How to Write a Reaction Paper About a Movie

How to Write a Reaction Paper About a Movie

What is a Reaction Paper?

The main purpose of a reaction essay is to give an evaluation of a piece of art. Our article will help you to write a reaction paper about a movie, but actually, the structure of all kinds of reaction essays is the same - to give your own perception and feelings which the piece of art evoked in you.

How to Start a Reaction Paper About a Movie

First of all, you should select a motion picture to be analyzed. You may choose it from the option list given by your teacher or find it by yourself. Anyway, choose the one that you like most. You are going to spend some time with it, that is why you should enjoy the process.

You can find and choose the movie here:

How to Write an Outline of Your Essay

Making a Plan

There are several elements which have to be covered in this type of an essay. In a reaction paper about a movie, these elements are the following:

  1. The director and the scriptwriter
  2. The title of the movie and its genre
  3. The setting: time and place of action
  4. The main topic of the movie and its main message
  5. The system of characters: main characters and minor characters
  6. The system of conflicts in the movie
  7. Music and sound arrangement
  8. Special effects
  9. Your own impressions about the movie                              

Reaction Essay Format. How to Write a Reaction Paragraph

Organization of the Reaction Paper

A reaction paper should be well-organized and structured. It is advisable to present it as a 5-paragraph format:

  • The first paragraph is an introduction that presents the main point of the paper.
  • The three main body paragraphs should contain ideas or concepts derived from the movie, - your personal opinions and feelings about them.
  • The final paragraph should offer an overall summary of the whole paper, - a conclusion.

5 Things to Remember

  1. The review tests your ability to describe and give your opinion. Try to show the best result. Ask yourself what you liked most and explain it in your work.
  2. Imagine that you are giving a recommendation for people who haven’t seen the movie.
  3. Before you start writing your own review, read as many reaction paper templates as you can.
  4. Find interesting facts about the movie to make your essay unique.
  5. Be inspired by what you are doing and you will succeed.

Overall, enjoying the process of writing will surely help you to make a perfect essay. Remember, in case you have no inspiration our specialists can always help you to write a unique reaction paper in a short period of time.