200 History Research Paper Topics

Historical research papers are a chance to show your instructor your knowledge and ability to interpret facts to create a coherent picture. Such work requires a careful analysis of historical documents, extracts, and various articles related to a certain period or regime of government. Check the possible history research paper topics before you make a decision.

In addition to the technical requirements for the format of all your work, you will need to study the teacher's additional requirements. The fact is that the format of modern history has a lot of interesting branches that can be interpreted in different ways. It depends on how you will be forced to prepare your research paper. The United States history research paper topics are popular among students, but you can choose anything you want. By the way, the controversial topics in history are an interesting option.

Ancient History

The ancient history topics are a good choice as you can explore ancient dynasties or key military-political events. This is an interesting period that can be described as a real progress. People moved from stones and sticks to bronze tools and modern robots. This is a good option if you want to delve deeper into the research. Here are the main interesting history topics.

  1. The history of the symbolism of Ancient Egypt.
  2. The formation of the Byzantine Empire as a powerful state.
  3. British history before the Roman conquest.
  4. The Iron Age as a starting point in human development.
  5. Sumerians and their traditional holidays.
  6. Eastern culture in the context of a whole civilization.
  7. Central Catalonia in the context of Spain.
  8. The influence of religion on the ancient world.
  9. Palestinian historical facts point Ancient Egypt and religious holidays.
  10. Scandinavian mythology and real facts.
  11. The world of the ancient Greeks through the eyes of modern man.
  12. History of the Ottoman Empire.
  13. Period of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
  14. Modern descendants of Genghis Khan as an example of historic heredity.
  15. Egyptian treasures as a source of the pharaoh’s power.
  16. The confrontation between the Aztecs and the Incas.
  17. The impact of Montezuma on economic prosperity.
  18. Ancient African tribes and their path of development.
  19. Detailed analysis of the Renaissance on real facts.
  20. History of the Ming Dynasty during Japan's prosperity.
  21. Reasons for the collapse of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
  22. The history of the vikings in the context of European wars.
  23. The role of Kyiv Rus in the formation of European statehood.
  24. The tradition of the ancient Sumerians.
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Modern History (21th Century History Topics)

Modern history has many armed conflicts, changes in state borders, and other upheavals. If you choose this section, you can find a lot of interesting things to tell. You should check the historical investigation topics. It can be exciting. Most history paper ideas for research topics can be found on Wikipedia or even on TV. This may be due to various political and military conflicts.

  1. NATO as the main and key factor in world security.
  2. The role of globalization in the context of modern economic trends.
  3. The role of the Soviet Union and the United States in the Afghan War.
  4. The creation of a patriotic act and its consequences for citizens.
  5. History of the unification of the United States as a single state.
  6. Great Recession and its impact on US economic events.
  7. Social inequality as a global factor of injustice.
  8. Chronology of the Chernobyl disaster.
  9. The Syrian conflict and the main motivational factors.
  10. The modern world in the context of cultural changes and political revolutions.
  11. Hybrid tactics of war in modern conditions.
  12. Local military conflicts of the XXI century.
  13. Causes of Russian aggression and terrorist acts.
  14. The role of religious motives in radical terrorist attacks.
  15. Problems of the global arms race.

U.S. Civil War

The US history research paper topics for college students can be interesting, especially when it comes to military conflicts, historical documents, or state formation. The civil war in the United States is a whole layer of history that many people interpret. If you want to find out the truth, you can choose this section and study all historical documents. Check the topics to write about for a US history paper.

  1. Causes and consequences of Abraham Lincoln’s murder.
  2. Conspiracy theory and rebel wars.
  3. 1877 as a starting point in modern US history.
  4. Alabama as a concentration of protests.
  5. Key battles of the Confederates.
  6. The history of US monuments.
  7. Main laws of 1877 and their role in US history.
  8. The main contradiction of the Civil War.
  9. Key personalities who took part in the abolition of slavery.
  10. The influences of the first US presidents on the nation.
  11. Economic consequences of the American Civil War.
  12. The key parties during the US Civil War.
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World History Research Paper Topics

The world history research topics are an interesting choice, since you are not limited to one country or time period. It is also essential because you can choose any country or historical fact to prepare a complete study. Here are world history research paper topics that may interest you in terms of key events in conflicts or political intrigue.

  1. Main consequences of the US war with Mexico.
  2. The influence of the church on the Crusades.
  3. The Thirty Years War and its Impact on the World Economy.
  4. Ancient civilizations in the context of armament.
  5. The main wedding ceremony in Ancient Greece.
  6. The general impact of apartheid on the perception of people with different skin color.
  7. The history of America’ s consolidation.
  8. Social inequality in medieval Europe.
  9. The Cold War and the main reasons for its meaninglessness.
  10. The European wars for the control of maritime territories.
  11. Reasons for the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.
  12. The Roman Empire as a legal state.
  13. Main causes of military conflicts at sea.
  14. Crucial premises of the World War.
  15. The impact of globalization on the migration of peoples.
  16. World history in the context of key battles.
  17. Reasons for the fall of the Mongol dynasty.
  18. Key battle places of all world wars.
  19. Analysis of factors that influenced the formation of the world economy.
  20. Royal marriage as the main reason for the formation of new empires.
  21. The role of women in world history.
  22. Stages of France formation as a state.
  23. Nuances of the geopolitical struggle of the 18th century.

European History

European history has many wars, economic upheavals, and revolutions. This is fertile ground for interesting research. You can concentrate on political intrigue, economic reform, or military conflicts. Your main goal is to thoroughly analyze the topic and find facts that will make your paper work more valuable.

  1. The main achievement of the defense industry of European countries during World War II.
  2. Europe and the neo-Nazi movements.
  3. The general trend of gender bias in Medieval England.
  4. Empiricism and its key role in the formation of Europe.
  5. The influence of the Catholic Church on the processes of the Inquisition.
  6. Formation of propaganda in Western European territories.
  7. Main stages of the French Revolution.
  8. The main victory of suffragettes in the struggle for women's rights.
  9. The crisis of the Tudor dynasty and the reasons for the fall of the economy.
  10. First universities in Europe and their impact on the world.
  11. The formation of knightly orders in Europe.
  12. The Medieval plague and its consequences.
  13. The history of European Wars.
  14. 1815 in the history of European nations.
  15. The consequences of the Nazi regime in Germany.
  16. The causes of the crusades and their main consequences.
  17. Role of religion in the formation of the cultural heritage of Europe.
  18. Iconic people of Europe who influenced the development of an entire continent.
  19. The key battles of the 20th century in Europe.
  20. The role of European doctors in the development of modern medicine.
  21. Stages of independence of European countries.
  22. The main advantage of the Europeans that allowed them to develop technology.
  23. Why did the Russian Empire sell Alaska?
  24. Features of the national history of Eastern European states.
  25. Revolutions in Europe and the reasons for their beginning.
  26. Main aspects of motivating people during the civil war in Europe.
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World War II

This moment in history can be explored in the context of key battles and watershed events. It is also a good opportunity to have a look at the historical documents of the Nazi regime. You can consider a specific period and political changes in the world arena.

  1. Causes and consequences of the Holocaust.
  2. Women's role in the US army during World War II.
  3. Battle for Europe and Hitler's Major Defeat. The Battle of Kursk.
  4. The main reasons for the siege of Stalingrad.
  5. Role of the American Japanese in the Victory over Germany.
  6. Pearl Harbor and the reasons for the failure of the US army.
  7. Economic consequences of World War II.
  8. Civilian's role in the victory over Nazi Germany.
  9. Schindler's List and historical facts.
  10. Innovative military developments of Nazi Germany.
  11. Reasons for the failure of the Blitzkrieg on the territory of the Soviet Union.
  12. Features of Hitler's military campaign on the Belarusian front.
  13. The main advantages of Nazi Germany in technical terms.
  14. The role of Great Britain in the Second World War.
  15. Geography of World War II.
  16. Reasons for the defeat of Japan and the loss of the fleet.
  17. Main consequences of the Second World War.
  18. Reasons for the economic fall of Europe after the Second World War.
  19. Stage of rebuilding Germany after the bombing.
  20. The key balance of power in 1945.
  21. Migration of the gypsies during the Second World War.
  22. Jews and Roma as Hitler's main strategic enemies.
  23. Repression of Nazi Germany against social minorities.
  24. Key aspects of the liberation of Europe from Hitler.
  25. Features of Benito Mussolini's board.

African American History Research Paper Topics

The history of African Americans has many important and fundamental events. If you want to delve deeper into this topic, you can read more about how slavery was abolished and how black people got their legal rights. This is a list of American history research paper topics for college students that can be used to study all the nuances of becoming a USA weighty figure on the world stage.

  1. The 14th amendment to the Constitution and its main impact on the United States.
  2. The movement for the abolition of slavery and abolition of democracy?
  3. The role of black women in liberation from slavery.
  4. Racial inequality during the period of slavery.
  5. History of the appearance of black people in the American Continent.
  6. Black politicians as a symbol of the struggle for rights.
  7. Martin Luther King and his history.
  8. Modern national movement and its role in US politics.
  9. Racial segregation and problems of social inequality.
  10. Gender equality struggle: causes and consequences.
  11. Presidents of the United States who received the most approval during their rule.
  12. The peculiarities of amending the American Constitution.
  13. The key events in history that influenced the formation of the United States.
  14. The day that the American states were united.
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United States History

History of the United States is an interesting section if you want to know more about how the States and the general body of laws were formed. So, check this list of the United States history research topics if you want to delve into the history of the formation of one of the key states on the world stage.

  1. The history of slavery in the United States.
  2. The proclamation of US independence and economic growth that follows after it.
  3. The Declaration on the abolition of slavery.
  4. The main causes and consequences of the Civil War.
  5. The Analysis of the economic situation in 1863.
  6. The Influence of Native Americans on modern culture.
  7. The main problem of military expansion to Vietnam.
  8. The American industrialization and the economic freedom movement.
  9. Texas as the main stronghold of Economic Freedom.
  10. The Key personalities of the American Revolution.
  11. The History of colonization of North America.
  12. The day when the United States declared independence.
  13. The Key stages of the struggle for the territory of North America.
  14. The role of the indigenous population in the formation of the United States.
  15. The main reasons for the emergence of slavery.

American Revolution Battles & Key Events

The American history topic can be a wise choice if you can outline the key events of that time and talk about the reasons for the battles. Revolution is impossible without battles and bloodshed. If you know key dates and want to tell about important events in the United States history, then this section is for you. US history research paper topics are a very interesting part of the educational process. So check the events in American history research paper topics.

  1. The Major battles during the American Civil War.
  2. The Key points of confrontation for the Confederate army.
  3. The center of America as a key battleground for civil rights.
  4. The Siege of Boston and the implications for America.
  5. The main point of confrontation between the Confederates and the indigenous population.
  6. The battle for independence and key implications for America.
  7. Events that influenced the independence of the United States.
  8. The day when the Civil Revolution ended.
  9. The main beachhead for military battles in the western United States.
  10. The Key economic events during the American Civil War.
  11. The Revolutionary battles that allowed the population to rally.
  12. The Causes of the revolution and the key events in North America.
  13. Stages of rebuilding the country after the revolutionary battle.
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20th Century History Topics

The 20th century has many upheavals that are worth describing in detail in the study. Taking this section, you can get a huge amount of statistical information that can be processed to create interesting material. Here are the most interesting history research paper topics for college students.

  1. The general similarity of all dictatorial regimes of the 20th century.
  2. US economic depression and its causes.
  3. Revolution in Tsarist Russia.
  4. The elimination of organized crime in America in the twenties.
  5. Veterans Day and Its impact on US history.
  6. The American imperialism as one of the elements of the Second World War.
  7. Political movements of the Second World War.
  8. Democratic parties that disappeared due to the Nazi regime in Germany.
  9. The key historical facts about the atomic bombing of Hiroshima
  10. The reasons for the collapse of the USSR.
  11. The industrial revolution and the stage of computerization.
  12. The day that humanity invented the atomic bomb.
  13. Reasons we refuse to use certain methods of weapons.
  14. How the Geneva Convention affected the global community?
  15. The technological revolution of the 20th century.
  16. The main causes of globalization and world wars.
  17. The peculiarities of politics during the XX century.
  18. The Key figures of the 20th century and their impact on the world.

Other History Topics

The 20th century has many upheavals that are worth describing in detail in the study. Taking this section, you can get a huge amount of statistical information that can be processed to create interesting material. Here are other world history topics to help you cover interesting world facts and political events.

  1. Amusing the million by John Kasson.
  2. The Theodore Roosevelt character traits.
  3. The life dimensions of Martin Luther King Jr.
  4. Napoleon Bonaparte and his war strategy.
  5. Slavery in America.
  6. The life of Billy Elliot.
  7. The application letter to Marie Curie.
  8. Abraham Lincoln & Civil War history.
  9. The Texas gun control policy.
  10. The influence of Muslims on the development of medicine.
  11. Stages of the state formation in the period from the 18th century.
  12. The general change in territorial boundaries over the past two hundred years.
  13. Countries that are no longer on the map.
  14. All empires and the reasons for their collapse.
  15. Main disadvantages of the Rome Statute.
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How to Write a Research Paper on History?

All historical research topics for middle school differ from the college papers. First of all, you need to check the historical research paper topics. After you decide on this part, you need to answer the main questions. The first one concerns why you took a specific topic. The second question concerns what you can tell the reader and how you will interpret it. The third point is who might be interested in it. Also, you must adhere to all the recommendations that your teacher has developed for you. You can also choose the history argumentative essay topics to show the major set of analytic skills.

The history essay topics for high school students is an essential part of education. You should create a holistic structure of your research and adhere to historical facts to distort them with unnecessary speculation. If researching a whole layer of documents is too difficult, you can use our services. If you buy custom essay, our writers can prepare for you a custom assignment that will be highly appreciated by your teacher. It will save you time and nerve cells. We can also help you to choose argumentative history topics that you can use for research.

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