How to Prepare for Finals Without a Survival Guide

How to Prepare for Finals Without a Survival Guide

One of the most challenging tasks for any students is preparing for finals in college. In this situation, all students divide into two categories. The first one includes those who start to panic - they try to learn as much as possible, spending days and nights in the library and isolating themselves from the entire world. As a result, they receive an enormous level of stress and often fail the test. The second category of students accepts finals as something routine like it is just an ordinary test they have to complete. They keep calm, make necessary preparations and successfully pass their final exams. If you think that a secret to successful finals is time and enough of learning materials, then you have just made your first mistake. Indeed, both components are extremely important, but they are useless if you don't know how to implement them wisely. To achieve good results, you need to choose a strategy that will help you to prepare for the test on time and without extra stress. Hence, you need to know what approaches will have a beneficial effect on the study process and what approaches are better to avoid.

Wrong Strategy

A Wrong Approach

  • Study All the Time

Unfortunately, it doesn't work this way. Our brain is like a sponge and knowledge is water. A sponge cannot absorb water endlessly and our brain cannot suck in knowledge nonstop. Moreover, if you study too intensively, the brain will refuse to absorb new information. So, 16 hours a day that you spend on the studies will not help you to learn more information. In this way, you only exhaust your body.

  • Ignore Time Management  

You have probably met this tip in any guide, but still, it is better to repeat it one more time. Bad time management means that you don't have a specific plan of action. When you deal with a test you have two main problems which are the lack of time and much information to learn. That is why every hour is priceless and you have to know for sure what exactly you are going to do today, tomorrow, and on the day before the exam. So, what really matters is a well-considered plan.

  • Study at Night

A healthy sleep is a guarantee of a good mental activity. It is not even about your health, though it is also very important, but about a study concentration. You see, when we don't sleep enough, our mental activity slows down because our brain is exhausted. The best way to achieve high results is to keep a balance between daily activity and night sleep.

Right Strategy

A Right Approach

  • Physical Activity

There is no need to spend all day round sitting in front of the computer because you have finals in a week. Apart from mental activity, you also require physical exercise. When you work out, the level of oxygen in the blood increases. As a result, a mental capacity becomes higher since the brain receives more energy. Hence, at least 30 minutes a day that you spend on physical activity is not a loss of time but a good investment in education.

  • Proper Nutrition

Again, you may think that this tip is about health but not study. Well, here is a quite simple explanation that will make you change your mind. Our organism requires minerals and vitamins which we can receive with food. If you eat junk food, or you are so preoccupied with thoughts about an exam that you always forget about lunch, you don't get enough of a daily norm of vitamins. As a result, you may feel constant fatigue and problems with concentration. To avoid these issues, eat many vegetables and fruits during a day. Don't forget about dark chocolate since it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, it reduces the blood pressure, improves blood flow, and helps you to survive finals week. Remember, only dark chocolate is useful. Give preference to one with at least 70% of cacao.

  • Review Sessions

Don't forget to visit all review sessions while preparing for finals. At these meetings, you can receive detail information about the exam and what tasks you will need to accomplish. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask the professor. Some students believe that in this way they demonstrate their low level of knowledge. However, the main principle of education says that the more knowledge you have the more questions arise. It is natural when you need to clarify something because those students who believe that they are a know-it-all usually fail exams more often than others.

  • A Study Guide

Make a schedule for a study day. It is better to have a list of things that you are going to study. In this way, you will better control the progress and avoid a situation when you spend three days but learn only two topics instead of six. A study guide will help to monitor the results and provide a general overview of the preparations. With this approach, you will never need to search the Internet for how to study for a test in one night.

Some Little Tips That Can be Useful

 Tips and tricks

  • Use Visualization

When you work with statistical data it is better to use diagrams, graphics, and other visuals that will help you feel prepared to shine on your final exams.

  • Make Breaks

There is no a clear answer about how long you should study before taking a break. However, at least 5-10 minute break after one hour of study is enough to relax and think through what you have just learned.

  • Study with Friends

It is easier to learn information with a person who can explain you something you don't understand. So, collaborate with other students or your friends to achieve the best results together.

  • Test Yourself

Think about possible questions and try to provide full answers that would satisfy the professor. Be honest and strict with yourself. It is better to prepare for worse.

  • Make Notes

One of the best study techniques is to make notes. When you learn information summarize the main ideas. Key points will help you to memorize what you’ve learned and you will not have to reread everything again.

  • Reward Yourself

Set goals, achieve them and reward yourself. For example, according to your schedule, you have to learn four topics by the evening. If you do it on time, give yourself a reward. For example, it may be an episode of a favorite series or the food you like the most.

  • Create a Right Atmosphere

Another important detail for a successful preparation is to create a right atmosphere. For example, some people cannot study at home and thus, they prefer to spend their time in libraries or with other students because in this way they can soak better themselves in a subject they prepare for. Others prefer to listen to music during their study time because it helps them to concentrate. Just think what atmosphere will help you to prepare for final exams and chose a solution that suits you the best.

  • Find Help

Sometimes the unexpected situations may occur and you do not have enough time to prepare for the exam. In such case, you start wondering how to pass finals without studying and get a high grade. If you face this dilemma, you can try our online writing service. We offer solutions for students who for some reason cannot prepare for the finals. All you need to do is to place an order where you attach the paper instructions and set a required deadline. Even if you have two days or less, be sure our team of professionals will do everything on time. It is better to ask for help than get a low a grade from the professor.  

The Bottom Line

When you have to prepare for exams, you need to make a well-considered plan which includes:

  • a schedule of the study hours,
  • time for breaks;
  • time for physical activities;
  • a schedule of the revision sessions;
  • leisure time;

Besides, you should have a good sleep and eat healthy food. Don't forget about dark chocolate since it charges the brain with the required energy and helps to cope with complex tasks. Have enough breaks and don’t forget about physical activity. And the last thing which might seem a bit strange, but still it will work well with finals week tips. Don't take it too seriously. It doesn't mean that you don't have to try your best. Just don't stress yourself too much. Sleepless nights, 16 hour study day, lack of proper breaks and free time are the right way to be unconcentrated, feel constant fatigue, and have a terrible headache. In such condition, you will hardly get a high grade and will not show the best level of your knowledge. So keep calm, follow a study guide, and you will pass the exam successfully.