The Most Popular Software for Students

The Most Popular Software for Students

So, imagine you are a progressive student of the 21st century, a happy owner of a laptop, smartphone, and tablet. Using all these power gadgets only for playing games, watching movies, or other entertainment is ineffective and even stupid. Perhaps this is what one wants to do, but you can get much more out of it. That is why, we have put together a list of useful software, which can significantly improve your student life.

OneNote for Making Notes

OneNote is a web service that automatically syncs and archives notes. OneNote has unique tags to mark different information. The service can be synchronized with the Outlook service to increase the efficiency and flexibility of managing the projects. Moreover, the meeting can be more productive by offering the participants all the necessary information about the event as reports, presentations, documents, and notes. Regardless of location, notes will always be nearby, thanks to synchronization with the cloud. Notes can be shared.

Microsoft To-Do for Planning

To-Do helps to study and do household chores. It allows tracking deadlines using useful reminders. The application is available for all smartphones and can be used on the web.

This useful software will help to plan the day from scratch if you open it in the morning. My Day lists are clean first, which allows you to consider what is important to do today. In this way, if you see that you don’t have enough time to complete some writing assignments, you can plan to order it online. If you pay for essay online, you will have some spare time for more useful or even pleasant things.

Polarr for Photo Editing

Polarr is a photo editor. This program is focused not so much on creating your graphics as on processing photos. The main feature of the editor is accessibility. There is a basic and advanced version. The program works with all major platforms. The web version of Polarr is also available.

You can edit photos manually or using a large number of filters that simulate film shooting. You can sharpen, perform color correction, remove noise, adjust the exposure, add a graphic element or text to the image, work with mask layers, or apply visual elements. The paid version has batch-export, blending, support for LUT-packages, and other features.

Edmodo for Communication with Teachers

Edmodo is a social network designed specifically for participants in the educational process: teachers, students, and their parents. It allows teachers to share content, send assignments to students, and communicate with parents. In terms of functionality, this is a truncated social network, such as Facebook.

Edmodo has a standard interface for taking notes, conducting polls and tests, creating groups - for example, subject, and uploading files to the library. Users can share personal notes. You can also collect RSS feeds from your account.

GeoGebra for Geometry

It is a program with a universal set of functions for full geometric design. Among the main features of the program is a coordinate grid, statistical or arithmetic operations, tables, and so on. GeoGebra allows you to calculate the roots of equations or extreme points and work with derivatives or integrals of functions. The program contains many useful tools to set up mathematical operations. Students can also work with 2D and 3D graphics.

Sensavis for Scientists

Sensavis is an application that will help in the study of many disciplines, such as chemistry, physics, biology, and geometry. It allows you to explore the starry sky or understand how the human body works. This application requires an expensive license, which is usually purchased by schools and universities. Well, students can easily take advantage of the 30-day trial version.

FluidMath for Math

FluidMath is an application that helps with math assignments. It is convenient so that students do not need to write formulas personally, and the program makes all necessary calculations. The equations can be easily converted to text, and vice versa, your handwriting easily and quickly turns into a formula. The program is not free, but worth it!

OneCalendar for All the Important Events

Using OneCalendar, you can organize your notes in a calendar. This tool displays notes according to the date they were created/last modified. This method of organizing notes is especially useful if you create notes that include a to-do list. And if you often attend various meetings, then the calendar view can help you keep your schedule.

Khan Academy for Education

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational project aimed at providing high-quality distance education for all comers. This platform will help users find lectures and video lessons in the following areas: computer science, algebra, geometry, statistics, astronomy, physics, programming languages, medicine, history, art, economics, biology, chemistry, and entrepreneurship. Most courses are presented in the form of text and training videos. In addition to this, you will find a separate section on the site dedicated to preparing for the GMAT, SAT, MCAT, II JEE, and NCLEX-RN tests.

Google Drive for Storing

Google Drive is Google’s cloud-based data storage that speaks for itself. It helps students and teachers to store relevant educational documents on servers and share them on the Internet. It can be used not only for educational purposes but also for storing personal photos, videos, and materials. The total amount of accepted file types is about 30.  

It is the end of our list of useful soft for students. We hope that you learned something interesting and useful for yourself. Remember that it’s you who should have control over the computer and smartphone and not vice versa.