Everyday Apps for College Students Needs

Everyday Apps for College Students Needs

Daily life of a normal college student is filled with different troubles. And they are not always connected with education itself. You are to manage all your academic and personal routines, stay safe and within your budget. In order to help you do all of these smarter, faster, better, we present you a list of useful apps. Download, install, and implement.

Keep Your Interests Organized

The Net is full of interesting stuff, but you do not always have time to watch videos, read articles, or look through other engaging content. For example, when you work on your research to write a rhetorical essay. Here the Pocket app comes in handy. Save any interesting page to explore it later. This app is cross-platform and available for using in a browser. In addition to organizing your personal storage of useful info with tags, Pocket has a text-to-speech feature, so your eyes can rest while you learn something new. This app is a kind of social networking site, because you can follow people and get a list of recommendations from them. Use Pocket online for free, but if you often have no Internet connection, splurge for a premium and enjoy your library offline.

Tons of news go through us every day. In order to not go crazy because of huge amount of information, it is vital to filter what you want and need to know. Feedly is a nice choice for this purpose. This RSS aggregator is one of useful apps for college students that we recommend using to stay up to date. The app is free, and you will quickly guess how it works. After signing up, pick the topics or websites you would like to follow. When something worthy comes up, you will get a notification. Have a free minute? Browse the posts that Feedly has prepared for you.

Budgeting Apps for College Students

Control of expenses is not a luxury but a necessity for a college student. The envelope budgeting method is well-known and effective, but it does not matter you must use real envelopes. Try Goodbudget instead. This cross-platform app divides your money into 10 regular parts and 10 more ‘envelopes‘ for savings. Extra dollars you have not spent during this month can be transferred to the next period, or you can simply pamper yourself and buy something you want. One-year transaction history and synchronization across two devices are available in the free version. If you want more options, you are required to pay $6/month or $50/year.

Mint is one more budget app for college students. Control your spending, pay the bills on time, track your budget, and calculate your credit score in one place. The app is available for Android, iOS, and Web. It is free and keeps your data safe due to the multi-factor authentication.

Nothing Distracts You

Concentration on one task is an art modern students should learn. It is impossible to study well when you get notifications from dozens of social networks every minute. Get rid of distractions with the Offtime app. It bans messages and incoming calls (exceptions are customizable). The app can also block messengers, games, social networking apps, or even a browser. You will see how this tool will boost your productivity during your studies. The default settings are free to use, but additional features like creating several profiles, synchronizing Offtime with your calendar, and scheduling your time are available for premium users.

If you are sick and tired of the hectic life, try meditation to control distractions. Headspace, the invention of a former monk, will help you even if you are a complete novice. Install the app, choose the meditation session, and follow the recommendations. Several minutes a day will reduce your anxiety level and tune you to the positive wave. If basic sessions are enough for you, no payment are required. But if you want to master meditation, subscribe at an affordable price.

Safety Apps for College Students

Safety is the first thing you should think about when you move to the big city to study. Use the Circle of 6 app to be sure your friends will come to the rescue. You add contacts of 6 trusted people to the app. If a dangerous or uncomfortable situation occurs, you can send them an alert message and your exact GPS coordinates in two taps. In addition, the app provides you with free access to the 24/7 hotline services and health & safety information. There are customized versions for some US universities.

The bSafe app goes further. Beside creating a circle of friends and family members you trust and sending them your coordinates when you are in trouble, it records video and audio with time stamps. In case your phone is stolen or damaged, the files can be restored as they are saved on bSafe servers. The tool has a bunch of other useful features that can save your life. Check out the official website for details.

Try these useful apps for college students and write about your experience to the PaperCoach Facebook page. Do you have any suggestions for the next mobile app list? You are welcome to share your thoughts with us!