40 Persuasive Essay Topics to Help You Get Started

40 Persuasive Essay Topics to Help You Get Started

Before you dive straight into our collection of persuasive essay topics, let’s recall the definition of this assignment. A persuasive essay is about taking a stance on a debatable issue and supporting it with arguments through credibility, logic, and empathy. Unlike argumentative papers that call for critical thinking and bulletproof evidence, persuasive writing can be more emotional, manipulative, and passionate. This skill will come in handy when you compose your college admission, scholarship essay, or cover letter, reach out to local officials or take part in an election.

We’ve collected good persuasive essay topics suitable for high-schoolers and college students alike. Scroll through the list until you see an issue that catches your eye, and skim through our suggestions on what direction your essay can take.

Social media platforms breed antisocial behavior

Extensive use of social media, instant messaging, and mobile devices lead to poor communication skills, breeds isolation among the youth and may be a cause of antisocial and aggressive behavior.

Parenting classes should be mandatory for high-schoolers

If sex-ed classes do not prevent teenage pregnancies efficiently, high schools should teach family planning and parenting to either discourage unprotected sex or instill parenting skills among high-risk teens.

High school and college classes should account for students’ circadian cycles

Not all students are ready for intense mental exercises first thing in the morning. Therefore, there should be classes that start later to account for learners who are most productive in the evening.

Handwriting should not be an elective in elementary schools

While tablets and smartphones make writing easier, young children should not forget the valuable skill of handwriting, as it develops fine motor skills connected to speech development.

Schools do not have the authority to monitor students’ social media accounts

Monitoring children’s Internet activity should be a parent’s job. Moreover, teachers and faculty members assessing kids’ profiles is a violation of privacy and should be considered virtual stalking.

Smartphones should stay outside the classroom

Constant smartphone notifications distract learners and cause attention deficit, preventing efficient study for the whole class. Smartphones should be banned inside the school and only be used as a means of emergency communication.

Free access to the Internet should be available for people over the age of 21

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms do more harm than good for children. Governments should take preventative measures to avert the Internet from rotting kids’ brain before the end of puberty.

Mandatory vaccination among children should be banned

Treatments administered incorrectly can do more harm than good for young children. Moreover, obligatory shots violate the kids’ rights. Therefore, parents should be able to decline vaccination.

Youngsters should be considered adults after the age of 25

Hormone-driven teenagers should not get the right to drive, own firearms, or vote before they complete their college course and become full-fledged taxpayers.

College sports coaches should not earn more than professors

After years of study, research, and teaching even tenured professors don’t make half as much as football and baseball team coaches. This inequality should be corrected, as scientists have a greater impact on society than coaches.

Good looks are more important than knowledge and skills

Unlike professions that are rapidly becoming obsolete, a beautiful body and a pretty face will always stay in trend. Good looks are enough to make a living for both men and women.

Felons do not have the right to influence society through voting

Even after serving their time, ex-convicts are not equal members of the community, and their crimes should prevent them from voting or taking part in an election.

All religions should be represented equally at a state level

The President and other elected officials should respect citizens of all denominations and pass laws that protect their rights and serve their needs.

Religion is an overrated artifact of the past, soon to disappear

Religions were created to help leaders control the masses. They are unnecessary and outdated in the modern world ruled by science and innovation, and soon all religions will wear away. You can find successful religious topics on our site.

Electric vehicles harm the environment more than traditional cars

The production of lithium batteries and electricity necessary to charge them produce more harmful waste than internal combustion engine vehicles. EV plants and charging stations are only green if solar-powered.

Traveling is the only way to understand other cultures and nations

While Google Street View and virtual reality 3D tours allow us to see the wonders across borders, nothing can compare to the personal experience of traveling and immersing ourselves in alien cultures and traditions.

All children should take care of pets to develop responsibility and empathy

Taking care of a small animal (cat, dog, or even a turtle) teaches young children to consider the others’ needs and breeds responsible and sympathetic behavior crucial to the survival of our society.

Governments should ban soda and fast food production

With obesity being the cause of early deaths and terminal diseases, governments should stop lobbying fast food and Big Soda companies and instead prohibit the production of calorie-dense food with minimal nutritional value. Topics on how to grow food can be found here.

Anarchy is a better form of state rule than democracy

Governments are becoming obsolete with the Internet and international corporations erasing borders between countries and nations. We should stop wasting money on supporting the administrative structure and create self-ruling communities topics.

Politicians should be held responsible for lying in public

Elected officials caught in a lie should immediately leave their posts and pay astronomical fines. They should never be allowed to take part in an election or hold a position of power.

Security cameras don’t protect us but invade our privacy

The number of public and private security cameras is increasing exponentially. While they don’t help prevent crimes and acts of terror, they record our lives and allow governments and corporations to invade our privacy.

Taxes should cover college education for everyone

National budget should be enough to cover tuition and accommodation for aspiring college students. This will prevent large student loans and motivate more teenagers to continue their education.

Capital punishment is murder and should be outlawed

Prison officials executing capital punishment should be tried for murder and serve their sentences. This is especially true for the executioners of the wrongly convicted.

Disney taking over the largest movie franchises is killing cinema

Disney can now influence kids and adults alike through their cartoons and movies. One company having so much power over the movie world should be considered a monopoly and be prevented by the government.

Every household should have an individual survival plan

Considering the increased frequency of natural disasters and acts of terror, every person and family should create and follow a custom survival plan, complete with an emergency supply and evacuation bags.

Male contraceptive implants should be available

Men should be more aware of the negative impact hormonal contraceptives have on women’s health. The availability of the male implants would reduce the frequency of unwanted pregnancies and abortions.

Genetics defines behavior, not upbringing

Hereditary traits posses more influence on the person’s behavior than childhood conditions, education, and environment. Therefore, it is impossible to change the person’s predilection for crime.

United Nations and other international organizations should be disbanded as useless

The recent rise of international tension proves that the UN and similar bodies have outlived their utility. We can no longer rely on them to support peace and prevent conflict.

Border fences will not solve the immigration problem

Desperate immigrants will always find creative ways to cross the border in search of a better life. The government should not waste the taxpayers’ money on the construction of walls along borders.

Churches should not be free of taxes

While initially all churches were allowed to evade taxes, there are too many cults and sects that only pretend to be religious to avoid IRS audit. All religious establishments should pay the same taxes as businesses.

Vegetarians help themselves rather than animals

Vegetarianism and veganism are nothing but a trend that allows people to feel better about themselves. Vegetarians and vegans do not support animals and do not realize the health repercussions of their diet.

Horse and dog racing should be banned as unethical

Similar to circus animals, racing horses and dogs are exploited to feed the human need of entertainment. Considering animals have rights too, governments should ban races.

App Store should lower the download prices for apps and music

Unreasonably high prices drive digital piracy. When users can download apps and music for free, they have no incentive to spend extra in an overpriced App Store. Apple should take a leaf out of Google Play’s book.

Sexual desire is the primary driver of human behavior

Freud was right when he stipulated that human behavior is a function of sexual desire. It is the main reason behind armed conflicts, acts of terror, scientific achievements, and technological innovations.

Polygamy should be legal, like the same-sex marriage

Traditional marriage is neither the only nor the best way to create stable families. Three-person relationships might provide a better environment for raising children and prevent divorces.

A wealth tax can balance the financial system

High-income households should pay more taxes. Progressive tax rates will help establish economic equality and provide the necessary resources to support the less fortunate citizens.

Fashion is another form of art

Couture garments are not a whimsical way for the wealthy to flaunt their fortune, but an art form. Unique ensembles should be featured in museums and galleries next to paintings and sculptures.

Senior citizens should not be allowed to live alone

Early stage dementia patients and senior citizens should stay with their families or under medical supervision to prevent house fires and accidents that could cause death or injury as well as property damage.

Separate classes for boys and girls would prevent high school problems

Bullying, teenage pregnancies, and underage sex are impossible if boys and girls study in different classes or schools. We should rely on traditional educational principles to solve current high school issues.

It’s time for a new search engine to replace Google

With an exponential increase in the volume of online data, Google serves corporate interests and concentrates on advertising instead of providing accurate results. We should switch to other search engines to promote their development.

As you’ve noticed, we didn’t phrase our persuasive essay writing topics in the form of questions. Instead, we demonstrated the stance you can take on these issues. You can shake things up and support an opposing view or find more alternatives. Additionally, our collection is not just good for writing papers, you can turn it into a list of easy persuasive speech topics if you are into public speaking or debates.

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