If You Don’t Know How to Write a Thematic Essay, Just Don’t Sweat It And Use Our Tips!

What is wrong with my thematic essay and how to make it better?

It can be extremely difficult to cope with assignments, especially when we mean papers. It can be a real epic because it consumes a huge amount of time, and a real problem is when you don’t know how to write a thematic essay. Obviously, it can be all-consuming, and if you don’t have trouble writing and expressing yourself, you are very lucky.

So, a lack of time is a real problem, that’s why many students face difficulties while writing a thematic essay paper. Some students don’t have time for writing because they have to work due to some reasons or help their families and relatives. They may be involved in various fascinating activities or barely understand what should be done with a thematic paper. It is very hard to blame them because time is precious, and there are a lot of things that are important or even vital and must be done. No one likes wasting time.

What Is a Thematic Essay?

It is obvious, that students may deal with different essays. All of them require special knowledge to write them properly. So, a thematic essay is an example of the numerous types that students face every single day. There are special requirements and standards that are applicable to this kind of assignment. First of all, you have to understand a thematic essay definition and what your task is.

Well, what is a thematic essay? Basically, it is any writing where a central problem, normally a critical problem or a historic issue, is described by the author. So, it means that a learner has to express their point of view on an acute problem by using special literary techniques and standards. Naturally, it should be well-structured and clear for reading and understanding. If you fully understand how to cope with this issue or if you are really keen on writing, you are really lucky because it isn’t a problem for you at all.

Other seniors are forced to fight for their happiness. It is explicit that you cannot write anything duly if you don’t understand how you should do so or if you don’t actually get a theme. This issue is crucial if you need to write a good thematic essay. So, you are forced to understand it to write it in a befitting way. Actually, the main idea of such work is to develop critical thinking and teach a student to analyze and develop information. It is really important nowadays, regarding the fact that we have to deal with outreach. So, it is crucial to use common sense to survive.

Ways To Describe a Central Theme Creatively Different In a Thematic Essay

It sometimes appears to be very hard to choose a good topic. The problem is that many people have different attitudes to life and various situations. It means that it is harder to find a theme that can interest many people. That’s why it is important to grab your audience’s attention by thinking a bit differently than it usually happens.

It’s no use thinking over thematic paper writing if you haven’t defined your theme yet. It means that you need to specify the essence idea you are going to highlight. In other words, you express your opinion. It’s a good idea to look at your main subject. It provides common guidance on what you have to express. As you see, the difference between the first and the second is that a subject is the matter in hand whereas the main theme is your attitude and opinion that you express on that matter. Moreover, look through the used literature as it can give you comprehension of your theme. Apart from this, try to imagine situations where the main theme can be applicable or acceptable. Your attitude towards those ‘real examples’ will help you to develop an idea.

Thematic Essay Outline

Let’s make it clear that the construction of this work is similar to other papers. Well, let’s look at a thematic summary sample of the core construction. So, there are three main parts: the introduction, main body, and conclusion. Whereas one paragraph is enough for your introduction and conclusion, the main body should include at least three paragraphs. Thus, the total number of paragraphs should be five or even more. It’s quite a common procedure that is widely approved in practice, and it’s a good idea to keep it.

Your Thematic Essay Introduction

This part is very important because it should motivate your audience to continue reading or listening to your thematic essay paper. So, it should be captivating. The introduction includes historical background, arguments for or against of the discussed problem, thesis statement. If you want to create a strong introduction, don’t forget about your thesis statement.

An introduction shouldn’t be too long as it can make readers get bored. Every sentence should be level-headed. Apart from this, don’t forget to outline your further steps and statements that you are going to highlight. Thus, a thematic summary example of the introduction looks as follows: historical background (if any), arguments, thesis statement, your further steps. 5-8 sentences are more than enough because you have to be brief and precise here.

Body Paragraphs

Here you have to highlight those statements and arguments that you have pointed out in your introduction. One argument is for one paragraph. It means, that you have to have at least three arguments. Don’t put more than 6 arguments because it makes your ‘piece of art’ a bit boring. Open up the most interesting and the strongest arguments in your last paragraphs of the main body. It makes you more persuasive and convincing.

A Thematic Essay Conclusion

The principal idea of this part is to restate your arguments. It means that you have to summarize briefly all the statements represented in the main body. Please mark that a conclusion doesn’t presuppose adding new arguments to your work. You just need to outline all your previous statements and express your brief attitude. Thus, you reaffirm constructively important key statements to clarify your opinion. Voila! Now you have a well-structured thematic summary sample that can be used in most cases!

A Thematic Essay Format

If you need a schematic structure of a great thematic essay format you can look through this one. Naturally, you have to read through a lot of literature on your topic to make your writing efficient. It is obvious that the more you know the better you cope with difficulties. So, you have to understand clearly what is necessary to do to make an excellent thematic essay because if you format a well-structured text and stick with it, you can get really amazing results.

International Conflicts Essay Format

How To Write a Thematic Essay For English?

It is not a secret that literature and languages require our special attention because we may need to use a full spectrum of literary devices to express our thoughts and satisfy our professors. As it has been told before, the core steps are similar. It means that you have to have a common structure: an introduction, main body, and conclusion. First of all, you have to clearly understand what are you asked to write about. Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers or mates for further clarification. Once you have understood your task, just start writing. When you finish a couple of paragraphs, summarize them to create a thesis statement.

Don’t make your thesis statement too broad. One or two sentences are more than enough. It mustn’t be a question. It should be an affirmative sentence or sentences that reveal the main line of your argumentation system. If you don’t understand how to write a perfect thematic essay for English you can look through similar samples on the Internet.

Thematic Summary Example

It presupposes the understanding of what the author wanted to tell. So, answering this question helps with specifying the desired summary. In this case, a summary is an outline of your main theme. Look at this thematic summary sample of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

‘The future. A despotic state organizes annually demonstration survival games that are being watched live by the whole world. The lot fell upon young Katniss and Peeta secretly enamored of her. They have known each other since childhood, but they have to become enemies now because the inviolable law of the Hunger Games states that only one out of twenty-four must survive. Judges don’t care who is the winner. The sight is the matter!’

As you see, this thematic summary example outlines the essence idea and later on, you can add ideas of love, class, community, revolution, stoicism in order to develop and finalize the idea.

How To Write a Thematic Essay For US History?

You are aware of the main structure. It’s time to make a draft where you outline the main statements. It’s a good idea to use quotes to emphasize statements. Your draft is a good way to develop an effective writing strategy in order to avoid weak points and make your paper well-structured. Thus, your draft looks like a theme analysis essay that helps to build a connected argumentation system. If you don’t know how to write a well-structured thematic essay with quotes for US history, you can ask professionals to assist. 

A Global Regents Thematic Essay

Everything works here as usual. You need to pick up a topic and develop it. So, don’t forget to describe the historical circumstances, explain policies, practices, traditions, beliefs or challenges that were at that point in time. Explain undertaken measures and actions and discuss how the essence idea influenced further generations or how a situation has been changed since then. Don’t forget to use the general essay structure.

Thematic Essay Topics

Let’s imagine that you need a theme analysis essay, what would you choose? Take a closer look at topics that may be interesting.

Topics on Cultural Studies and Religious Doctrines

  • Dualistic cosmology in Zoroastrianism
  • The main aspects of Islam and Judaism confrontation
  • Christianity as the world’s global power

Science and Technology

  • What is the aim of planetary science?
  • 3D-printers and their perspectives
  • How were discoveries of space affected by the Cold War?

Essays on Nationalism

  • European nationalism: historical prerequisites
  • The prerequisites and consequences of the Civil War
  • International conflicts grounded on nationalism

Geography Topics

  • Greta Thunberg phenomenon: consequences of global warming
  • The impact of a geographic location
  • Space satellites and their assistance in solving geographic issues

Human Rights

  • The significance of the suffragettes’ movement
  • The US policy on refugees
  • Human rights on the Internet

Wrap Things Up

Proofread your paper for any grammatical, spelling and other mistakes. Make sure that you have analyzed the problem and answered all the questions. Make your paper well-structured and readable. Rewrite your draft with all corrections if needed.