How to Write a Personal Essay Easily And Quickly

Writing a personal essay: The secret tips and tricks

Everyone has something special to share with others. This might be the unique knowledge, skills, or experience you are proud of. You can also have some exceptional ideas or plans for the future that seem fantastic or extremely interesting to tell about. Even in case you don’t feel anything special about yourself, you are still a bright personality who has something out-of-the-ordinary. This is exactly what professors supposed to find in good personal essays. But are there any universal win-win topics for personal essay? Now, you have a chance to learn how to write a splendid personal essay as easy as 1-2-3. Top personal essay examples crafted by writing experts are also available. 

Hot prompts on how to write a personal essay in less than an hour 

Yes, there is no mistake in the header above. Creating a well-structured, stunning, and polished paper can take you less than an hour. However, to become a lucky beggar who copes with such a difficult task quickly, you will need to explore the best hints for writing a personal essay.

First of all, take a look at the most winning personal essay examples you can find online. You will be amazed by the fact that most of them have similar construction and use exactly the same trend and voice. Therefore, to succeed, you need to make your personal essay structure have a traditional look. 

Second, your paper shouldn’t be too long. When writing a personal essay, there is no need to describe your entire biography. It will be much better to select the most astonishing facts or lessons you want to share with the audience. Avoid showing off too personal things or experiences, as well as avoid choosing sensitive topics for personal essay. As a rule, good and impressive personal essays contain one of these elements: 

  • Unusual experience with unexpected twists
  • The unexpected lesson you couldn’t even imagine getting
  • Establishing new connections and meeting new people in an extraordinary way

Most personal essay examples also cover one of these grounds:

  • a particular episode in your life that has drastically changed your personality
  • an event that made you stronger and more confident
  • a place that values a lot to you and why
  • a description of a personality who influenced you a lot (not parent or sibling) 
  • an article, movie, or music research paper topics that made you face with positive changes

As for the techniques used by experienced pros when writing a superior personal essay, it will be great to include these elements to your paper: 

  • Nutty dialogs
  • Sapid metaphors
  • Short sentences with rich content 

To put it short, your paper should be entertaining, exciting, inspiring, and meaningful. How to write a personal essay within the shortest terms? Just start with an outline! 

Drafting the best personal essay outline

A common question asked by hundreds of young learners is “How to write a good personal essay?” Well, the vital thing you should begin with to succeed is drafting a shining personal essay outline. Most experienced students write it right from the start before creating the essay itself. Your personal essay outline should reflect the main concepts you are planning to uncover in your writing and comply with all the requirements of academic papers offered by your mentor. 

If you want to craft an outline according to the golden rules of writing, you will need to split your main part into five paragraphs each containing five sentences. A personal essay outline should be written in a comprehensive and clear style, without any exaggerations or fake facts. It is better to be sincere and unpretending when writing a superior personal essay rather than show off your experience in a steep manner. If you don’t have any special experience or incredible life stories you would like to share, you can describe your plans or dreams. Feel free to tell the audience about the amazing people you’ve met or your favorite places. Moreover, describing some outstanding facts from the lives of celebrities is also acceptable. This way, you will still need to share your own thoughts about the issue. All these are popular topics for lots of good and winning personal essays. 

Your personal essay structure: The basic hints 

Many scholars start writing their particular assignment searching for various personal essay introduction examples. However, this strategy often appears to be failing. To create an excellent paper, you first need to come up with your personal essay main points and structure. Therefore, just take a while before you start composing your personal essay introduction examples and take a look at the entire schema of your paper

Any sample personal essay should contain only three main segments: 

  • Introduction
  • Main part
  • Summary (conclusion)

The first and the last blocks are short and precise, while the main part should contain the most important data. 

How to write a good introduction for a personal essay

When you take a look at different personal essay introduction examples, you will see that each winning paper has an inspiring beginning. The best thing here is to catch an eye if the readers to encourage them to continue reading. It might be a bit challenging, but it is better to launch your paper with a striking fact. You need to achieve a “bang” effect to make your paper stand out from the crowd. 

The best alternatives for these purposes are: 

  • Metaphor
  • Joke
  • Quote
  • Anecdote

It is also necessary to draw the scene of your paper at the beginning. This means you should draft some characters, environments, and preface to the essay’s body. If you succeed in making a bright and clear picture and appeal to the reader’s imagination, you are likely to succeed. Don’t forget to craft a juicy thesis to boost the paper’s performance.  

A sample personal essay: Writing the main part 

The most difficult part when writing an essay about myself is describing the one and only fact or event in a classical three-paragraph structure. After you’ve seen personal essay introduction examples, it was quite easy to type your own one. However, crafting the main part has more specific features you should take into account. In case you are feeling lost with how to split your essay in a logical way, feel free to follow this easy schema: 

Paragraph 1. Reveal your feelings before a certain subject/person/event

Paragraph 2. Describe a chosen event/occasion/memory/experience 

Paragraph 3. Uncover how your life changed after a certain event/experience/meeting

You can use as many descriptions as you need to make the scene brighter. Make sure to point out your own views and thoughts, as well as avoid presenting someone’s else views as if they were your own. Just be yourself. If you still require adding someone’s else thoughts, don’t forget to specify the source. 

How to write a conclusion for a personal essay? 

A nice conclusion is usually brief and comprehensive. Avoid being too wordy and don’t exceed 10 sentences for writing this part of an essay. The best alternative is to share the lessons you’ve learned and the final thoughts about an event you’ve described. You can also add a certain forecast for the nearest future to complete your essay in the shiniest and most impressive way. 

Pro tips on creating a stunning personal essay

  • Always describe true-to-life facts and avoid exaggeration
  • Be comprehensive and brief
  • Make sure your paper reflects not only events and memories, but your own views, too
  • Make sure to make a positive conclusion even from the hardest lessons
  • Reveal not only your strong points but weaknesses, too
  • Avoid using wordy sentences and general phrases
  • Express personal opinions and thoughts without any hesitation
  • Avoid choosing too personal matters
  • Follow the classical writing rules, as well as use a proper tone

Easy topics you can write about 

  • The place of your dream you would like to visit and why
  • How you coped with a dilemma and made the right choice
  • How you got through the toughest period in your life
  • Your favorite childhood memory
  • A place or time where you want to return
  • How you coped with the most challenging task 
  • An experience you would like to pass one more time
  • A special moment when you started to feel like an adult
  • Your favorite family event or holiday
  • How you started to better understand your parents
  • Your volunteering experience you are proud of
  • How you celebrated the best holiday of your life
  • An outstanding deed you are proud of
  • Your first visit to the circus or theater in a childhood
  • A thing you want to change in the past
  • The times you felt the most difficult
  • One of the most valuable people in your life
  • A phrase that changed your life
  • How you met your best friend
  • Your favorite hero or character you admire
  • The best place you’ve traveled to
  • Your worst deed you are ashamed of
  • The times you fail to meet someone’s expectations

Feel free to choose any topic mentioned above to craft a win-win essay within the shortest terms. The list is not complete and you can also invent your own unique topics.