TOP-10 Mobile Apps For Classes And Homework

TOP-10 Mobile Apps For Classes And Homework

Who needs notebooks and pencils, when everything you need for your everyday studies fits inside your pocket? The right apps will turn your smartphone into the ultimate study buddy. Check out these ten applications for Android and iOS, designed specifically to make your academic life easier.

myHomework Student Planner for Android, Chrome, and iOS

This cool cross-platform app will finally free you of your paper planner. You can keep track of your classes and extracurriculars, mark test and exam dates, and enter assignment due dates. The app will remind you when you need to start revising or wrap up your essay. The web application will come in handy when you need to synchronize your schedule across your laptop, smartphone, and tablet.

My Study Life for Android, iOS, and Chrome

This app is similar to the previous planner, but you should give both a try to find out which is more suitable to your needs. Both planners possess similar features, however, this app is well-liked for its to-do list and color-coded events that help you to quickly assess the upcoming deadlines and exams.

Notability for iOS

Notability is one of the most popular note-taking apps out there. It has numerous features, like audio recording, taking notes by hand and taking pictures. But most students love it for the ability to upload files and add notes in the margins as if they were working with a printout or a textbook. You might prefer to use this app on your iPad, otherwise, you might need a stylus to take notes by hand on the iPhones smaller screen.

Office Lens for iOS and Android

Some professors are obsessed with diagrams and tables, however, you dont have to copy the images into your notebook by hand. Install Office Lens app and take pictures of whiteboards, blackboards, documents, etc. The app will automatically correct the images to remove shadows and glare, even if they are taken at an angle. You can choose to save the cleaned up images as a PDF, a DOCX or a PPTX file.

Lecture Capture for iOS or Smart Voice Recorder for Android

If you are tired of taking notes by hand, let your smartphone do the work for you. Install one of these apps, put the phone on the desk and enjoy a lecture. No one will know you are recording the lecture since the apps utilize a background recording feature and work even with the screen off. Lecture recordings are automatically edited to cut silent moments save precious storage space.

Khan Academy for iOS and Android

If you are getting ready for your MCATs or SATs, this app will grant you access to an enormous library of instructional manuals. You can also watch free lessons on dozens of subjects, improving your understanding of chemistry topics for research papers, Literature, Economics, etc.

Wolfram Alpha for Android and iOS

This app is a must for every Math and Physics student. The enormous computational power of a popular web application is finally available on mobile, and you should make full use of it. Unlike other apps, this one is extremely easy to use. Simply enter the problem you need to solve, and the platform will quickly find the right answer.

CliffsNotes Study Guides for iOS

When you have no time to finish the assigned reading, this app will help you. While the free app only covers the plot of the Frankenstein, you can get other books for $2 each. There are two modes of study. The Full Study Plan will guide you through the book at a leisurely pace, while the Cram Plan will allow you to grasp everything you need to learn about the book in no time.

Photomath - Camera Calculator for Android and iOS

If you are stuck on a Math problem, take a picture of it, and this app will provide an answer. You can also type in your equations or input them by hand, whichever method strikes your fancy. The app will also provide a step-by-step instruction on how to solve similar problems on your own.

Thats our list of ten popular apps for your everyday academic needs. These are just the tip of an iceberg, so next time we will cover the best mobile applications for revision and exam prep.