The Best Problem-Solution Essay Topics For Brilliant Paper

Problem Solution Essay List: Choose The Best Topics Easily

Writing academics papers is considered to be among the toughest assignments for lots of scholars. While some tasks appear to be affordable, the others might make you feel completely confused by the number of unique features and requirements. According to the reviews of young learners, a problem solution essay is one of the most challenging assignments they face during their studies. This means crafting a splendid paper will make you kill lots of free time and countless efforts to succeed. There are tons of problem solution essay topics you can spot on the World Wide Web. However, many of them turn out to be complicated and confusing. Fortunately, our experienced writers know how to distinguish the best problem solution essay ideas from the problematic ones. Moreover, our experts are ready to give you a helping hand to cope with all the difficulties that might appear on your way when crafting an academic paper. Below we’ve collected a list of the most brilliant problem solution essays examples to boost your academic performance.

Top hints on how to write a problem solution essay

Before we start to investigate the prompts for creating a fabulous problem solution academic essay and dive into the world of various problem solution essay notions and topics, it is indispensable to clarify the basic concepts of this paper.

A classical problem solving essay is a kind of argumentative paper you’ve definitely dealt with earlier. The heart of this type of paper is picking up an accurate problem and proposing effective clarifications to the determined issue. The identification of the issue is tightly connected with problem solution essay topics. To add, you are also supposed to convince the readers that the explications reflected in your document are the strongest and the most suitable ones.

How to write a perfect problem solution essay in a few straightforward steps? Explore the easy steps suggested by our experts to succeed.

Investigate the best problem solution essay topics and determine the most suitable one

The fittest recourse here is to elect a theme that fascinates you. If are feeling curious, your writing is likely to be much easier. There are lots of alternatives you can choose from, starting from school and family-related issues, to global dilemmas.

Select the most fitting resolutions for your problem solving essay

It is vital to pick up only precise and top-notch solutions to your particular issue. Remember that your descriptions shouldn’t be too wordy and blurred. Make your arguments striking and powerful and provide the audience with the most ripping clarifications. It is also crucial to keep in mind that your arguments need to be real, cost-effective, practical, and executable. Consequently, your problem solution essay breakthrough ideas, and facts will look more compelling.

How to write the best structure for a problem solution essay?

Creating a smooth and understandable outline is one of the most considerable steps in reflecting your problem solution essay ideas and concepts. In case you succeed to create an outstanding outline, you are likely to win the most excellent degrees for your problem solution essay. But what apposite structure should you use?


Being a classical beginning of most common types of academic papers, a powerful introduction boosts your chances to get higher scores for your problem solution essay. In this part, you will need to provide the readers a glance at your problem solution essay ideas and get ready to offer a well-structured problem solution speech. You might also drop a few facts about the solutions offered in the main part (feel free to use questions or shiny thesis for these purposes) If you are not ready to come up with an excellent introduction, you can easily look for so me problem solution essays examples and discover what you should actually write about. Don’t forget to make the opening of your paper purposeful and newsworthy.

The main part

The best practice for designing a fabulous problem solution awesome essay is to make the number of resolutions and the number of paragraphs exactly the same. In brief, dedicate a segregate paragraph to each of your decrees. If you have some successful problem solution essays examples at your hands, you will notice that all of them strictly follow this rule. Be precise, logical, and furnish with the most elegant items in the beginning. Remember that your main goal is to demonstrate the reader that your clarifications are the prime selections for solving the challenge.


How to write a flawless problem solution essay with a nice summary? That’s simple. Focus on what you’ve written at the commencement of your story, put all the facts short, and wrap your paper up with a confident conclusion.

Problem solution speech topics college students: easy tips

  • Captivate the public with a puzzle or question. This will help you establish a productive communication right from the start of your speech
  • Make sure to follow a classical structure. Rocket launch with an introduction, move to the main part and finish with a stunning conclusion.
  • Don’t forget about the visuals. Diagrams, charts, and other visual materials will aid you to cover the most important facts in your problem solution essay.
  • Avoid being too wordy. It is needlessly to read the entire passages from your main part even in case they look perfectly polished. Be picky and select the most striking sentences for your problem solution speech topics.
  • Look and describe a chosen problem from different sides. It will make your paper look more professional.
  • Select only actual problem solution essay reasons and topics. The audience prefers to discover something new and up-to-date.

There are tons of problem solution speech topics for college students you can find online. Just make some research in order to take the best of the masterly problem solution essays examples obtainable on the web.

Problem solution essay: Picking up the best topics

Before you determine a topic for your academic assignment, it is recommended to select the field you are interested in. Below we’ve grouped problem solution essay topics into different categories to make your search faster and more effective.

Problem solution essay: Environment topics

This type of issue is considered to be the most popular among scholars. You can find tons of information about environmental issues online and will be able to cover the essentials in an easy way.

  • Overpopulation and the common methods to stop it
  • Most effective ways to recycle the garbage
  • The innovative resolution to lower deforestation
  • Problem of plant and animal extinction
  • Ocean pollution with plastic - the main alternatives to eliminate it
  • Ways to attract investments to waste recycling
  • Best methods to decrease waste products in restaurants
  • Best ways to lower waste products in private households
  • The future of green energy production and the ways to diversify it
  • The problem of clean water in the arid regions

Health issues

Health is one of the most burning of all the time. Moreover, it will be sapid for the reader to investigate new facts about this subject.

  • How to fight depression in the most effective ways?
  • The ways to educate people about the benefits of a healthy way of life
  • Tips to motivate people for going in for sports
  • Methods to reduce the consumption of sugar
  • The best ways to stop coffee addiction
  • How to ameliorate the attitude of society towards mental diseases?
  • How to eliminate the usage of cosmetic plastic surgery among masses
  • Obesity: how to stop it on a global scale
  • Tips to avoid obesity of kids and teenagers
  • The impacts of stress on people’s health
  • The productive ways to decrease stress in people’s lives
  • How to decrease drug usage among teens
  • Common methods to drop tobacco consumption
  • How lack of sleep influences on a human body

Family and relationships: the best items for a problem solution essay

This kind of content is also among the most demanding options and remains the subject of concern to everyone. Don’t lose your chance to craft a paper of this contemporary theme.

  • The conflict of generations between parents and kids
  • Ways to improve relationships between a wife and a husband
  • Common reasons for family therapy
  • How to help and extremely anxious person
  • The signs of toxic relationships
  • How to stop a long-lasting unhealthy relationship
  • How to eliminate using smartphones at home by kids and parents
  • The ways to stop social media ruin family relationships
  • Methods to avoid divorce
  • Eliminating boredom in the relationship
  • How to decrease the levels of teens suicide
  • Ways to stop violence and psychological abuse in families
  • Solving the financial problems of the household
  • Pushy parenting: the main cons
  • How to avoid overprotecting when raising children
  • What to do if your child is unhappy
  • The impact of an extremely critical parent on the children’s lives
  • How to recover after the breakup or divorce
  • Ways to decrease the number of quarrels in the family
  • Indifference in the family: how to stop it
  • The influence of parents on teens when choosing a college
  • Tips to find a match at college or university
  • How to make friends at college
  • How to build deep trust between kids and parents
  • The best methods to support elderly people

Best topics for education problem solution essay

Learning is a subject one can describe for ages. There are plenty of issues to cover in your homework that are always relevant.

  • The ways to improve a program in college
  • The methods of learning the newest technologies in IT and Engineering disciplines
  • How to improve the security at educational institutions
  • Racial discrimination and the most common resolutions to the challenge
  • How can school prevent suicides among kids and teens
  • How to boost tolerance and loyalty at schools
  • 5 Steps to make higher education more affordable for foreign students
  • How to find a perfect balance between receiving education and building a career
  • Top hints to better your personal life and start relationships when you are overloaded by college assignments
  • Ways to find time for exercises when studying at college or university
  • How to encourage school graduates to continue their education
  • Ways to stop racism between classmates
  • The main dangers of parties and how to avoid them
  • The ways to eliminate misunderstanding between teachers and students

Business topics

This type of paper is usually the hottest one. Business is constantly facing new challenges you can portray in your writing. Feel free to cover related areas, too.

  • How to support small businesses and private entrepreneurship
  • Ways to grow sales levels at your e-commerce solution
  • Best techniques to make marketing campaigns more effective
  • How to make ads selling goods and services without being annoying
  • Ways to stop abuse at the workplace
  • Best methods to eliminate child labor
  • Top things any startup should do to succeed
  • The ways to decrease consumer debt of students
  • Top techniques to improve strategic thinking
  • Prompts to make a close-knit team easily and effectively
  • Ways to solve disputes between the employer and the employees

IT and engineering topics

IT is another sought-after topic most scholars consider to be easy-to-write-about and smooth. In case you are keen about the new technologies, these alternatives might become a real treasure.

  • How to meet the deadlines of a project during product development
  • Ways to implement the newest technologies at schools and colleges
  • Should students stop learning outdated technologies?
  • The ways to learn artificial intelligence subjects effectively
  • The posers caused by using the electronic signatures
  • A negative influence of using smartphones on children and kids and how to remove it
  • The dangers of using weak passwords and the best ways of storing strong passwords in a safe way
  • The dependency on using smartphones and how to shuffle it off
  • What new technologies should be applied by mentors in educational institutions?
  • What a world without cash can be: prospects and challenges
  • The negative aspects of using smart gadgets in our homes
  • The security issues of kids when using social media
  • How to elevate the technical literacy of elderly people

Social topics

The alternatives mentioned below are among the universal resolutions that might be helpful for your content creation process. These are win-win options anyone can write about.

  • Top ways to solve an overpopulation problem in the biggest cities
  • Should Muslim females wear traditional wear when living in non-muslim cities
  • Alternatives to traditional relationships
  • Main issues of a tax system, where rich people should pay higher taxes
  • Negative aspects of online education
  • Will the educational system significantly change in the nearest future?
  • How to avoid gambling addiction and the ways a government should control the industry
  • Place of discrimination in a modern society
  • Negative cinch of religion on people in different countries
  • How diets can influence on the human body?
  • How to cope with drug addiction by yourself
  • The most turned-up techniques to boost confidence
  • How to support cultural diversity in different countries
  • The impact of the fashion industry on the culture
  • The best method to upswing cultural consciousness among masses
  • Ways to eliminate consumerism
  • Methods to boost employment rates in various fields

All in all, there are hundreds of topics you can use for creating a perfect academic paper.