part in volunteer activities and help organize a holiday for people in need.  

14. Go camping 

Another great idea for spending time with family or friends is to go camping. It is a nice chance to get out of the house and leave the city for some fresh air. If you do not like such an experience, then you can simply make a picnic with the loved ones in a park.

15. Give thanks 

Take time and think to whom and what you are thankful for. If you celebrate as a family, then let everyone choose the person to express their gratitude. And after dinner, you can give small gifts and notes with an explanation of your thankfulness. 

We hope you will use some of our ideas and spend an unforgettable Thanksgiving in 2019!