150 Communication Research Paper Topics for Students: Pick Up the Best One for You

Communication is conveying information from one place or person to another. The explanation is simple, and it seems that there is nothing to say more. But, in fact, this topic is a huge field for researching both for college students and scientists. There are 4 types of communication (verbal, nonverbal, written, and visual), and each of them has a lot to say about. Moreover, communication is studied in colleges, and students are assigned to write a few communication research paper topics. The writing process is challenging as students have no idea how to choose the right topic, write, and structure the paper.

How to Choose a Communication Research Topic For College Students

  1. Explore all areas of communication and come to a stop in the area, which raises your interest. If a topic is dull, you will postpone your work for later, and, as the final result, you will write in a rash moment and fail.
  2. Study the background information before writing. You need to make sure that this topic is of interest these days, find out the existing results, and think about what you can add.
  3. Get to know the topic limits. Some communication topics could be too broad, and it will be tough to stick to the main point while writing.
  4. Develop the research questions you are going to find answers to. It could be one big question and a few small ones.

The topic is already picked up, and what’s next? You need to create a good, structured research paper outline. The main steps to organize your paper you could find below.

How to Create a Research Paper on Communication

  1. Introduction. You have to write about your research's importance and goals, an overview of your entire paper, and the literature used.
  2. Methods. In this section, you mention your methods and analysis scope and describe in detail the methods you use in your research.
  3. Results. Describe the outcomes of your methods. Each method will have its own result, so don’t be lazy to point out all the peculiarities. Mention if you have achieved the goals you set in your communication research topic.
  4. Discussion. Focus on how your study contributes to existing research and how important your results are for this field.
  5. Concussion. Sum up all your research objectives, main findings, and their implications. Don’t forget to mention the scope for future research on the same topic.
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150 Best Communication Thesis Ideas to Write About

Communication Topics in Journalism

  1. Following the Propaganda Models
  2. Does True Journalism Still Alive?
  3. Law of Privacy in Journalism: Is It Existing?
  4. Journalism Bias
  5. Gender Roles in Journalism
  6. How Do Journalists Contribute to Politicians’ Lives?
  7. Ethics in Journalism
  8. What Makes Journalists Lie?
  9. Politics Coverage in Today Press
  10. Who Takes Responsibility for Reporting Events?
  11. Famous Journalists of All the Time
  12. Freedom of Speech in Journalism
  13. Portrait of a Modern Journalist
  14. Journalism of the Future: What Does It Like?
  15. Press Representation of Immigrants in America Today

Journalism has always been a relevant field for research as not a day goes by without news. But it’s only the icing on the cake. If you go deeper, you will find out a bunch of interesting and unexplored issues worth highlighting in a research topic in mass media.

Unexplored Public Relations Topics

  1. Public Relations Definition
  2. How to Create an Effective Campaign?
  3. Role of Women in Public Relations
  4. Why Study PR Management to Promote Success?
  5. Misuse of Mass Media as a Tool for Public Relations
  6. Social Impact on PR
  7. Evolution of PR Specialist
  8. Crisis Management in PR
  9. Technology and Public Relations
  10. Role of PR in Building a Good Reputation of Politicians
  11. How Does a PR Manager Create a Corporate Image?
  12. The Best Promotion Campaigns in the History of PR
  13. The Impact of PR on Global Communities
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The collocation “public relations” is one of the most-talked-about things, but not everyone understands its meaning clearly. Choosing one of these communication research ideas, you get a nice chance to find out for yourself and help do the same for others.

Non-Worn-Out Research Topics on Advertising

  1. History of Advertising
  2. The Importance of Advertising Today
  3. Ways to Influence People Minds Through Advertising
  4. Can Large Companies Do Without Advertising?
  5. Samsung Mobile: Implementation of Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
  6. Role of Technology in Advertising Campaigns
  7. Stages of the Audience's Advertisement Involvement
  8. Roles of Genders in Advertising
  9. Impact of Commercial Speech
  10. How Do Ads Affect Children?
  11. Who Is More Successful in Advertising: Men or Women?
  12. What Defines Brand’s Success?
  13. Cultural Peculiarities in Advertising
  14. The Most Successful Ads for the Last Ten Years
  15. Advertising as a Visual Communication

Advertising is the motor trade. We can see just a lovely picture or a promotional video, but the creating process itself is not less exciting as well as ads history.

Interpersonal Communication Research Topics

  1. What Is an Interpersonal Dialogue?
  2. How to Structure an Interpersonal Conversation
  3. Culture in Interpersonal Communication
  4. Role of Interpersonal Communication in Business
  5. Ways to Express Emotions Not to Offend an Interlocutor
  6. The System Theory and Approach to the Thought-Out Conversation
  7. Relationships in the Family
  8. Nonverbal Interpersonal Dialogue
  9. Interpersonal Conflict
  10. How to Reveal Deception in Communication
  11. Why Is It Important to Listen to Each Other in Interpersonal Communication?
  12. Ways to Avoid a Conflict While Debating
  13. Influence of Society on Personal Communication
  14. Information Exchange in Interpersonal Dialogue
  15. Gender Roles in Interpersonal Communication
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Most of us are sure that we have already achieved the best possible interpersonal communication results, but we still deal with conflicts and misunderstandings. The following interpersonal communication topics show us that we should keep on improving our skills.

Intercultural Topics on Communication

  1. Etiquette in Intercultural Communication
  2. How to Adapt to the US Campus
  3. Translation as a Way for Better Understanding of an Intercultural Dialogue
  4. What Influences on Our Cultural Perception
  5. Nonverbal Behavior Patterns in Intercultural Dialogue
  6. The Result of Misconception of Different Cultures
  7. Role of Body Language in Intercultural Context
  8. The Behavior of International Peers as a Way to Investigate Foreign Culture
  9. Impact of Media on How We Perceive Other Culture
  10. How to Develop Effective Communication Skills Against a Multinational Background?
  11. Ways to Study a Foreign Culture
  12. Intercultural Dialogue: America vs.Britain
  13. Studying Abroad as a Way to Contribute to Intercultural Competence
  14. Rituals and Superstitions in Different Cultures
  15. Definition of Culture Shock
  16. Values in Asian Countries
  17. Everything We Have to Know About the Communication Barriers Between Ghana and Chinese Culture
  18. Impact of Religion on Intercultural Conversation

It’s always exciting to have a conversation with other cultural representatives. But could you be certain that your communicative skills will not harm your relationships? Possible essay topics for communication skills will help to learn the peculiarities of intercultural dialogue.

Interesting Virtual Communication Topics

  1. Globalization of Virtual Communication
  2. Power of Social Media
  3. Role of Social Media for Organizational Communication
  4. The Danger of Virtual Dialogue
  5. Virtual Love Relationships: Fact or Myth?
  6. How to Improve Virtual Communication Skills
  7. Nonverbal Dialogues in Social Media
  8. Interpersonal Communication in the Virtual World
  9. Email Etiquette: What Should We Remember?
  10. Work of Virtual Communication at the Higher Levels
  11. Effectiveness of Virtual Dialogue in Business
  12. Pros and Cons of Virtual Conversation
  13. Role of Messengers in Our Life
  14. How Not to Be Cheated on Social Networks
  15. Computers’ effects on the 21st Century Life
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Virtual communication is slowly replacing face-to-face conversation, and moving with the times, we have to be aware of what new changes will bring. Research topics in interpersonal communication online might make students reconsider their views on virtual life.

Social Media Research Paper Topics to Investigate

  1. How Does Social Media Affect the Young Generation?
  2. Power of Online Communities
  3. Social Media Helps in Educations: Facts
  4. Kids Activity on Social Media
  5. Impact of Online Gaming
  6. Social Media Raises Up-to-Date Children
  7. Social Media as an Income-Generation Source
  8. Role of Social Networks in Advertising
  9. History of Social Media
  10. Why Do Some Countries Block Access to Social Media for Their Citizens?
  11. Social Media and Crime
  12. Contribution of Social Networks in Politics
  13. How Are We Controlled Through Social Media?
  14. Reasons to Be Popular in Social Media
  15. Social Media in Asian Countries

Social media is filling our lives more and more. As a result, we keep asking ourselves, “Should we accept this situation or fight against it?” Investigating a media research topic, you will definitely find an answer.

Topics to Develop Leadership Skills

  1. What Is Better: Be a Leader or Be Led?
  2. Important Skills for a Leader
  3. Key Factors in Leader Communication
  4. Leadership Ethics
  5. How to Build and Manage a Team
  6. Being a Leader: How to Manage a Conflict Inside a Team
  7. Development of Leading Ideas
  8. How to Control Emotions
  9. The Art of Persuasion
  10. How to Keep a Team Motivated
  11. Leader’s Tasks
  12. Interpersonal Communication With Team Members
  13. How to Stay a Productive Leader
  14. Gender Roles in Leadership
  15. Stages to Become a Leader
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Having read a dozen of psychological books on leadership, you could have been inspired to research this topic on your own. Get started! Perhaps, you have hidden leader’s traits of character.

Negotiation Paper Topics

  1. The Art of Business Negotiations
  2. How to Manage a Negotiation Process
  3. Negotiations as a Way to Solve a Conflict
  4. Intercultural Negotiations: Key Points
  5. Reaching a Consensus: An Outcome of Any Negotiations
  6. Dealing With Difficult Interlocutors
  7. Ways to Improve Negotiation Skills
  8. What Is Win-Win Negotiation?
  9. Role of a Mediator in Negotiations
  10. Dispute Resolution as a Key Requirement in Negotiation Participants
  11. Patience as a Way to Get Benefits at the Negotiation Table
  12. Cases of Failed International Negotiations
  13. Umbrella Agreement: How Does It Work?
  14. Negotiations in the Family
  15. How to Round Off Talks on a Positive Note

The one who knows how to negotiate can achieve a lot. The art of negotiation has been evaluated since ancient times. Studying communication research topics on negotiation, you will notice how you might have succeeded in dispute resolution.

Some More Exciting Topics Related to Communication

  1. Types of Communication
  2. Evolution of Communication
  3. Social media and Privacy
  4. Reasons for Blog Popularity
  5. Censorship in Mass Media
  6. Role of Radio Today
  7. Technologies Simplifying Communication
  8. Impact of Visual Communication
  9. Ethics in Friendly Communication
  10. Nonverbal Communication: Gender Difference
  11. Do Text Messages Develop Our Writing Skills?
  12. How Do Social Media Harm Humans?
  13. Slang in Online Communication
  14. Etiquette of Business Communication in Eastern Countries
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Do you find it challenging to decide on a suitable communication topic in a narrow field? Then, you will not stay indifferent to general communication research topics. The following topics are flexible, and you can change them to your taste.

Are you willing to know the next steps you have to take after having your choice on one of the topics mentioned? Keep on reading, and you will discover plenty of useful information.

The Research Paper Writing Process from A to Z

  1. Learn an assignment. Make sure that you understand it clearly. Ask your academic advisor if necessary.
  2. Choose one of the media research topics for college students. You need to be interested in it if you want to create a good paper.
  3. Research the background information. Think of how you can organize the existing facts and add your discoveries to them.
  4. Create a research paper outline. It should include 5 sections: an introduction, methods, results, discussions, and a conclusion. The information you should write in each section you can find at the beginning of this article.
  5. Write each section sticking to the main point.
  6. Re-read your paper to edit content and correct the mistakes.
  7. Submit your paper.

Writing a business communication topic is a time-consuming process. If you appreciate your time, but need to submit your paper not to fail the deadline. Feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with a highly-qualified writer who has good knowledge exactly in your field and write a plagiarism-free research paper. Feel suspicious that it could be so easy? The right way is to order a paper from PaperCoach and see it for yourself.


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