What It Takes to Write A Powerful Cultural Identity Essay And Express Yourself

Make the Most out of A Cultural Identity Essay Example

What One May Need A Cultural Identity Essay For

Knowing how to write a proper cultural identity essay may be beneficial even if you never get assigned this specific type of a paper. Since this is basically a personal essay, this may be a perfect topic to rely on when, say, submitting papers to a college or university. This will surely make an impression on the application committee and let you present yourself in a memorable way.

Perhaps, your teacher or a professor gave you a free choice on your next essay topic, then this is a great opportunity to explore your cultural identity while writing a paper. After all, you will be writing about yourself, and it’s possible to complete this task without carrying out any extensive research. Depending on the identifying factor you choose, it may be possible to start writing it right away.

However, before you go looking for a cultural identity essay example to write your own paper, we urge you to stick around and dedicate some time to learning some essential information that you will only benefit from. It would be a great mistake to assume that you can quickly write an essay about cultural identity without finding out more about.

You can also choose to order such an essay from our experienced writers and save your time on reading instructions and writing a paper. Otherwise, let’s start by making sure you understand what an identity essay is and what it is exactly you are required to write about.

What Is Cultural Identity? Do You Have It?

Understanding what cultural identity is should give you a clear idea of what exactly your topic for cultural identity essay should be. Basically, it’s feeling that you are a part of some group or several groups whose members are united by some factor and share the same culture. Despite what one might think, there are much more things that can be a basis for such a group than those that first come to mind like race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, or location. So, you might find writing an identity essay more interesting than you initially imagined.

The great thing is that there is no limit to the number of groups you can identify and come up with. The point is, it has to be something that you perceive as an indispensable part of who you are. Perhaps, you’re a sports fan or an active player yourself, maybe you’re into a specific genre of music, or there may be a fandom you cannot see yourself without. It can be just about anything, so before you get to the specifics of how to write an essay itself, a cultural analysis of yourself is necessary.

In case there are several major groups that instantly spring to your mind or, which is equally possible for some people, not a single one you can be related to, good old brainstorming should be the first step towards an essay on cultural distinctions. Spend some time dotting down the possible topics to figure out your own cultural identity that stands out the most. That way, you will make sure that you have a strong subject to write about, but also one that will be interesting to others and serve for a compelling essay about cultural identity.

Here is a list of some cultural suggestions that you could write about, use it to determine what’s relevant in your case. Remember, it’s in no way complete and could never be, but it should give you a sense of what your identity essay can be centered around.

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Ethnicity
  • Location
  • Language
  • Political views
  • Generation
  • Religious beliefs
  • Artistic movement
  • Sports
  • Social class
  • Food preferences
  • Fandom
  • Lifestyle
  • Family history
  • Aesthetic taste

A Cultural Identity Essay Example of Structure

The size of an identity essay may vary, it can be the standard five paragraphs or more, so you should check the requirements you get for it. Nevertheless, its structure will be the same in all cases, and your paper should be organized in the same manner as pretty much any other essay. The only difference will be the content of these structural elements, and their proportions will depend on the required length of an essay. Unless this is your first essay ever, you will be familiar with these compositional elements, now just see what they should be about.


It is crucial that you do not underestimate the importance of a culture essay introduction, which is usually confined to the first paragraph. This is where you state who you identify yourself as and what impact it had on your life. It should be kept pretty short and concise so that your reader does not lose interest before getting further. While you need to provide some major details about yourself and present the topic, do not try to reveal everything in this paragraph, there’s a whole essay ahead to do that.


A thesis statement isn’t a standalone element but is a part of the culture essay introduction, as you might already know. Typically, this is the last sentence in this paragraph, and it concludes the phase of making a reader familiar with the topic and the nature of the essay. Nevertheless, it’s not easily crafted and requires extra effort. What you write in your thesis statement sets up the tone of what comes later. In the case of this type of essay, the usual way about it would be to state what influence your cultural identity had on your life, what it taught you, or, perhaps, how you came to accept it and what that meant for you. Find and check a cultural identity essay example if you are not sure how a thesis should look like and how it should play out into the rest of an essay.


This is the lengthiest part of your essay, and the number of body paragraphs will depend on the general requirements. In any case, use this space to continue the trail of thought you presented in your thesis statement. Elaborate on it and provide examples to show the connection between your cultural identity and the effect it had on your life. If it’s a short essay on culture that you identify with, you may only have one or two paragraphs to present your analysis. Most likely, you will need to perform no additional research or fact-checking as you will be writing about yourself, but that is no reason to relax. Your essay must still be cohesive, engrossing, and without ever losing focus.


This is once again an essay part that is usually no longer than a paragraph or two, and it’s meant to recap all the main arguments and sum up the results in a brief manner. No new information should be brought out here other than the conclusion of what you set up in your introduction and explored over the course of the body paragraphs.

Make sure to restate your thesis statement that informed about culture of the group that you consider an integral part of your existence before providing the conclusions. That way, you will finally make your essay complete. However, the work on it is still not over, so don’t go writing it just yet even if you have a great cultural identity essay example to look at.

Valuable Insights on How to Write Cultural Identity Essay

Now, following the structure is important, but that is far from only actions that will satisfy you a high grade or positive reception. As they say, there is no limit to perfection, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. The following suggestions will make the process of writing your essay on cultural identity smoother and improve the end result overall.

First of all, just a reminder, don’t hurry with fixating on the particular cultural identity after discovering some of the major influences you’ve had. It’s best not to skip the brainstorming stage so that you have the best topic and one that resonates with you the most.

Most often, an essay about cultural identity will deal with your own experience, so make sure to think of the best stories and examples from your life to illustrate the case. Your passion when talking about these instances of the cultural awakening is most likely to show on paper, but don’t get too carried away. Stay to the point and only provide those details which are relevant to the topic and thesis statement.

Although no additional research and citations are necessary when it’s your own cultural identity essay, it will be a great plus if you do include those in your paper. So, rather than carrying out extensive research, look for some articles or quotes of some famous people, for example, who have a say on the cultural identity you are writing about. Perhaps, you may want to get back and revisit someone’s words, some written piece, or a film that made you realize the cultural influences on your life.

Finally, do not just run your essay about cultural identity through a grammar checker and submit it. Proofreading should never be dismissed if you do not want to sabotage all the work leading up to it. There are things no program or app can catch, but the professor or an application committee member will. You may notice, for example, that some paragraphs or sentences lack proper linking between them. Missing or repeating words will also hurt the overall impression. So, plan everything to have enough time to read it again with a clear mind. Maybe even let someone else read it as we often keep overlooking our own mistakes, but they will be instantly spotted by another person.

One More Solution for Your Cultural Identity Paper

A cultural identity essay may not be the toughest assignment you’ve ever had, but there can still be enough reasons preventing you from doing a good job. One of the most common and trivial explanations is the lack of time for whatever reason. And sometimes, you just can’t set your mind to writing that essay, another perfectly understandable situation, not by your professor, though. The rules are the same for everyone, and you are expected to hand in that essay as expected.

Well, you could find a cultural identity essay example and rewrite it, adding some personal details to make it about you, but that may prove to be even more work without guaranteed results. Instead, you could just order a custom-written essay from our service and solve that issue in a matter of minutes. Just provide the available essay requirements, tell us the topic, and a couple of sentences if you want that identity essay to be really about you. Our expert writer will do the rest and shape it into a great paper for you, so consider this offer and do what you must.