Dont-Forget-to-Do List Before The New Year

Dont-Forget-to-Do List Before The New Year

2019 is drawing to a close. No doubt, there were ups and downs, but it is high time to move forward and to step into the new year. Have you ever heard a saying that it is better to face the new year with the clean slate? If no, then it’s high time to tie up loose ends and to say YES to new discoveries and pleasant surprises. 

Here is a don’t-forget-to-do list every person should do before the coming year:

Delete Old Contacts from Your Phone

If you are an individual who keeps hundreds of contact numbers in your phone and then become puzzled every time you need to call somebody, it is high time to get rid of some contacts. Save yourself from the headache and delete contacts you never use. 

Take a Day Off

We are always in a hurry and simply have no time for doing things we really like. Take at least one day off and devote it to yourself. Switch off the phone, don’t answer messages in numerous social nets. Instead, spend the day with the loved ones, read a book, watch an interesting movie or take a bath with aroma candles. 

Donate Clothes You Don’t Wear Any More

Your closet is full of sweaters and jeans you don’t wear any more, but you still keep them. Every time you sort your clothes, you think that it is a great idea to get rid of the stuff you don’t need any more, but you put it on a waiting list. Make a donation box and fill it with all the clothes and accessories you don’t wear. Donate the stuff to those who really need it, and you’ll do a really good thing. 

Update Your CV

The new year is coming, and you never know what lies ahead. If you have regular employment and are not going to change it, then skip this tip. In case you want to find a new job and to change something in your life, update your CV and biography. Maybe, you will be proposed a prospective employment tomorrow, so you’ll have to be ready for it! 

Place an Order on Papercoach

You are a student, and you are tired of writing a pile of papers. Get rid of an academic burden and order assignments on Papercoach. It is a reliable platform that guarantees high quality of papers and on-time delivery. Don’t rack your brains on how to do college assignments, better think about the gift list to surprise people you really love.

Buy Tickets Beforehand

If you plan to travel somewhere in the coming year, better think about purchasing tickets beforehand. Buy them in December, because the prices will increase in January. So, think about the travel destinations ahead and don’t miss a chance to save some bucks. 

Get a New Tattoo

You’ve dreamt about a new tattoo for the whole year. It is December now, and you still don’t have it. Pick a reputable salon and finally get the desired tattoo. Believe us, you will regret not doing it, so better get it now and start a new year with the new body. 

Plan Your Vacation

You always postpone visiting Disneyland or going to Hawaii.  Don’t do it. Visit them in the new year, but think about your vacation beforehand. Check prices and start planning your vacation to the place you’ve always wanted to see. Choose the destination and monitor the prices. When they go down, book your dream trip immediately. 

Reconnect with an Old Friend

Life is really unpredictable, and we never know what is waiting for us ahead. People are always busy, rushing somewhere, and sometimes they forget about the most crucial things like love and friendship. You may lose connection with an old friend not because of the misunderstanding, but simply because of the lack of time. Stop for a minute and drop several lines to a person you want to reconnect with. Call a dear person or send an email telling how important your friendship is. 

Get Rid of Old Emails in Your Inbox Folder

Every time you open an inbox folder, you see a pile of emails. You are always in a hurry and think that you’ll delete them a bit later. Deleting emails won’t grab much of your time. Devote just five minutes to doing it and get rid of the dozen unnecessary emails. 

Go Ice-Skating

December is perfect for ice-skating. There are so many skating rinks on the fresh air. Don’t miss a chance to enjoy an evening on the ice having fun with friends. Sweaters, colorful lights, beanies, herbal tea...feel an atmosphere of the upcoming holidays on the skating rink. 

Order a New Dish at the Restaurant

You always order the same thing at the restaurant because you got used to it? It is high time to try something new. Go to the restaurant and order a new dish. Maybe, you’ll like what you get. If no, there is the next year to try something else. In any way, don’t be afraid to experiment. Our life is too short!