How To Make College Halloween Live Up To Your Expectations

How To Make College Halloween Live Up To Your Expectations

The coolest costume at any party, crisp night air and perfect holiday decorations are just some things you expect this Halloween. You are a little tired of classes already, and its the perfect time to let go and relax. But the more you get worked up about the Halloween, the greater the chance your holiday will be a bust. Check out our short-list of shattered Halloween dreams and learn how to avoid them.

Epic Costume

Dream Halloween: This is your first/second/tenth college Halloween, and you are going to rock your costume this year! You have already bookmarked all the websites that sell the important parts necessary for your costume. All the girls/guys will be yours! You will take lots of pictures to post on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It will be epic.

Real Halloween: Its October, 30, and you have just remembered you dont actually have a costume. All the shops close to campus are sold out, and even Amazon wont be able to save you from your costume disaster. The only thing left for you is to scour the Internet for quick DIY ideas that can turn your plain white T-shirt and jeans into something remotely resembling a costume.

Whatever you do, dont go for the punny ideas, no one ever gets them. You will be stuck trying to explain the costume instead of enjoying your night.

Gorgeous Pumpkin

Dream Halloween: You have watched dozens of YouTube tutorials about carving a pumpkin. You have an elaborate design in mind. It will blow everyones mind and provide you with months of cool social media pics. The pumpkin will turn into a great decoration for your dorm room till Christmas.

Real Halloween: Who knew the pumpkins are so hard and heavy? The people on YouTube made it look so easy, but in a fit of unusual clumsiness you drop the future masterpiece and watch it turn into mush in slow motion. As an added bonus, you have sliced open your palm and have to go to the ER to wait in line with other unfortunate pumpkin-carvers.

Be careful with knives and other sharp objects around Halloween, leave the carving to professionals. Try making pumpkin pie instead.

Candy Fest

Dream Halloween: You have gone on a shopping spree and spent your last dollars on family-sized bags of candy. You are going to behave like a responsible adult, greet trick-or-treaters and share the leftovers with your friends. Of course, you will leave a couple of bars for yourself to snack on during endless revision sessions.

Real Halloween: Your professor has gone crazy and made mincemeat of your latest essay. You have to rewrite everything before Monday. There is no time to cook, call for takeout or eat, so you snack on the candy you have so thoughtfully bought. When you reach for your next stress-relief/brain-fuel, your hand comes back empty. Youve managed to decimate your enormous candy stash in one evening.

Try to hide the candy from yourself before Halloween and stock your fridge with healthier snack options. Otherwise, you are in for a spectacular sugar crash.

Toasty Weather

Dream Halloween: Its just October, so the weather should be rather mild. You wont need anything other than a light sweater to keep you warm throughout the night. You dont want to ruin your Khaleesi/Baywatch costume with a warm jacket anyway.

Real Halloween: The moment the sun goes down, October turns into December and your flimsy costume does nothing to protect you from the biting wind. To make matters worse, a snowstorm starts around 8 PM, so you are sure to have a cold by morning. Just hope that hypothermia doesnt catch you and that all of your toes will still be intact, come sunrise.

Check the weather forecast before you saunter out for the night. Dress appropriately. You can always take off your coat and dazzle everyone with your costume, once you reach the party.

Legendary Party Night

Dream Halloween: You have received seven invitations to different costume parties and just cant decide which one you should visit first. At this rate, you will have to drive around all night to make it to every major bash in town. You will have to decline any further invitations citing previous engagements.

Real Halloween: After all the efforts youve put to make this Halloween the one to remember, you are exhausted and end up staying at home. You have no desire to go out. So you turn off the lights and ignore trick-or-treaters since you have no candy left and no desire to see other people having fun. Youll just go through your favorite horror films and turn in early.

Halloween is one of the coolest holidays, but dont set your expectations too high, or you risk being disappointed. Dont run yourself ragged trying to please everyone and do something you actually like. And if staying at home to watch movies with a bowl full of candy is what you really need, that is what you should do.

Happy Halloween!