business research topics

1. Analytical Tools in Business: Addressing Consumer Behaviors, Teambuilding, and Necessity.

Desc: This paper investigates three of the commonly- used analytical tools and concepts that are used to help effectuate decisions in a business environment. The types of analytical models that are investigated in this paper are probability theory and statistics, utility theory and game theory. Through investigating these tools in this three- tired framework, the reader has a greater comprehension of how analytical tools can be used to accomplish various reforms within a business or the business sector as a whole.

2. 'An Ethical Strategy Is A Good Way To Make Extra Profit'

Desc: This is a 7-page paper in MLA style that depicts the ethical values of corporations and exemplifies the same as a necessary factor in the changing business environment and the profitability of the corporation. 7 pgs. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

3. Amazon vs. eBay: Review.

Desc: This seven-page undergraduate paper presents a comparative analysis of against eBay. It deduces the analysis with respect to the various communication levels in both the organizations. 7 Pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

4. A Forecast of 30-Year Mortgage Interest Rates with Methodology.

Desc: An analysis of 30-year mortgage rates, and what the future predictions are for interest rates on these loans. By understanding the methodology for prediction in finding interest rates of this nature, we can see what patterns may shape this analysis.

5. A Book Review of The Leadership Challenge by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posne

Desc: This paper will seek to examine a book review of "The Leadership Challenge" by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posne. By creating a series of leadership models in the workplace, these authors take an unbiased approach to understanding different leadership models. By possessing such varied traits in good leadership, such as self esteem and organizational skills, we can understand why they create a successful book on leadership.

6. A Brief Analysis of Jamal Khawajas article, Workplace Stress

Desc: This 4-page undergraduate paper analyses the article "Workplace Stress" by Jamal Khawaja, and notes that Khawaja's article is, overall, a good introduction to the topic of technologically-related workplace stress. Khawaja basic argument is that the computer technology inherent in office environments to disenfranchises workers, generating stress. While this argument is persuasive, it would be even more so if Khawaja considered other forms of technology, which produce differing forms of stress in the workplace. Khawaja does not really consider, for example, computer production in industry, or computer surveillance, or computer databases of clients, ech of which may impact employee stress in unique ways. The key problem with Khawaja's article however, is his answer to the stress problem in the workplace. Khawaja suggests flexible working hours, increased telecommuting opportunities, greater diversity of job duties, and clearer guidelines governing the use of technology in the workplace as ways to empower employees and reduce stress. Many of Khawaja's suggestions have the potential to generate more stress in the workplace. Nevertheless, Khawaja's article has the potential to be very useful, especially regarding his casual reference to ethical implications of computer use. Khawaja's brief mention of ethics has the potential to raise another discourse, one which suggests that it is the use of technology - and not just the technology itself - which creates the most stress, largely due to ethical dilemmas.

7. A Brief Study of the Effectiveness of Southwest Airlines

Desc: This paper briefly examines Southwest Airlines as a successful model of an airline. Southwest has manifested profit over the past three decades, and it is evident that their business model is successful dure to increased profitability despite environmental conditions. This paper also suggests a five-year plan based on a potential expansion of Southwest into luxury flying.

8. A Business Analysis: The Growing Japanese Success Over the American Detroit Automobile Industry

Desc: In this paper, the Japanese are learning to manage their products in a macro-economic forum, which has been the reason for their success over the last 30 years in the car market. By applying less waste in production, a greater quality product, and learning to manage their workers in integrated systems management, they have been far more aggressive in achieving quality and low costs in manufacturing. America must learn from these productive management techniques if they are to rise above the competition.

9. A Business Letter from a Manager Informing a Worker of an Unpleasant Change in the Workplace and the Employee s Response.

Desc: This paper consists of two business letters. One is a business letter informing a worker of unpleasant change in the workplace. The second is the response from the worker offering a solution to the problem.

10. A Business Report for a Golf Course and Additional On- Site Amenities.

Desc: This paper provides an overview of the responsibilities and the priorities found within management at a golf facility, specifically the (fictitious) Pine Hurst Country Club in Lock Island, Nevada. Because of its proximity to Las Vegas, Pine Hurst is most frequently used by the upper- class business travelers when their companies hold meetings in Las Vegas. This indicates that the management team at Pine Hurst needs to address issues in respect to conventional golf course and golf club management, but also that the rapid turnover of high- paying customers needs to be taken into account as well. These considerations direct the following management report for the country club.

11. A Career in Business Management ~ Management Analysts and Consultants.

Desc: This is a 4-page paper in MLA style that describes the trends and future outlook of the career growth of business consultants and analysts. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.4955 Career Business Management.doc$35.80 4956 Nihilism in "A Good Man Is Hard to Find".This three-page graduate paper explores how "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" suffers from the very nihilism it attempts to condemn. The only conclusion that can be reached is that the normal roles are reversed, and the grandmother is basically equal in moral standing to the Misfit. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 1 source.

12. A Case Study: The History Of Microsoft.

Desc: This three-page undergraduate paper examines the history of Microsoft, discusses how the company started, and evaluates where it is today. (Client can delete this; it is for Paper Experts copy of the paper).

13. A Company Report: The Dell Computer Corporation.

Desc: This paper is a report on Dell and all issues relating to its business dealings including a SWOT analysis. A complete examination of the company and its performance will be discussed, as well as suggestions for the next direction Dell should take is examined. 23 pgs. 16 f/c. 14b.

14. A Comparative Case Analysis of Recruitment, Selection, and Retention Between Wal-Mart and FedEx

Desc: Two of the world's most influential companies are FedEx and Wal-Mart. Yet while both companies face issues in recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees, the strategies taken towards realizing these shared goals are markedly different. FedEx uses an employee-friendly policy, while Wal-Mart has a history of undervaluing workers and replacing workers.

15. A Compare and Contrast of Pop Weaver Microwave Popcorn and Act II Microwave Popcorn.

Desc: This paper will discuss two differing forms of microwave popcorn that been on the markets recently and how they compare and contrast each other. By using these two products as examples, we can how the consumer may reach a better understanding the how they taste in reaction to the different manufacturers that created them. Some of the facets will be analyzed when dissecting the two products. 3 pgs. No sources listed.

16. A Comparison of Use and Applicability Between Macintosh and PC Systems in a Departmental Setting

Desc: This paper provides a basic comparison of the Macintosh and the PC (e.g.: Microsoft) platforms for use in an educational department. The department assessed is a computer laboratory for student use. The inclusion of specific platforms within a departmental setting needs to be evaluated prior to the development and implementation processes. It is necessary to approach the hardware and the software of the platforms to see which is best suited to the needs of the department.

17. A Complete Marketing Program For a New Product: The IBM Aptiva Pentium III.

Desc: This paper addresses all the necessary issues in an effective marketing program from identifying the market to its implementation. 18 pgs. 13 f/c. 4b.

18. A Corporate Profile of Outback Steakhouse.

Desc: This thirty-five-page paper is a corporate profile of the company Outback Steakhouse. The paper examines the management as well as the financial aspects of the company. 35 pgs. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

19. A Critical Analysis of the Arguments For and Against Stakeholder Theory.

Desc: This paper evaluates the different perspectives that concern "Stake-holder Theory" in business ethics. In this essay, arguments that defend and attack "stakeholder theory" are compared and contrasted, and one final article is relied on to provide a balanced perspective on the issue. 12 pgs. 3 sources.

20. A Current Analysis of Copper in America.

Desc: This paper will briefly touch on the current status of copper usage in America, and how the industry is coping with present changes in the metal. By understanding its usage in the manner of recycling, mining, and other methods of its use, we can see how this metal still continues to change and be used in a large quantity of ways. 2 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

21. A Curriculum Development For Secretarial Management In Vocational Studies.

Desc: This paper will report on curriculum development for secretarial management in vocational studies in education. By acknowledging the findings of current curriculum methods in ecent education formats, we can assess what means were most affective in efficient teaching of secretarial management.

22. A Examination of Holiday Shopping: A Survey and a Review of the Research.

Desc: This paper examines the demographics of postponing holiday shopping. This is accomplished in part due to a literature analysis and in part due to a fictitious survey that was conducted during the holiday shopping season of 2000 - 2001 at three urban malls. This paper determines that male shoppers are far more likely than female shoppers to postpone their holiday shopping until immediately before the holidays. In order to take advantage of this, merchants should concentrate on promotional packages that will attract male shoppers, such as gift boxes that are easily displayed and accessible to the shoppers. 11 pgs. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

23. A Financial Analysis of The Intel Corporation.

Desc: This paper is on the analysis of the Intel Corporation. The principal activities of the Intel Corporation are to design, develop, manufacture and market computer and other networking products. The group is divided into four operating segments. It is in the technology sector, in the semiconductor industry. The main group is the Intel Architecture business, consisting of the Desktop Platforms Group, the Mobile Platforms Group and the Enterprise Platforms Group.

24. A Knowledge Of Recent Workplace Motivational Theory Is Of Little Practical Use To Managers.

Desc: This is a 6-page paper that suggests that employee motivation in the work place is one of the most important aspects of the managers job without which the level of productivity will decrease drastically. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 13 sources.

25. A Look At The Unstable CLEC Market In Telecommunication Industry Today And Its Impact On Customers.

Desc: This is a 5-page paper in MLA style that analyzes CLEC of the telecommunication industry and its impact on customers. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

26. A Management Analysis of Toys R Us.

Desc: This paper will discuss the company mission of Toys R Us, and will seek to show the present managements goals in the external and internal influences on the company. Also, by concurring with this information, we can see the positive aspects of this toy manufacturer.

27. A Marketing Strategy for a Single Unit McDonalds Retail Store.

Desc: This paper will discuss a local small town franchise of McDonalds, and seek to reveal a marketing strategy that will project new products and developments. By understanding some of the techniques involved in this retail store, we can see how it may grow.

28. A More Humane Company: The Future of Management

Desc: This 4-page undergraduate paper examines the future of management. The paper begins by examining the differences between management and leadership. The main body of the paper argues that changes in education will be the most important changes to management in the future, although changes in work and job-market structure as well as communications technology will be very significant. The paper further outlines the specific changes in these areas. That is, education of management will become more of an interdisciplinary process, perhaps more similar to what is currently seen in humanities education. Communications advances will mean faster access to data and thus faster decisions. Market changes will mean that fewer managers will be responsible for more. Finally, this paper speculates on the ways that these changes will affect the four elements of management - selecting, directing, evaluating, and rewarding - and concludes that experts' ideas suggest that management will be more humane, effective and interactive in the future.

29. A New Analysis of Leadership in the Management World of Today.

Desc: This paper will discuss the changes that are occurring in the way that management is running in today's business world. By understanding the need for sound leadership, we can understand why this is a lost art, and this is one of the most important elements of success in the business world. By managing with good leadership values, a company can help lead better, than the usual team-based methods of the past.

30. A Predictive Forecast of 30-Year Mortgage Interest Rates with Methodology.

Desc: An analysis of 30-year mortgage rates, and what the future predictions are for interest rates on these loans. By understanding the methodology for prediction in finding interest rates of this nature, we can see what patterns may shape this analysis

31. A Primer on Securitization.

Desc: This book report provides a comprehensive account of the term securitization from the masterpiece A Primer on Securitization. This magnum opus is a collection of fourteen lectures given by the founders and present experts in the related field that includes a thorough description of what securitization is about, how it functions and its influence on the way the demands of purchasers and businesses are fulfilled in the financial market. The following passages of this analytical research paper also address several issues relevant to the main topic as highlighted by Kendall and Fishman in their masterpiece. The works cited page appends one source in MLA format.

32. A Product Assessment of the Pet rock, The Edsel, and the Crystal Pepsi.

Desc: This paper will discuss the whereabouts of such popular items as the Crystal Pepsi, the Pet Rock, and the Edsel to understand why the items are either gone or are still successful on the open markets. By understanding the different elements that made these items sellable in the public marketplace, an analysis will be given to each of these items telling where they are today. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

33. A Promotional Spot For Q-Wear.

Desc: This is a promotional spot for Q-Wear with the time span of 60 minutes.

34. A Proposal for Protecting Oil Spills.

Desc: This paper discusses ways to protect oil spills. This policy document proposes a framework for determining responsibilities of damages caused by oil spills from accidents in the sea and liabilities of the damages. It charts out general directions for the European Union and its member states with regard to the prevention of damage and the realization of compensation.

35. A Recycling Company.

Desc: An executive summary for a recycling company. In this summary there will be the articles of the company that will be processed in this overall view.

36. A Report On Progress in the Construction of a Warehouse in Brooklyn.

Desc: In this report, we will discus the progress of the aforesaid warehouse that is being built in the New York area of Brooklyn. Here will be described the different areas of progress that are being attained in the construction of this building and what is being done about this progress. Rom the reports on foundation, frame work being done, and construction will be reported to the Director of Operations in charge of making sure the building of the warehouse is going smoothly. 3 pgs. No bibliography provided.

37. A Response to Biomet, Inc. : A Summary of a Company's Business Strategies and Its Overall Effectiveness.

Desc: This paper provides a written case review on the book "Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases" by Fred R. David. This case review covers a fictitious management position from the perspective of responding to upper management according to specific problems. The scenario that is used is that the writer is in a management position for the firm Biomet, Inc., and that this manager is currently deeply involved in the strategic management of their company. Biomet, Inc. is an actual company that manufactures medical implants. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

38. A SWOT Analysis of 3M: Assessing Product Diversity as a Positive or a Negative Strategy.

Desc: This paper assesses the SWOT structure of the company Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing, more commonly referred to as 3M. 3M has a reputation as an industry leader that seeks to promote many different types of products and technology. Yet while 3M is a globally- recognized name, it is questionable as to whether these massive innovations in multiple areas are beneficial or have a potentially negative impact for this company. This paper uses a SWOT analysis in order to determine whether 3M's business strategy is a viable one. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

39. A Short Proposal of Wal-Mart.

Desc: This eight-page paper is a short proposal of the research topic selected for the formal report explaining how the topic is important to business, how the material will be gathered and a work plan that will show the task to be completed. 8 pgs. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

40. A Study on the Administrative Organizational Development of Overtime in Nursing Management

Desc: This paper will examine the role of the nursing administration in seeking to delegate less overtime to nurses within the nursing industry. By showing the studies that have been done on this subject, we can see why an organizational development for shared leadership and team building will help nurses to achieve more say in making efficient applications of overtime. In this manner, overtime will be reduced and nurses can work with greater effectiveness in the workplace.

41. A Team-Based Organizational Structure and Verizon

Desc: This paper shall examine a current business organizational model and its impact on the business itself. This model will be evaluated for its ability to function in the business realm, especially with relation to its impact on employee performance, managerial relationships and customer service. After a discussion of the some basic research, this paper will consider the relevance of a team-based organizational model to Verizon and will discuss how its implementation affects the corporation as a whole.

42. A Tentative Business Plan - Interior Views.

Desc: This nine-page undergraduate paper discusses a tentative business plan. 9 pgs. No sources listed.

43. A Theory for Marketing Strategy for Walgreen's

Desc: This paper will discuss a marketing strategy for Walgreen's Supermarket, and what will be the future prospects for this company. By analyzing certain market share, product development, and other factors that pertain to business growth, we can see how it can improved.

44. A Value Chain Analysis of Verisign.

Desc: This paper will create a value chain analysis of the company Verisign. By showing the proper logistics of this company, we can see its performance on the market for informational systems.

45. A Woman With Appeal.

Desc: This paper addresses the four criteria that Charuvan Vanasin, the head of a small but successful advertising firm, believes most important in terms of ensuring the success of a smaller company.

46. AES Corp. Organizational Culture and Structure

Desc: In this paper, we will examine the organizational Culture and Structure of the global power producer AES. Since corporate structure and corporate culture are undeniable tied to each other, we will attempt to understand them both as a single unit and as separate entities. In doing so, we will answer the following question: 1. Describe the organizational culture at AES? 2. Describe the organizational structure at AES? 3. Why is AES going through major restructuring?

47. AES Corporation: Organizational Culture and Structure

Desc: This paper concerns the AES Corporation, a major multinational corporation that provides power to nations throughout the first and third worlds. In this paper, the organizational culture of AES is discussed alongside and examination of the manifestation of that culture in the actual organizational structure of the corporation. Finally, some comments are made as to why AES would have structured itself in such a fashion.

48. AOL Time Warner.

Desc: This is a 6-page paper that analyzes AOL Time Warner, outlining its strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threats and its strategy for competition. It uses sources. 6-pages, bibliography lists 5 sources.

49. AOL Time Warner: Investigating the Value of the Stock.

Desc: This paper takes the position of a professional investor recommending the stock "AOL Time Warner" to a potential customer. The customer has many concerns about the stock, including the performance values and whether or not this stock is accurately rated in the marketplace. This paper addresses the argument that this stock is overvalued in the current marketplace and that over the next few years the stock price of AOL Time Warner shall decrease according to its prospective performance in the market. 6 pgs, bibliography lists 4 sources.

50. AT&T Broadband - The Birth Of Cable Internet Service.

Desc: Short history of AT&T's venture into the cable internet marketplace. Includes information on mergers with TCI, MediaOne and Comcast that made this possible, and the history of MediaOne's Road Runner, the first cable-delivered internet access system.

51. AT T Human Resource Management Practices.

Desc: This 13-page graduate paper discusses AT&T human resource management practices. Executives worldwide are concerned with the effectiveness and value of the human resource (HR) function. Whether a company is streamlining HR processes, redefining the relationship between human resources and the line, or defining new competencies for HR professionals, one fact is perfectly clear. The role of the human resource function is dramatically changing. Many drivers have led to the reinvention of human resources, including cost pressures, increased attention to customer satisfaction, emphasis on well-being, productivity, and commitment of the employee, and using people and organizations as a source of competitive advantage. 18 pgs. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

52. AT T' Business Ethics.

Desc: This paper on management ethics outlines AT&T's ethical base and mission to prove its ethical worth as a company. 8-pages, bibliography lists 3 sources.

53. ATI and the Success Story.

Desc: This paper discusses ATI and the success that it has generated around the world. The product base is discussed as well as it's marketing strategy that has propelled it to the pinnacle it has reached. Competitors are also looked at to address ATI's ability to lead the technology field. 6 pgs. 6 f/c. 6b.

54. Abegenix and the XenoMouse

Desc: This paper analyzes the case from Harvard called "Abegenix and the XenoMouse" about how the Abegenix company must decide what to do about developing a product to eliminate cancer from a patent it owns, whether to develop the product itself, partner with a company and share in the expenses as well as the profits, or license the technology and take a royalty.

55. Abercrombie and Fitch.

Desc: This seven-page senior paper focuses on the history and success of the famous clothing company, Abercrombie and Fitch. The company has been in business for more than a century now specializing in sportswear. 7 pgs. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

56. Abilities Testing in Employment Selection

Desc: This paper shall describe and examine a series of abilities test used to evaluate potential employees during the selection process. Included among the tests described will be mental ability tests, mechanical ability tests (such as the Bennet Mechanical Test), as well as a discussion of the legal ramifications associated with selection testing. Additionally, the Wonderlic Test will be presented as the superior of the tests listed, with its overwhelming benefits aptly discussed.

57. Absha Oil Gas Company : Performance Management Plan.

Desc: This fifteen-page paper is on the performance management plan of the Absha Oil & Gas Company. Performance management and performance appraisals are one of the most complex activities testing interpersonal skills at the very least. This six and a half-page Masters paper discusses the Performance Management Plan at the Absha Oil & Gas Company. 15-pages, bibliography lists 8 sources.

58. Accommodations for Psychiatric Disabilities

Desc: The Americans with Disabilities Act has been a substantial boon to those with physical disabilities - who can now ask employers to do such things as install ramps for wheelchairs and make office equipment accessible to people who are deaf or have limited vision - so long as these accommodations are "reasonable". What constitutes such a standard of reasonableness has, as one might expect, been a matter of much debate, some civil, some informal, some taking place within courtrooms. Employers have tended to argue that many of the accommodations requested by those arguing for disability rights are not reasonable because of the financial cost involved while those who advocate making workplaces accessible argue that not only is it the right thing to do but that employers will benefit in the end because they will gain the expertise - and loyalty - of qualified workers (Rogers etal., 1997).

59. AccountPro and MYOB: A Comparison and Contrast.

Desc: This five-page undergraduate paper is a report for the president of Dogwash of a comparison and contrast study of MYOB and AccountPro. There is very little comparison between the systems. AccountPro is recommended for many reasons. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

60. Accountability and Social Responsibility in Business.

Desc: This paper presents cases through which it is clear that there is a need for accountability within business as well as a focus on social issues. Cases that are used are the Tylenol tampering incident at Johnson & Johnson and the incident with Nestl¨¦'s baby food products in Africa. Both of these cases present an excellent means of examining the need for accountability and social responsibility in business as they occurred during the 1980s and the impact of these incidents on the companies in question is therefore already fully realized.

61. Accounting And Real Estate.

Desc: This six-page paper is on real estate and accounting. An article has been take, and summarized. The article is called "Real Estate Financial Reporting Issues in the Enron Aftermath", which first appeared in the New York Real Estate Journal. The article is by David F. Stringfield and James L. Koster II. 6-pages, no bibliography.

62. Accounting Systems.

Desc: This paper presents a dissension on the relevancy of agrarian based accounting software and it's relevancy in the e-commerce age. 9-pages, bibliography lists 2 sources.

63. Accounting Issues in the Present and Future

Desc: This is an 8-page paper that analyzes three companies pertaining to accounting issues namely WorldCom, Enron and Adelphia.

64. Accounting Profits and Economic Profits.

Desc: This paper is written for a microeconomics class. It compares and contrasts accounting profits with economic profits and analyzes how the economist's view profits using both concepts.

65. Accounting Software Packages.

Desc: This is a 5-page paper that covers a hypothetical situation of a company that researches the accounting software products in the market and implements one that is most beneficial for its productivity. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

66. Accounting and Finance Management.

Desc: This paper is a review of subjects in several articles on accounting and financial management, considering the effect that public information released by corporations and accounting firms has on stock prices.

67. Accounting and Financial Management.

Desc: This paper examines the profession of accounting and that of financial management and the different issues both address, as shown primarily by the book "Fundamentals of Financial Management" by Eugene F. Brigham.

68. Accounting for Decision Making

Desc: This paper analyzes a case study of Creative Consumer Consultants, Ltd. (CCC) in terms of cost allocation methods used to account for non-traceable costs both fixed and not, suggesting what would happen if the current allocation system based on total billings, with a new system allocating the costs evenly and showing how this would depress the earnings of most offices.

69. Accounting- Audit Softwares and customized SAP R/3.

Desc: This sixty-page graduate paper discusses how since the introduction of SAP R/3, internal audit departments of many large organizations around the world have struggled to gain an understanding of the impact that such an all-encompassing system is having on their organizations. 60 pgs. bibliography lists 23 sources.

70. Accounting: The Differences Between Financial And Management Accounts. It Is Not Just A Question Of Legality.

Desc: Perhaps one of the most prominent discussions involving accounting has to do with the differences between financial and management accounts. Some regard these differences to be a question of legality. Companies are required by law to submit financial statements based on certain requirements. On the other hand, management accounting can be structured to suit the needs of the company. However, the fact that firms can structure their management accounting statements according to their needs might lead one to suggest that major differences between these two systems relate to practicality. With this in mind, it is hypothesised that while legal issues are important for determining the differences between financial and management accounting they are not the only considerations, one must also consider the extent to which practical considerations contribute to the development of these differences. 5 pgs. 10 f/c. 3b.

71. Accounts Receivables In Non-Profit Setting.

Desc: This nine-page graduate paper discusses accounts receivables in non-profit setting. The paper is based pertaining to finance class at an MBA level. The paper discusses the affect of account receivables on cash flows, collections etc. 9 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

72. Acme Paper Clip Company.

Desc: This is a 5-page planning paper of the human resources department of acme paper clip company. It contains 3 references. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

73. Action Learning: An Analysis.

Desc: This seven-page graduate-level paper examines achieving change in a company using action learning principles as a means to achieve that change. The paper presents a theoretical discussion of AL, a detailed methodology for instituting change based on the literature, and a proposed process to implement the change. 7 pgs. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

74. Action Program-Distribution.

Desc: This junior level paper describes the distribution strategy and the promotional techniques of the Urban Outfitter's retail chain of stores.

75. Activity Based Costing of Various Organizations

Desc: This is a 6-page paper that analyzes and argues that activity based costing is most appropriate for assigning costs to products for all types of organizations.

76. Activity-Based Costing: An Analysis of Service Industry Applications.

Desc: This ten-page undergraduate paper examines Activity-Based Costing in the service industry and discusses how the service industry uses ABC to improve profits and competitiveness. In the process, the author explains the benefits of Activity-Based Costing.

77. Acurain.

Desc: Modesto is a town with a long history of irrigation use. In fact, it is probably one of the most experienced in the US. This points to strong brand loyalties and high barriers to entry. However, the population of Modesto is young and growing quickly. Many newcomers will be making their first sprinkler purchases and therefore be potential targets for a successful marketing campaign. The statistics indicate that the 20-44 age group is the largest market segment, followed by those under 15, those aged 45-64 and finally 65+. While Modesto is increasingly popular for young families, it is also a hotspot for retirees. This opens the door to several market segments. 12 pgs. No bibliography provided.

78. Adaptability as an Emotional Competence

Desc: Individual employees experience difficulties in keeping pace with the organizational restructuring or improvement processes. A key challenge for an individual during organizational changes is not only to reaffirm capability to learn new skills but also to develop and maintain an attitude to tackle new ways of doing things. Organization experts believe that the self is the key in determining the reaction of individual employees to the changing organizational landscape.

79. Adaptation for Effective Leadership

Desc: There are two schools of thought that effective leadership is adapting one's leadership style to fit the situation and that one must adapt the situation to fit the leadership style. The question then arises, which is correct? Should a leader be so flexible as to change his or her style on the fly? Is that even possible? Should the leader try to change the situation to best fit his or her personal leadership style? Is this possible? Perhaps, in the end, is a combination of both, dependent on the situation at hand.

80. Addressing Business Ethics in Terms of Social Issues.

Desc: This paper addresses a fictional business, R. B. Toys Inc., and potential business opportunities into Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and the ethics questions that this expansion entails.

81. Addressing Business Law: Its Principles and the Field of Biotechnology.

Desc: This paper addresses the topic of business law and why a knowledge of business law is essential in working in the modern business environment. This paper serves as an applied knowledge paper, indicating that the paper shall first address business law in the workplace and then provide a case study focusing on why it is essential to incorporate an understanding of business law into business strategies. This paper also refers to the source "Business Law" (11th Edition) by Mallor (2000). The second half of this paper demonstrates exactly why business law is essential in industry through investigating the issue of property ownership, intellectual property, and patents in the biotechnology industry. A court case involving Amgen Inc. and Transkaryotiuc Therapies, Inc. (TKT) is used to clarify the issue. 8-pages, bibliography lists 2 sources.

82. Addressing Issues Strategically.

Desc: This three-page undergraduate paper discusses the next step after the Mission Statement, addressing issues strategically. SWOT Analysis is discussed and used, along with effective vision. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 1 source.

83. Addressing Southwest Airlines According to Matrix Strategies:

Desc: This paper addresses the company of Southwest Airlines in terms of the effectiveness of the company's various strengths and weaknesses. A series of matrixes are used. 13 pgs. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

84. Addressing Three Advertisements In Terms of Effective Marketing Strategies.

Desc: This paper provides a detailed description of three hard- copy advertisements and a justification of which of these ads is the "best" ad. While this paper is an evaluative argument and therefore does not require additional support from outside sources, the writer is asked to justify which of the three advertisements is considered the most effective ad in terms of capturing the attention of the consumer and effectively directing this attention towards the product. Various additional factors, such as the purpose of the product and the relevance of the advertisement, are also of note. 5 pgs. bibliography lists 2 sources.

85. Addressing a Transitional Move via Company Human Resource Options.

Desc: This paper provides a consultant strategy assessment for the relocation of the Chemco plant (fictional) which requires massive restructuring in the human resources department, primarily in retaining existing employees and in addressing training for an under- qualified new labor pool.

86. Addressing the Business Strategies in a Fictional Company: A Report to the Members Board at Farmers' United.

Desc: This paper provides a summary of a plant management report for a fictional company. This company, Farmers' United, is a U.S.- based firm that manufactures and distributes machinery that conforms to the standards needed for growing organic produce in terms of low exhaust, minimal fuel consumption, and low- impact on the land. The use of these machines has become extremely frequent in the organic farms in Europe, and has required Farmers' United work to re- assess their business and marketing strategies. The writer of this paper is a new business manager for Farmers' United, who has been asked to enter the company and review the existing operational procedures for the company. The focus on this assessment is on the technical, operational, and commercial aspects of the plant in respect to shipping and deliveries. 9 pgs, bibliography lists 3 sources.

87. Advantages Of Activity Based Costing In Near Beer Company.

Desc: This three-page paper is on the advantages of an implementing activity based costing in a beer manufacturing concern. It is in MLA format, and has 2 sources. 3-pages, bibliography lists 2 sources.

88. Advantages Of Rewarding Workers For Accident Free Worksite, Greatly Outweighs The Disadvantages.

Desc: This paper explores the question of whether reward-based health and safety programs for workers are effective or not.

89. Advantages of the Home/Mobile Worker

Desc: This paper presents the many advantages mobile workers have over the traditional "central office" model. It discusses the many industries that have already adopted this model and the new technology that has facilitated the development of mobile offices and fully mobile workers, particularly in the finance and IT sectors. It mentions the benefits mobility has for the worker, such as personal freedom, industry/knowledge relevance, and schedule flexibility. If the mobile worker's productivity can be effectively managed by the use of communication devices and an organizational culture of accountability, the mobile worker can be just as effective at his or her job as the traditional office employee.

90. Advertising Campaign

Desc: This paper considers the elements of an advertising campaign and cites three, strategy, creativity, and craftsmanship, noting that these elements go together to form the advertising message in the medium selected, noting that the main goal of advertising is to motivate or persuade people to buy a particular product or service, with the message delivered by any one of a number of possible media.

91. Advertising and Ethics

Desc: Ethics of advertising intends to ensure that advertisers and consumers co-exist without being harmed by the messages of advertisements. Ethical advertising provides as much truth as possible without undermining the autonomy of consumers to reflect critically upon their desires and interests. Unethical advertising, by contrast, deceives consumers by concealing significant facts about a product or service being advertised. Legal framework ensures that advertisers do not deceive consumers by conveying deceptive messages. Legal actions against unethical messages, however, are corrective rather than punitive. APA Format.

92. Advertising For Freebies.

Desc: This three-page paper presents a detailed discussion about Internet for profit companies who offer to provide universities with free Internet service and web sites in exchange for the right to place advertisements on the sites. The author believes it should be an allowable situation but with cautions and restraints. 3 pgs. No sources/ Bibliography listed.

93. Advertising Versus Publicity in Public Relations.

Desc: This paper will seek to understand the differences between the advertising aspect of Public Relations, and the publicity aspect of the PR world. By understanding the differences we can see how both serve specific function in PR

94. Advertising Vs. Publicity in Public Relations.

Desc: This paper will seek to understand the differences between the advertising aspect of Public Relations, and the publicity aspect of the PR world. By understanding the differences we can see how both serve specific function in PR.

95. Advertising and Children in Europe: Investigating the Issues.

Desc: This paper explores advertising towards children in Europe and demonstrates that the predominant trend in advertising for children between the ages of birth to twelve years of age is directed towards promoting maturity - namely maturity beyond that expected of the target age group - and consumption of junk foods.

96. Advertising and E-mail Marketing

Desc: The following paper will explore ethical and legislative actions considered in the use of e-mail for advertising, as they relate to "SPAM". Details include what motivates advertisers to use unethical and dishonest advertising tactics (SPAM). The paper also will explore a view of the artistic requirements and qualities of on-line vs. print and TV advertising. The benefits and disadvantages of each will be considered, and how they may complement each other in an integrated marketing campaign.

97. Advertising and the Social Construction of Beauty.

Desc: Summary: This paper discusses advertising and beauty. Without doubt, advertising in our society today is very much connected to the social construction of beauty. This is clear when we observe how women are exploited for the sake of selling products. There are certain stereotypical portrayals of women in advertisements that make the sexism and social construction of beauty in our society transparently clear. These ads are designed to sell products -- as well as to send certain values to the culture.

98. Advertising in the American Society.

Desc: This three-page paper is written at sophomore level. It contains an analysis of how advertising in the American society is more so based on sex appeal of women than what the product actually caters too.

99. Advertising on the Internet.

Desc: Internet advertising has unwisely been used as a business model for a great number of companies. While it holds great promise and serves as a useful adjunct to a solid business plan, it is not a stand-alone revenue model. Most companies have realized this the hard way (through bankruptcy), but some companies got the message early enough to diversify their revenue streams before it was too late. For advertisers, Internet advertising offers a very unique and interactive way to focus and sell to a very defined target group. For consumers, Internet advertising can be useful because it facilitates transactions and makes shopping easy. For those using it as a 'raison d'etre' for business, however, the benefits are not enough to create solid and sustainable businesses. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

100. Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967.

Desc: America, the concepts upon which it is founded, and American business seem, at times, to be very different, independently sovereign nations. The general America is a land of democratic freedom built upon ideals of equality, opportunity, freedom, and independence. American business, on the other hand, is a land of dictatorships, persecution, exclusion, intolerance, crime, discrimination, ruthlessness, manipulation, and hate. In order to reconcile these two very different structures that exist side by side in the American psyche, our government over time has enacted laws that are intended to contain, regulate, and control business. But, businesses are what provide politicians with the bulk of their campaign finances, and as such are not to be trifled with. So, rather than taking on businesses by themselves, politicians band together to present a unified front and, when the find that there are differences between the American ideal and the reality of American business, they enact laws to address that problem. One such act, among many, is the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967. This act, like all others that restrict business' ability to do whatever it wants, has met with stiff resistance from that front. Essentially, the law makes illegal the firing, denial of employment or benefits to any person solely upon the basis of their age. It is the purpose of this paper to explore this Act and to examine it from its inception, application, effect, and the court cases / decisions surrounding it.

101. Age Discrimination.

Desc: This paper looks at age discrimination in the workplace today. This paper will identify the reasons for this type of discrimination as well as some of the choices available for older Americans today. This paper will also uncover some of the ways in which discrimination can be stopped and ways older Americans can keep theirs skills updated. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

102. Aggregate Planning and Just in Time Systems.

Desc: "Aggregate Planning and Just in Time Systems" The following is a sample memo written to an immediate supervisor named Rhoda Waters. Rhoda has raised the possibility of switching from a chase demand strategy to a level-capacity strategy for aggregate planning. The memo will delineate the merits of one versus the other. The second part of the paper is a sample memo to Yvonne Williams. Yvonne Williams is as the new boss at the company for which I work. She is very anxious to use her training in the concept of 'Just in Time Systems.' She has proposed implementing such a system in my operation. In keeping the 'Just in Time' idea, Yvonne suggests that rather than preventive maintenance, I concentrate on Just in Time Repairs. Write a short memo explaining why having a good preventive maintenance program in place is necessary prior to implementing a Just in Time system.

103. Agricultural and Industrial Capitalism.

Desc: This essay will explore how agricultural capitalism is fundamentally different from industrial capitalism. At the same time, it is important to understand the dominance of industrial capitalism on forming many of the economic models in the 19th and 20th century, which brought agricultural capitalism much closer to the mass production/commodity based operation of industrial capitalism.

104. Air Conditioning

Desc: This paper examines the air conditioning market, the role of carrier, and the international market today.

105. Airline Marketing Strategies in the Current Economy

Desc: This paper considers a new marketing stratgy for Delta Air Lines.

106. Airline Safety

Desc: The purpose of this research is to determine if the security procedures that have been put into place in airports/airline industry since 9/11 have increased confidence in air travel among business travelers. This research thus provides a highly focused way to examine the question of how we as a society have changed in response to the attacks and whether the sort of response that we have been able to develop has been sufficient to allay fears - and to create what is in fact a safer society.

107. Alcoholism in the Workplace.

Desc: This paper is an exploration of the role that the manager and employer plays in dealing with alcoholism in the work place. It outlines the range of employer responsibilities. It concludes that the employer is responsible for providing treatment options but that the employee is ultimately responsible for success. Outline included free. 8 pgs. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

108. Alfred Chandler: Institutionalized Rise In Big Businesses.

Desc: This five-page undergraduate paper discusses the "Institutional theory" of Alfred Chandler, a Harvard Professor. Chandler has studied the past trends in the history of American business and the reasons why most big businesses collapsed after due to mergers and acquisition before 1980s. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

109. Alternatives Abound.

Desc: This five-page paper presents an in-depth look at the rising costs of health insurance and how employers are handling the additional cost. Employees search for positions that provide optimum coverage for their families. The author takes us on a journey though some of the alternatives to old style insurance that employers are beginning to offer. There were four sources used to complete this paper. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

110. Amazon: The Leading Online Bookstore: Complete Marketing Analysis.

Desc: This ten-page undergraduate paper provides an insight to the web sites of Amazon in comparison with the site of Barnes And Nobles. The facts and figures to distinguish have been taken from various newspapers, which prove that both the companies stand as strong competitors against each other. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

111. American Greetings/Byte

Desc: This paper analyzes two business cases, the first about the American Greetings Card company and considering the nature of competition in a specialized marekt that is also shrinking even as the company tries to grow; and the second on Bytes Inc., a company producitng computer parts that needs to expand and that faces an issue of deciding between strict legality and the full disclosure that would indicate a sense of corporate responsibility.

112. American Steel: Variables on Domestic and International trade Agreements.

Desc: This paper will discuss an American product, and see how it is affected on a regional level, as well as the international level. By discovering the various trade agreements behind this resource, we can understand how it affects the world market.

113. American and European Cars in Japanese Market

Desc: This paper analyzes the sale of European and Japanese automobiles in the Japanese market, at a time when the Japanese have been losing control of their own domestic car market even as they have been exporting jobs to the United States and elsewhere by buying those factories to produce their cars for foreign sales, and following agremeents with the U.S. government to open its markets.

114. Americans With Disabilities Act.

Desc: This is a 12-page paper in APA style that completely and descriptively studies the ADA and outlines the effects it has on management. 12 pgs. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

115. Amtrak Financial Crisis

Desc: For decades, Amtrak has had financial challenges. In fact, Unions, in 1970, were so skeptical of Congress' structuring of Amtrak that they demanded large severance packages, some to the tune of six years of full wages and benefits should service be discontinued, before coming onboard. (Scherer 3) They saw it as a losing proposition, with expensive infrastructures to develop and maintain and fierce competition from other transportation methods, how could such a venture be successful? Apparently, those union officials were not completely unfounded, more than thirty years ago. Since that time, without increasing amounts of government funding, Amtrak would have ceased to exist a long time ago.

116. An analysis of the competitive position of Nike in the footwear industry.

Desc: Nike, Inc. is a company rooted in competition. From equipping athletes with the finest sports equipment in the world to continuously improving our own financial performance, Nike dominates its competitors. Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman probably could not have imagined in 1962 to what degree their $500 investments would yield in 2000. They did know that product quality and innovation would help athletes to achieve greater goals. Nike still operates on this philosophy today. It is one that has helped athletes and stakeholders alike to realize athletic and financial greatness. Despite a changing marketplace for athletic footwear, we will continue to expand our product lines and marketing reach to become a more powerful global brand.

117. An Analysis on Teaching Ethics in the Modern Business World

Desc: This paper will discuss the role of ethics in the modern business world. By understanding Platonic aspects of the greater good, we can understand how modern corruption in America has become a massive problem in law today. As many Americans attain greater wealth in world markets some, such as Martha Stewart, do not escape corruption that they gain from illegal activities.

118. An Applied Knowledge Paper for Business Management in a Manufacturing Facility.

Desc: Business management in a manufacturing facility is similar to existing management strategies in other companies, but there are additional concerns that must be noted in order to promote the welfare of a manufacturing facility over standard commercial enterprises. This paper functions as an applied knowledge paper that provides a concise look at business management strategies in general, as well as those that can be specifically tailored to a manufacturing facility. 8-pages, bibliography lists 2 sources.

119. An Argument against the Corporate Patenting of Life Forms.

Desc: This paper explains that the corporate patenting of life forms is not only unethical, but that is not very practical, in legal or other business-oriented terms. In fact, a most interesting aspect of preparing this paper has been finding strong opposition to the patenting of life-forms that is expressed by widely different sources of opinion. This development is opposed on different grounds that range from the practical and the profit-minded, to the ethical and religious.

120. An Argument for the Mirror Affect in Advertising

Desc: This paper will discuss the article The Language of Advertising by Charles O'Neill and seek to understand his opinions on popular trends in the American lifestyle. By arguing for the easily susceptible mindset of Americans to accept Ads, as well as to mindlessly like them, we can learn that economic and historical features play into this mindset. This paper will analyze the O'Neill article in this manner.

121. An Assessment of Basic Global Distribution Systems: Development of Synergies Between Hotels and Hospitality Partners

Desc: This paper briefly identifies and describes the impact global distribution systems have in regards to helping improve these synergistic relationships. In the context of this paper, the term global distribution systems refer to the communications developed between the hotel and the hospitality partner. Due to the impact networked communications have upon the hotel industry, the focus of is on digital communications facilitated through a networked medium, such as the Internet or data communications. A case study of popular Internet service provider is used to illustrate the impact of the synergistic relationship.

122. An Effective Meeting

Desc: This five-page undergraduate paper describes the stages of a fundamental meeting and gives a framework of steps of an effective meeting.

123. An Essay on Effective Management

Desc: This essay will discuss how psychology plays into the scope of management in today's world. By understanding the methods of psychological approach in making decisions, monitoring the environment, planning systems, monitoring performance, and technology and design of work process of organization and design, we can see how they are needed on the job, and can help a great deal. With all of these objectives in mind, we can learn how the modern manager can create a sense of stability in the psychological process in the workplace. With these tools at hand, it is obvious, that if applied properly, they can make a managerial performance rate higher by good leadership. In a concise explanation of the principles that are mentioned here, we can examine how they can function for the manager who can be a good representation of quality development for his workers, and for the business environment as a whole.

124. An Ethical Analysis of Pepsi's Burma Connection .

Desc: The case of PepsiCo's investment in Burma represents a particularly profitable subject for ethical case analysis given that the process which led to the resolution of the problem was not clear and orderly, but was rather one of fits and starts, with very human hesitations and compromises, before an final outcome was agreed upon. The moral issue facing PepsiCo was whether or not to divest its interests in Burma. PepsiCo had three alternative actions: to do nothing and retain its interests in Burma; to publicly sell its interests while covertly maintaining a financial interest in Burma; to completely sell its interests in Burma. PepsiCo attempted to take all three routes. 5 pgs. 0 f/c. 1b.

125. An Evaluation of the Campus Recruiting Process at Proctor & Gamble

Desc: This is an evaluation of an on-campus recruiting program developed by Proctor and Gamble. The process involves most of the important steps required when companies engage in the hiring process, however, some are missed and those could be incorporated into the process should changes be required. On the other hand, more research is required on the current level of attrition.

126. An Examination of the Major Theories of Decision-Making.

Desc: This paper provides an examination of the modern theories of decision- making. In this paper, the term decision-making refers to the process of achieving a desired outcome or outcomes through a group, rather than through the motions of an individual or a group. The implication of an analysis of group decision- making process is therefore extremely useful in respect to business strategies and social dynamics. This paper examines the decision- making process through addressing the origins and history of decision- making, as well as three specific examples of decision- making. 11 pgs. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

127. An Introduction of American Management Styles to Japanese Managers.

Desc: The purpose of this research is to introduce American management styles for hiring, training, performance evaluation, and promotions to Japanese managers to reduce labor costs and increase productivity in business and industry. 50 pgs. 35 f/c. 17b.

128. An Investigation into Sexual Harassment in the Work Place.

Desc: This twelve-page junior level paper is An Investigation into Sexual harassment in the Work place. 12 pgs. Bibliography lists 49 sources.

129. An Issue Within E-Commerce In Relation To Strategic Planning For Management Information Systems.

Desc: This is a 6-page paper in APA style that analyzes an issue in e commerce management and explaining the significant on business development with some recommendations. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

130. An Office Romance - Case #40

Desc: This paper shall analyze the case study, An Office Romance. In it the facts, issues, actors and analysis will be given. Several discussion questions are answered regarding the situation of a division manager's affair with a co-worker that is disrupting the office, and a final recommendation will be given, regarding this dilemma. The situation is compounded by the fact that one of the actors is now declining in performance while the other, that is the subject of potential favoritism, is performing at exceptional levels.

131. An executive summary for a recycling company.

Desc: In this summary there will be the articles of the company that will be processed in this overall view.

132. Analysis of a Microsoft Office Advertisement

Desc: This paper is a brief analysis of an advertisement placed in PC World for Microsoft Office. The advertisement ran in the February 2004 issue of the magazine and is particularly telling. The advertisement will be discussed in regard to demographics, culture, and the concepts of ethos, pathos, logos, and mythos (to varying degrees). Also, the psychographics of the ad will be considered.

133. Analysis Of America's Top Banks For Investors.

Desc: Evaluates a list of top 35 US banks, recommends top 3 banks for investors. Gives a brief history of bank assets, company structure, etc. Lists reasons for a possible merger between Fifth Third bank and one of the top 3 banks (Citicorp, Bank One, and Deutsche Bank/Taunus Corp.).

134. Analysis for Past 3 Years of a Company -- Should It Get a Loan

Desc: Summary: This paper is on the topic of deciding whether a company should get a loan. Different types of information are considered including the amount of cash flow.

135. Analysis of Accounting Cases.

Desc: This is an 8-page paper analyzing accounting cases. It has no sources except for the cases.

136. Analysis of Coca-Cola North America, Cadbury Schweppes Plc and PepsiCo

Desc: Report 1.0 Company Profile Coca-Cola North America is a division of the Coca-Cola Company, and makes us about a third of its business. It runs the Coca-Cola business in the US and Canada, selling soda, juice and water. Among its 25 brands are Coca-Cola, Barq's root beer, Dasani, Evian, Minute Maid, Simply Orange, and Sprite (Hoovers). Coca-Cola North America uses 80 bottling company to distribute its products, including Coca-Cola Enterprises.

137. Analysis of Economic Hardships for Delta Airlines.

Desc: This paper will discuss the social and business implications against the job cuts that are presently occurring in Delta Airlines. By using the social ramifications of 9/1 to illustrate this economic hardship we can see how the United States government bails out this troubled airline.

138. Analysis of Exide Technologies Ethical Statement

Desc: Ethical statements have become commonplace in today's world. As the general public becomes ever more sceptical of the ability of corporations to operate in an ethical manner, these statements often serve to reassure a wary public. In fact, "A Gallup Poll conducted last year found that an astonishing 90 percent of Americans said corporate leaders could not be trusted to look after their employees, and 43 percent said senior executives were in it only for themselves." (Schramm, 2003) As such it is important to discuss if these statements are successful in accomplishing their goals, what would occur if they were not followed, and how they possibly can be improved. In particular, this paper will discuss these aspects of Exide Technologies' Code of Ethics statement.

139. Analysis of Expenditures in the New Millennium.

Desc: This paper will seek to understand the basis of expenditures in the new millennium, as applies to current theories that arise in the Grounded Theory. By assessing the information process that will validate these theories, we can see how they will tell us why current expenditures in the economy are at an all time low. By learning the certain methods of research to understand this process, some of the elements of Grounded Theory are applicable to the research models in finding expenditures.

140. Analysis of Ford Motor Company

Desc: Report 1.0 Company Profile Ford Motor Company was the first company to ever mass produce cars. Today it is the number 2 producer of cars in the world, as well as the number 1 producer of pickup trucks. Ford produces a wide range of brands, including Aston Martin, Ford, Jaguar, Lincoln, Mercury, and Volvo. ("Ford Motor Company.") Ford also owns Hertz, the biggest car rental company in the world, as well as a big slice of Mazda - 33% - which is sufficient to control the company, and also a division of BMW.

141. Analysis of NBC's Boomtown.

Desc: Summary: This analytical paper examines the business, marketing, creation, and success of the Dreamworks SKG produced, NBC-aired, Boomtown. It examines the status of the industry, the success history of the show, the production crew, and the overall projections for the show over the near future.

142. Analysis of Three Advertisements.

Desc: The three advertisements to be discussed in this essay - "Make every day delicious - Fancy Feast"; "Taste That Goes Right To Your Bones - Tropicana"; "Now you can get even closer to Nature - Nature's Gate Organics" - provide excellent examples of how print media advertisements make use of fallacious reasoning in promoting products to consumers. Central to this analysis will be Gilbert's theory of Multi-Modal Argumentation which allows us to appreciate how arguments can function on not only the level of logic, but also that of emotion, physicality, and intuition (Gilbert, p.3). In the process of analysis, each advertisement will be broken down into its component arguments that will be subject to the analysis outlined above. 8 pgs, bibliography lists 2 sources.

143. Analysis of the Marriot case

Desc: This paper presents a study of the Marriott Corporaton case from Harvard.

144. Analyze a Case: Palm Economy.

Desc: This paper analyzes a case concerning Palm Pilot PDAs.

145. Analyzing a Supervisor: Strengths and Weaknesses in Organizational Skills

Desc: This paper will seek to understand a particular supervisor who had instructed students on how to manage a business. In this way, we can see how morale, the competitive edge, and high production were the main factors that contributed to the success of this supervisor. Although some minor failures did occur, the majority of this supervisor's leadership was effective.

146. Anheuser-Busch International.

Desc: This is a 11-page paper that analyzes Anheuser-Busch International in the Chinese market. It uses 7 sources in APA format. 11 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

147. Annotated Bibliography: Sexual Harassment and Power in the Workplace

Desc: This paper will give an annotated bibliograph for sexual harassment and power in the workplace. By evaluating the books: Sexual Harassment Know Your Rights! By Attorneys Martin Eskenazi; Tales from the Boom Boom Room by Susan Antilla, and Sexual Harassment A Practical Guide to the Law, Your Rights, and Your Options for Taking Action by Tracy O'Shea and Jane LaLonde, we can understand legal and emotional support for sexually harassed women.

148. Answers To Two Questions.

Desc: Question 1 - What is strategic intent? In what ways does strategic intent influence the strategic decision making process? Question 2 - Job design concerns the satisfaction of the jobholder's needs, thus facilitates the achievement of organization objectives and the performance of the work. Evaluate the job design strategies in current use. 7 pgs. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

149. Answers to Exam Questions

Desc: This paper answers a series of questions about the bond and securities market in Ireland.

150. Answers to Questions in An analysis of Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy J. Paul Peter and Jerry C. Olson, 6th edition.

Desc: An analysis of Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy by J. Paul Peter and Jerry C. Olson, 6th edition. Three articles are analyzed within the criterion of questions posed at their endings. By understanding the points made in the articles, we can learn how the author's view business.

151. Antarctica -Product Innovation.

Desc: This is a 10-page paper that surveys the needs of cycling individual in Antarctica and outlines how products innovation strategy could be devised focusing on textile products. 10pgs, bibliography lists 4 sources.

152. Anti-Trust Legislation in Cyberspace.

Desc: This paper examines the relevance of traditional anti-trust legislation in the wake of the Information Revolution. It begins by examining the Microsoft case as an apparent illustration of the validity of anti-trust legislation. However, it then examines changes in corporate structure and operation that undermine traditional models of anti-trust legislation. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

153. Antitrust.

Desc: This paper analyzes Justice Department actions in the First Hawaiian Bank merger case (1990).

154. Apache Case Study

Desc: The way in which one answers this question is intimately related to the way in which one conceptualizes the nature of competition itself. This might seem to be simply a Jesuitical quibble, a question of fancy-shmancy semantics, but it is not. A number of different models of competition are usually encapsulated within the common references to competition, but these models are in fact not entirely compatible with each other.

155. Apache Overview

Desc: Apache Oil current economic position is moderately healthy because while it is a relatively well organized company it is also subject to a high degree of economic and political "turbulence" simply by virtue of being in the energy industry. Given its current strengths and weaknesses and how the latter are likely to increase in an increasingly politically and economically contentious globalized system, the company might want to consider revising its management strategy to decrease the percentage of its resources that are dedicated to areas of the market in which there is both turbulence and a high degree of competition.

156. Appearance and Job Placement.

Desc: This paper examines the role of physical appearance in job placement. Attractive physical appearance is seen as linked to productivity in some industries with high customer contact. But generally, most employers use it subjectively for candidate selection without linking it to skill sets. Candidates also share this subjective expectation of employers especially when job competition is unpredictable.

157. Apple Computer 2002 Case.

Desc: This paper answers a series of questiosn with refernece to the Apple Computer Case 2002 concerning the cmputer industry, apple's markets, problems facing the company, and the future.

158. Apple Computers Financials

Desc: This paper presents data on the current state of the business of apple Computers, including revenues, expenses, stock information, ratios, and projections of business into the future, noting how the company has revived itself from a low in the early 1990s and how the digital music area of the business has been doing particularly well, as has a new operating system.

159. Apple Forecast

Desc: This paper considers the strength of Apple stock and whether it would make a good purchase based on a forecast for the next 50 yeas or so, noting that Apple's strengths include its marketing techniques and its dedication to innovation through research and development, and the company should do well over the next decade or so, but that forecasting beyond that is risky because of the speed with which computer products change and the tastes of consumers change with respect to the computer market.

160. Apple the Growth and the Downfall.

Desc: This is a paper that discusses the growth of Apple Computer and the reasons behind its progress. It then examines the reasons that the company fell from its zenith and became a small player in the field of technology. Apple blew its technological lead due to its blundering top management. These blunders were the result of the managers' arrogance, egos, and greed. 2 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

161. Application Case of Rapid Product Development

Desc: This paper analyzes a case in rapid product development (RPD), for many companies the means to achieve results in a much shorter period of time, and it can also be turned to situations such as the current one, situations in which a company's error can be rectified and a product produced quickly to satisfy a particular need, which in this case is the production of marketing models.

162. Application of Porter's Strategy To The SGP Analysis.

Desc: This paper is a critical analysis of the Paul Stewert Racing Team management strategy, and emphasizes M.E. Porter's critique of SGP analysis in business management. In this paper, the aspects of cognitive, political and cultural processes are evaluated as crucial to business management strategies. 6 pgs. 4 References.

163. Application to medical school

Desc: This is just an application to medical school in Hong Kong. This is just an application to medical school in Hong Kong. This is just an application to medical school in Hong Kong. This is just an application to medical school in Hong Kong. This is just an application to medical school in Hong Kong. This is just an application to medical school in Hong Kong.

164. Applied Analysis Paper.

Desc: This brief discussion focuses on three key concepts in organizational behavior: effective communication, conflict management, and perception and diversity. Each concept is related to a real-life experience and theoretical readings in organizational behavior. 7 pgs. 8 f/c. 6b.

165. Applying Waseda MBA Program (MIS major).

Desc: This sixteen-page MBA level paper describes the business environment in Taiwan and uses a research proposal to conduct a survey on the viability of indulging into new trade practices.

166. Applying the Ideal Gas Formulas

Desc: This is a 2-page paper on several questions applying the ideal gas formula.

167. Approaches to Employment Development.

Desc: The aim of employment development is to assist certain groups and individuals to cope with job markets and changing economic development. This paper explains community economic development and small business development--two contemporary approaches to employment development.

168. Arbitron.

Desc: This paper is on "Arbitron". It includes what do they do? How do they do it? What kind of money is on the line, how much advertising money is spent annually? How much does it cost to do what they do? Do they make a lot of money at it? 4 pgs, bibliography lists 5 sources.

169. Are Japanese Management Techniques Better than Those of the United States

Desc: Globalization means that competition from all corners of the world is the new reality. Companies that a generation ago never heard of each other, now vie for the same customers. Organizations must now compete with others who not only have completely different costs of doing business involved, but whom also employ completely different management techniques.

170. Are You Marketable In The Employment World.

Desc: Are you marketable? Do you have the skills you need to keep up with the new trends in the employment world? What are you goals in becoming more marketable? What are some major trends in terms of skill that public managers need? What competencies will the future public managers need? New skills will be needed. The talented manager will not sit and wait to be asked to learn new skills, but will be preparing for the changes that will be happening in the company. The talented manager will be growing outside of the organization as well as inside the organization by taking classes, seminars, workshops, and other educational programs to keep him/her as a valued member of the company (Nicholson 40). The wise manager will think about ways to improve their skills and to grow with the company. Barbara Moses challenges people to be a Career Activists.

171. Arguments For Or Against The Suggestions That Universal Perfect Competition Represents Capitalism At Its Best , And That Our Economy Should Be Moved As Close As Possible To Perfect Com

Desc: This paper discusses the conditions required for perfect competition. Arguments for or against the suggestions that universal perfect competition represents "Capitalism at its best", and that our economy should be moved as close as possible to perfect competition are discussed. 14.5 pgs. 21 f/c. 6b.

172. Aromatherapy.

Desc: This four-page paper discusses the importance of Aromatherapy and how one can set up a business of aromatic products. The business setup is no different from any other business but the good thing is that this business can be started off with small investment and from the comfort of one's home. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

173. Arrow Electronics Inc.

Desc: This paper analyzes a case from Harvard called Arrow Electronics Inc., a company asked to join an online bulletin board to list its products so customers can find the best price. Some in the company worry that doing so would reduce the company's usual business by giving clients the iea they could go to the listing and find better offers than the company can make.

174. Arrow Thermoplastics Inc.: New Employee Orientation Program.

Desc: In recent years employee orientation programs have taken on a position of importance in most successful organizations. Video tapes, CD-ROMs, and Intranet based employee orientation programs are widely being used to provide new employees with the information they need to have for quick productivity and low turnover. Outlined below are the 20 of the most important things employees want to know when starting a new job, along with other critical elements of an interactive, electronic based new employee orientation program. All of the information provided will facilitate the orientation of new employees. It will be shown that presenting information in CD-ROM format has several advantages. 11 pgs. 5b.

175. Article Summary: Implementing Teamwork into the Corporate Structure.

Desc: This 5-page piece is an article summary with support from four other sources. Written for a group dynamics course, the paper is a summary of an article which studies the new notion of teamwork and how it is being introduced into the corporate structure. As the author of the article shows, introducing teams into traditional corporate culture often requires a re-thinking of traditional values and beliefs and also requires that employees develop skills in group dynamics. In a team-centric organization, the system of rewards and authority is decidedly different. Teamwork is a phenomenon that is likely to remain, and while both organizations and individuals are struggling to make the change, both benefit greatly. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

176. Assessing Future Challenges in the Management of Accommodation

Desc: The Shower Suite is a proposed business suite designed specifically for travelers which need to attend brief meetings lasting no more than 12 hours. The Shower Suite is open to travels for check-in and the travelers can leave at their convenience. This paper is designed to assess the feasibility of the Shower Suite, specifically through addressing the challenges in the accommodations, services, and related economic aspects therein.

177. Assessing Knowledge Management Software in a Global Business.

Desc: Assessing Knowledge Management Software in a Global Business. While there is generally a heavy emphasis on information technology (IT) in the modern workplace, this technology is fundamentally useless unless it is accompanied by an astute application of knowledge management (KM). However, should IT be properly applied through keen use of KM, then it is useful and a company manages to benefit from its introduction. This paper explores this theory through addressing the functionality of both IT and KM in a global business situation via the use of KM software

178. Assessing Nike's Internet Strategies: Investigating Marketing Through A Case Study.

Desc: This paper shall critically assess the business of Nike according to the book "Leadership in Organization (Fifth Edition)". Nike's business strategies shall be investigated according to the marketing article "Nike Deal Strengthens Fogdog's IPO Bid", where Nike's business practices are questionable in respect to its treatment of online sales during the 1999 - 2000 holiday season. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 1 source.

179. Assessing Product Mix in Automobiles: Generic Product Mix at Saturn.

Desc: This paper examines the car company Saturn; a division of General Motors, in order to better assesses the effectiveness of product mix within production strategy.

180. Assessing The Threat Of Small Businesses For NBC Weaponry: Promoting Prevention, Detection, And Social Awareness Through NBC Screening.

Desc: This is a business plan written to a client outlining solutions and suggestions to the client.

181. Assessing Women and the Internet Shopping Forum: The Consumer Demographic in Respect to Women and Packaged Goods.

Desc: This paper assesses the demographic of females in the Internet shopping forum, as well as the marketing strategies that companies use in order to draw and maintain the interest of female shoppers. The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Companies will be used as an example of such strategies. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

182. Assessing the Ground Transportation Industry at Logan Airport, Boston.

Desc: This paper examines the ground transportation industry within Logan Airport in Boston.

183. Assessment of Literature on Resources in a Hotel Management Setting

Desc: This paper provides a comprehensive review of the literature pertaining to management of hotel industries. The focus of the paper is on the comfort of business travelers and the conditions which they wish to encounter within a travel setting. Conditions of comfort are primarily cleanliness, quality of mattress and bedding, and access to facilities both on and off-site.

184. Assignment 3, Question 1: Marshal McLuhan.

Desc: This paper examines McLuhan's "The Medium is the Message". It identifies Harold Innis as an antecedent. And supporting evidence in marketing and other elements of popular culture.

185. Atlanta Retailer: Marketing Analysis.

Desc: This paper focuses on the business of one Atlanta retailer and conducts in-depth marketing analysis to point out weaknesses and strengths. The paper also offers a concrete action plan with clearly defined goals and objectives.

186. Attracting Foreign Direct Investment into Zambia.

Desc: This nine-page "International Business" paper discusses the view of Zambian Trades Ministry regarding how to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Zambia. Several organizations such as IMF and the World Bank must be approached for assistance. Impediments to FDI must be removed through careful consideration. Countertrade will be highly useful for the said purpose of attracting FDI. 9 pgs. Bibliography lists 19 sources.

187. Audio Visual Corporation Case Study

Desc: One of the most common mistakes that company executives make when they acquire new and expensive software or hardware (or both) is that they tend to see the new purchase as a form of divine intervention: Whatever problems the company might have been experiencing before will be magically removed by this new piece of machinery. However, this is of course not true and our hypothetical case study of the Audio Visual Corporation reminds us exactly why this is: Machines are only as smart as the people using them - and only as useful as they are made to be by a company's managers and executives

188. Audit Concerns for e-Commerce

Desc: This paper discusses the auditing function and hte need for security and data integrity when transferring and storing information on computer for the auditor, noting how auditors must be aware of these security issues and help companies develop a security system that will protect data and data integrity, meaning that the information for audit can be trusted and is protected from outside eyes at the same time.

189. Auditing Post-Enron

Desc: This paper discusses how the Enron scandal has affected auditing in the UK, noting that the concerns raised about accounting have been as cogent in the UK as in the United States, and a number of changes have been proposed in the UK to correct past and potential abuses and to assure that an Enron-like scandal does not erupt in the British market by the passage of new regulations.

190. Auditing and Why it Takes Place.

Desc: This three-page paper looks at the idea of auditing and why a company would have its records audited, furthermore the paper looks at why auditing take place and for what reasons.

191. Australian Business Law

Desc: This paper answers several questions about two cases in business law from Australia, the first on wheter a non-designated company representative can contract with another comapny so that the contract will be enforceable, and the second on forming a corporation and viting out a third member of the shareholders without proper notification, in a system governed by the corporations Act.

192. Authentication

Desc: This is a 12-page paper on the different security software's termed as authentication software's.

193. Authentication and Software

Desc: This is a 12-page paper on the different security software's termed as authentication software's.

194. Automobile Industry Today.

Desc: This paper analyzes the automobile industry today and its methods of mareketing domestically and in terms of imports from Germany and Japan, considering surveys of consumer habitrs and needs.

195. Automotive Repair Business.

Desc: This seven-page sophomore level paper discusses the most feasible plan for starting an automotive repair business. The person who wants to enter this business would be faced with some important question such as whether to own the shop or to rent it and how to make a forecast for 10-year operations. The paper also addresses these questions along with some other related matters. 7 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

196. Aviation Marketing.

Desc: This paper shall discuss the four P's of marketing, that is, product, place, price and promotion, and will look into how these marketing fundamentals are applied by an aviation giant, namely United Airlines. APA Format. 8-pages, bibliography lists 7 sources.

197. Azalea Seafood Gumbo Shoppe

Desc: This case study of the Azalea Seafood Gumbo Shoppe asks how the company can increase its revenues dramatically and quickly, considering a variety of alternatives, and noting which will achieve the goal, which are weaknesses, and which involve company strengths, leading to making recommendations that the company needs to expands its reach into supermarkets and eliminate unnecessary products in favour of those with greater appeal.