Top Hints On How to Write an Exploratory Essay

Writing Exploratory Essay: Top Tips From Pro Writers

Many students find writing an exploratory essay easy and engaging. The fact is that creating a good academic paper of this kind doesn’t require putting the knowledge you gained during lectures into practice. However, you will need to demonstrate the first-rate writing skills, show off your unique thoughts and views, as well as come up with a flawless and perfectly structured paper. So, what is an exploratory essay? Is it possible to create an astonishing paper with minimum efforts? Sure! With our tips, you get a chance to craft a superior exploratory essay in minutes.

In this post, you will discover all the necessary data about exploratory essay definition, its most vital elements, as well as open up the world of the secret writing tricks. Get ready to get the best grades in the class with the help of the handy prompts shared by our experts.

Learning The Basics: What is an Exploratory Essay?

To boost your writing right from the start, it is necessary to pick up an exploratory essay definition. Many students believe it is just a common type of academic paper, where you need to select an exploratory essay thesis and pour some strong arguments. These guys are completely wrong. The truth is that an exploratory paper has lots of differences from the classical essays you’ve got used to. The most fascinating feature of an investigation paper (this is another name for the exploratory essay) is that it gives students more freedom.

What does it mean? What is an excellent exploratory essay? It is an advanced research paper, where the process of writing can be really interesting and fun. Moreover, you will not need to prove your facts and arguments. On the contrary, you will just collect the information and stand for your particular viewpoint.

Top questions for a good exploratory essay

  • What is the essence of your problem? Show off the meaning of the problem described in your paper to the audience
  • Is it modern and valuable? Make sure the topic of your exploratory paper is up-to-date and needs to be solved
  • The reasons for the issue occurred. Describe the main reasons that caused a certain problem.
  • What should one do to solve it? Hammer out the most brilliant solution to the issue.

The main features for a perfect subject for your exploratory essay:

  • There is no easy and obvious solution to the problem
  • The solution should not be the one and only
  • The issue described is a present-day
  • It grabs the interest of the mass audience
  • Your topic is contradictory
  • The main subject is related to sociology, politics, health, education, or peace

Easy hints to create a superior exploratory paper outline

If you search for the most powerful exploratory essay examples, you will discover that many papers have similar exploratory essay outline. The matter is that all the papers of this kind have a common structure. This means you don’t need to worry about picking up the best exploratory essay format or make your head dizzying when creating an outline. These tips will make your job done in minutes.

Almost any academic paper starts with a good introduction. Your own exploratory paper example is not an exception to this rule.

Writing an exploratory essay: Introduction

You should know that the most topping academic paper often starts with a hook. Appealing to the reader’s emotions is surely great but it is often difficult to engage the audience from the first lines of your exploratory essay.

Just try to do your best to make the audience interested in your paper from the very beginning. To make this possible, show off the importance of the issue you are planning to solve. Furthermore, it is recommended to double check whether the audience completely understands the subject of your exploratory paper. That is why, avoid mentioning any specific terms or concepts a common reader might not be familiar with. Another secret trick of dozens of tiptop exploratory essay examples is that all of them contain an arguable topic.

Best prompts for a successful exploratory paper introduction

  • Make a brief description of the chosen topic
  • Provide the readers with an insight
  • Rocket launch your essay with a short first sentence
  • Pour some questions and answers
  • Make the introduction brief and eye-catching
  • Avoid wordiness
  • Point out the number of issues you are planning to cover
  • Provide your unique view about the topic
  • Grab the attention of the audience with the out-of-the box beginning
  • Drop a few facts about the history of the problem
  • Start with the quote or curious fact
  • Show off the importance and relevance of your exploratory essay
  • Prove that you are planning to use only trustworthy sources
  • Convince the reader that your topic is critical
  • Make the goal of your paper easy and clear

What should you know about exploratory essay thesis?

Thesis is a necessary part of most academic papers. As a rule, you need to come up with it in the introduction of your exploratory paper. This part is designed to express the goal of your writing and the results you would like to achieve. To succeed in creating a pure thesis, it might be a great idea to:

  • Learn all the aspects of your topic before writing the main part of the essay
  • Start your paper with something engaging, such as describe a phenomenon or unusual fact
  • Stand out from using clichés

Prompts to create the most effective body part of your exploratory essay

When creating an exploratory essay outline, you’ve definitely chosen the most impressive facts for your paper. Now, it’s time to describe all the fresh facts in detail. The main part of your essay is a perfect fit for these purposes. Actually, you will need to demonstrate the results of your research right in the middle of your paper between the introduction and conclusion. Don’t hesitate to add rich arguments, unique examples, and statistics data to your exploratory essay. By the way, if you analyze any exploratory essay sample, you will notice that it has a polished structure. How to write an exploratory essay with a stunning body? Mostly, the paper’s main part should be split into two paragraphs.

Paragraph 1

This is a great place for describing the background of the chosen subject. It is better to describe the reasons for the problem occurred, the scene, and the basics of your topic. For example, you can provide some data about the people and characters described in your paper, the development and the time required for solving the problem.

Paragraph 2

This part of your exploratory essay should be tightly connected with the first one. The essence of this paper is to describe the issue from various sides. Different people have different viewpoints on the same problem and you will need to come up with the most popular ones regarding your topic. Be logical and treat the views that are opposite to your own one in a respective way. Try to be precise and analyze the pros and cons of each of the points you reflect in your paper.

Exploratory essay sample: The Conclusion

The vital aspect of any conclusion is to show off the exact and top-notch results of your research. You can drop a few sentences describing your major points in brief, as well as demonstrate a shiny summary of your investigation. Most experts suppose that a splendid conclusion should contain these types of data:

  • Various approaches to solving the issue described in the Paragraph 2
  • Highlight the most popular viewpoints
  • Restating the main subject of your paper
  • A brief summary of the results of your essay

You can also finish your academic paper with a question opened to the audience. What do readers think about the subject? What is their point of view for a problem? This type of summary is also acceptable.

Choosing the best topic for your exploratory essay

Many young learners would like to know how to write an amazing exploratory essay. This is easier than you might think. The secret key to your success is selecting the topic wisely. Think twice before sticking to a certain area to make sure it suits your type of academic paper. In case you hesitate your subject is a good fit, we’ve collected a number of win-win topics for your convenience.

  1. Social topics:
    • The pros and cons of early marriages
    • The negative impact of the divorce on teenagers
    • Benefits of raising children in big families
    • Role of grandparents in raising kids
    • Changes in the relationships in marriage over time
    • The best age for serious relationships
    • The ways to improve communication between men and women
    • The impact of the religion on the people’s lives
    • Most effective ways to decrease the crime rate in developing countries
    • Benefits of being single
    • The reasons for getting into serious relationship
  2. Health topics:
    • The advantages of doing exercises for the human body
    • Does professional sport good for health?
    • Addiction to caffeine and chocolate: myth or reality?
    • The impact of cell phones on the human brain
    • Is eating meat bad for your health?
  3. Technology topics:
    • The role of online education in the modern society
    • The future of nanotechnology
    • Can computers and robots replace teachers in the nearest future?
    • Benefits of using social media platforms
    • The future of paper and electronic books
    • Perspectives of Artificial Intelligence
    • Smart solutions at home: Pros and cons
    • Future of cloning
    • Impact of video games on children’s brains

All in all, creating an exploratory essay is a tough but creative process. To complete all your assignments in no time, just follow the rules above and get the best paper in class easily.