The Most Effective Methods To Writing a Synthesis Essay

Easy Steps For Writing An Astonishing Synthesis Essay

The assignments that are connected with creating different types of academic papers are common for the majority of colleges and universities. Thus, thousands of students are feeling puzzled by how to complete these challenging tasks. A synthesis essay is one of those papers that will make you stick to the screen of your laptop for hours, doing the research and playing with the content. You can find tons of synthesis essay examples online but they will hardly give you an advanced view of how to craft successful writing. Fortunately, our experts know how to help you! Discover the freshest synthesis essay topics, learn more about formatting, create a correct outline, and create a brilliant paper in a blink of an eye.

Synthesis essay format and basic concepts

Writing a synthesis essay is easier than you might think from first glance. Although it is a professional type of academic writing, you still can cope with this task. Before exploring the most fitting synthesis essay topics, it might be good to know its basics. First of all, this type of paper requires choosing a certain claim that will be described in detail. Second, it is necessary to use a wide range of various synthesizing sources. Third, you are to pick up an accurate synthesis essay format.

You should also know that there are different kinds of academic papers related to this field. These are the argumentative synthesis essay, review paper, and explanatory essay, respectively. All of them use a similar approach to writing - make sure to choose the one according to the requirements of your instructor.

Most students want to know the key to creating a fantastic synthesis essay right at once. We believe that this secret ingredient is picking up excellent sources. The truth is that it is better to choose the sources that contain opposite views and suppositions for a precise synthesis essay outline. If you are lucky to succeed with this point, chances are that you will get the highest score for your synthesis paper.

Another secret ingredient for a winning argumentative synthesis essay is making your arguments and counterarguments strong and solid. Having a well-polished thesis is also an indicator of a brilliant synthesis essay outline. Just focus on improving these aspects to boost your chances to get the best grades.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay: Tips From Experts

Still looking for a suitable synthesis essay example? Feeling lost and confused by the dozens of writing rules? Don’t know how to structure an essay? Don’t panic - we are giving you a helping hand right here and right now. Discover the main principles of crafting a synthesis essay outline and writing the most successful paper you’ve ever created.

To boost your writing skills right from the start, pay attention to smart research. If you take a look at any synthesis essay example, you will definitely notice that the author has used various sources to make well-designed writing. It might be a good idea to follow this rule when creating your own synthesis essay. Many students find it easier to make notes when collecting the ideas from different sources. For example, a brief summary is an excellent option to put all your facts and examples into order.

How to write an essay that will impress the reader? The main feature taken into account by the professor when checking your assignment is a strong thesis. Collect all your facts and ideas, think over the main topic, and try to make the most accurate thesis for your paper.

In case you want to avoid making the most common mistakes when creating a synthesis essay, take a look at these errors that might lead even the most excellent work to total failure.

  • Copying facts, arguments, phrases, or sentences. Plagiarism check is a must-do step for any academic paper. Your synthesis essay structure and content should be 100% unique. No excuses here.
  • Combining several synthesis essay topics in one paper. The best advice to avoid such a problem is to be as precise as possible. Wordiness is not the best feature of the academic paper.
  • Bad sources. How to write a modern synthesis essay? Select only quality and up-to-date sources that are completely reliable. Don’t use doubtful sources, blogs, and forums when choosing the content for your paper.
  • Failing arguments. Your arguments should be smart, polished, and clear. That’s all you need.
  • Failure to proofread. Mistakes and misprints will surely have a negative impact on your scores.

Synthesis paper outline: The hottest prompts

Writing an outline before you start creating an essay is one of the most powerful techniques of academic writing. To make your synthesis paper outline, you can use all your favorite writing methods you’ve tried before. For example, collecting the facts in a logical way, making a deep analysis, and describing facts from different sides, might be helpful to cope with this task. Don’t forget about striking examples to power up each of your arguments. Here is an outline example you can freely use in your paper:

  • Introduction. This part ensures your essay to get a rocket launch for success. The best thing to start with is known as a hook. It is special information that is designed to make the audience continue reading your paper. It should appeal to the reader’s curiosity and grab all the attention. Try to make it simple but engaging.
  • Paragraph 1. Begin the main part with the most powerful argument from your list. Don’t forget about its evidence. Explain the chosen concept, provide rich details and impressive examples to make your synthesis paper bright. Finalize your paragraph with a crisp conclusion. You can also use transition words to move to the next one in a smooth and easy way.
  • Paragraph 2 and Paragraph 3. The same synthesis essay structure can be used in the next paragraphs. Push the next argument. Continue writing with evidence and explanation, and finish with a clear-cut transition.
  • Conclusion. When you are out of arguments, it’s time to summarize your thoughts. Connect your final words with the thesis statement to complete your writing effectively. No more facts allowed. However, a call-to-action in conclusion is acceptable for this type of academic paper.

How to structure an essay? Tips for synthesis paper

Before structuring your paper, read any excellent synthesis essay example you find online. As you can see, it has a standard structure you’ve got used to when writing the other types of essays. This means you need to compose an introduction, the main part, and the summary (also known as a conclusion) There is nothing to worry about when choosing the structure for your paper - you’ve already collected all the needed data in your synthesis paper outline. The only thing left is to distinguish the right place to each of your facts and examples. Thus, an example of a good synthesis essay will always have a thesis at the beginning of writing, while each paragraph will have the one and only argument.

Synthesis essay example for beginner writers

Here is one of the sample essays you can use when creating your own paper. The essay has a debatable topic, classical structure, powerful arguments, and all the features of a win-win assignment.


The main reasons why you should vaccinate your children


All parents want their kids to be healthy and safe. They buy lots of smart devices, baby gates, car sits and other appliances to boost the security of their little ones. However, there is still one disputable issue all moms and dads face when it comes to their children’s health. This is vaccination. Why should you vaccinate your kid? Is it really safe? Make sure vaccination is vital for the health of the entire nation.

Vaccine saves lives. You’ve definitely heard about the disasters caused by the pandemic in the past centuries. They changed the lives of millions of people all over the world and caused thousands of deaths in various countries. There is nothing new that most of these pandemics were stopped by vaccination. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, such diseases as polio, whooping cough, and diphtheria are no longer widely spreading thanks to vaccination.

Vaccines are safe. Many caring parents hesitate whether the vaccine can cause harmful effects on their babies. However, all vaccines are given children only after careful review by epidemiologists, pediatricians, scientists, and various healthcare experts. It passes numerous tests before it reaches its recipient. The discomfort a baby experiences during vaccination is nothing when compared to terrible diseases it is able to prevent. Furthermore, making vaccination to a healthy child minimizes the risks of allergy or other common side effects.

Vaccination helps to protect other people. Not all the kids are allowed to get a vaccine because of certain health conditions. In case most kids are vaccinated, the collective immunity takes its place. It helps to prevent spreading diseases on a global scale. This means the most sensitive people become better protected from serious illnesses, too.


Each parent decides whether to vaccinate their kids or not. However, what else can save your loved ones from the most terrible diseases?

All in all, writing a smashing essay of this kind is a difficult task for most students. Nevertheless, you can still cope with the task. Just follow the secret rules and tips shared by our professionals to make your essay the most excellent one.