How To Write A Precis And Get the Highest Scores Easily

Get the best precis example and create your own paper easily

Writing a precis is one of the most common assignments for thousands of students. Unfortunately, many classmen find this task to be very difficult since it requires following dozens of rules. The fact is that unlike many essays, this type of academic paper doesn’t allow sharing your personal views and thoughts. So, what is the basic concept of a precis? How to choose a perfect precis format? Learn more about how to write these papers with minimum efforts. All advice is provided by professors and pro writers with years of experience, so there is nothing to worry about. In case you are looking for precis essay example, we are also here to help. We believe that creating a perfect paper is affordable!

What is a Précis?

To begin our guide for creating a top-notch precis, you need to get familiar with the basic concepts about the issue. The fact is that you can’t make an assignment perfectly until you fail to understand its core parameters.

Précis paper is a kind of academic paper that is notorious for its difficulty. The key to crafting a perfect paper of this kind is to write a well-organized, readable, and clear summary of an original work. The main aspect that often makes students confused is that they need to follow the same voice and tone used in the source. You can’t drop your own views and share any experiences when creating any precis paragraph. However, just copying and pasting phrases and sentences from the source is strictly forbidden. You should use your only words to reflect the main author’s ideas and goals. When you find a perfect precis essay example, you will notice that it is a challenging academic paper that requires putting all your writing skills into practice. Furthermore, choosing an excellent precis format also requires a complex approach.

Basic precis writing steps you need to know

As a rule, the first step for crafting an astonishing academic paper is investigating an original text. In case you are allowed to pick up the source for your précis paper, choose it wisely. When starting to write precise, try to look for an example to understand the topic that will appear to be the easiest for you. As a rule, articles in newspapers and magazines are the most popular options to choose from. When you get an excellent precis essay example, you can even choose the same source and topic to write about. This is the first secret trick on how to write a fantastic precis with minimum efforts.

The second trick you should be aware of is making notes when you prepare to craft your precis. Feel free to pick up unique phrases and keywords, as well as point out the techniques used by the author.

Precis writing: tips to maximize your efficiency

There are lots of online platforms that are designed to provide you with various prompts on how to write a superb precis in a matter of a couple of hours. We’ve made your job even easier and created a unique collection of the most brilliant ones for your convenience.

  • Stay away from quotations. When creating a precise outline or working on your paper’s paragraphs, you might be lured by adding a few quotes. However, don’t fall into this trap since it is considered to be one of the most common students’ mistakes. By the way, you will hardly find quotations in any precis example.
  • Avoid using any third-party sources. The one and only source you need to write each precis paragraph is the original text. It is better avoided pointing out any data that is not used in the source article. The same thing works for supplementing your precis with your own thoughts - your paper shouldn’t contain any of your personal judgments.

Polishing your precis: an example of an excellent structure

Lots of students are wondering about how to write a successful precis and choose the most suitable structure for your assignment. Fortunately, this type of academic paper has a structure similar to the essays you’ve written before. It looks familiar to you, doesn’t it?
How to write a précis: a common structure


Examples of Precis Format

In most cases, when you are to write a précis, you will need to transform the long and complicated paragraphs into short and clear ones. For example:

Original text: John was taking the letter with the trembling hands - what if it was sent by Sandra? He was still waiting for any news from her, despite all the bad things she has done to his family. His heart burst when he heard her name since he was thinking of her days and nights.

Precis: Although Sandra did lots of bad things to John’s family, he still loved her with all his heart.

As far as you can see, optimizing the sentences is easier than it might seem from the first glance. Furthermore, you can do the same trick with your precis outline. In other words, when crafting an outline of précis you will need to use the same methods.

A top-notch precis example for introduction

Adding a powerful introduction to your academic paper will give you tons of benefits. To boost the scores for your paper, don’t forget to drop a few lines containing this data:

  • Name of the author and the title of the article
  • Genre
  • Year of publication
  • Thesis statement

The key parameters of a successful precis

  • Stick to present tense and active voice
  • Avoid adding data that is not present in the original
  • Be brief and stay away from wordy sentences
  • Structure your essay
  • Don’t forget to review your paper

Actually, you don’t need lots of time to write a précis. In case you follow all the rules mentioned above, you are likely to complete your task within the shortest terms. Just try focus, avoid distracting, keep in mind your deadlines, and have good luck!