200 Best Music Research Paper Topics For Students

Music research topics are an excellent opportunity to trace the history of the development of individual genres or entire eras. You can create an essay or research paper with an emphasis on certain stylistic features, or delve deeper into the technical aspects of album making. Also, the research topics in music allow you to learn more about popular composers, musicians, and individual bands. You can find out the history of creating certain songs or finding out the nuances of the breakup of groups.

While music research paper topics seem easy, it still requires a good outline and reliable sources to gather information. The life of many musicians is very busy, so certain topics for music research papers may require a more thorough analysis. For example, you will need to research the biography and all creation stages of famous music industry personalities.

Any research topic about music should be analyzed, and only verified facts added. You should also avoid using emotional coloring and bias. And don't forget about formatting. Any interesting music topics require clear structuring into paragraphs, lists, and subheadings.

By popular genres & styles

Individual styles are especially appreciated in research paper topics on music. You can choose the genre or group that interests you. This will allow you to get additional motivation and focus more on facts. The main challenge in this case is to find authoritative sources.


  1. The impact of rock and roll on the modern music industry.
  2. The basic concepts of creating musical songs.
  3. Rock performers and their popularity in society.
  4. Reasons for the negative attitude towards the rock vocalist.
  5. Rock musicians and problems with the law.
  6. The nuances of alcohol addiction of rock musicians.
  7. The main features of creating rock songs.
  8. Musical agitation as the main motive of rock songs.
  9. The main reasons for making rock songs.
  10. Symbiosis of rock and classical music.
  11. Rock performers and popular musicians.
  12. The analysis of the creative personality on the example of Kurt Cobain.
  13. The modern musical trend in culture.
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  1. Top 10 most popular metal groups.
  2. Why has metal music become so popular?
  3. The mix of traditional music and heavy metal.
  4. Analysis of lyrical constructions of metal performers.
  5. The symbiosis of musical instruments in metal music.
  6. The analysis of seventh chords in the construction of metal songs.
  7. The influence of metal on other genres.
  8. The symbiosis of metal and pop music.
  9. The influence of metal vocalists on American culture.
  10. The symbiosis of genres as the reason for the creation of metal.
  11. The modern icons of the metal scene.
  12. The best metal bands in the last thirty years.
  13. The analysis of the dynamics of the popularity of metal bands.
  14. The modern concerts on the example of metal bands


  1. Female vocalists in pop music.
  2. The reason for the creation of numerous female musical groups.
  3. Pop music as a tuning fork of public morality.
  4. Why is pop music degrading?
  5. How can pop music be used to improve college grades?
  6. The nuances of using pop music in contemporary American culture.
  7. How can pop music be used to improve mood?
  8. The symbiosis of pop music and rap culture.
  9. How does contemporary pop music affect young people?
  10. The study of pop music in the context of the social culture of Harlem.
  11. The classic examples of pop artists.
  12. Madonna: the most popular popes of personalities.
  13. The analysis of the popularity of Britney Spears.
  14. Pop icons of the past decade.
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  1. Hip-hop as the basis of the movement for social equality.
  2. The origins of hip-hop and the reasons for its popularization.
  3. How does hip-hop affect contemporary pop artists?
  4. The analysis of hip-hop performers on the example of the best vocalists of the decade.
  5. How does hip-hop allow athletes to train?
  6. Modern hip-hop and new musical trends.
  7. The symbiosis of hip-hop and metal music.
  8. How does hip-hop motivate people for sporting achievements?
  9. The analysis of hip-hop performers on the example of female vocalists.
  10. Modern hip-hop and its impact on youth.
  11. The main aspects of the integration of hip-hop music in the modern community.
  12. All technical aspects of creating hip-hop music.
  13. The classic approach to the formation of hip-hop motives.
  14. The analysis of the structure of hip-hop songs.
  15. The best hip-hop artists of the last decade.


  1. The stages of the formation of jazz as a separate musical genre.
  2. Why is jazz so popular these days?
  3. The nuances of studying jazz musical combinations.
  4. How Jess influences the structuring of student learning.
  5. The nuances of jazz performers in modern America.
  6. The best American jazz performers.
  7. Jazz as the most structured musical theory.
  8. How can you quickly learn to create jazz compositions?
  9. The influence of jazz on the cultural and political elite of the United States.
  10. Can jazz replace other musical styles?
  11. Jazz fusion as an example of musical prowess.
  12. The technical aspects of creating a pentatonic scale in a jazz style.
  13. The selection of jazz musicians.
  14. The development of jazz in the United States.
  15. The main reasons for the popularization of jazz in modern society.
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  1. Blues and its influence on the development of the music industry.
  2. The symbiosis of blues and jazz.
  3. Can the Blues be compared to classical music?
  4. How do contemporary artists use the Blues in pop music?
  5. Historical context creation of blues compositions.
  6. How does the Blues affect rock music?
  7. Can the Blues help students learn?
  8. How blues musicians are developing in the USA.
  9. Can blues be used as a springboard for classical music production?
  10. The best US blues artists of the last 20 years.
  11. Blues performers of the last ten years.
  12. The influence of the blues on the formation of other genres.
  13. The analysis of the statistical popularity of the blues.
  14. The critical aspects when creating Blues compositions.
  15. The selection of blues parties when creating music.


  1. The influence of classical music on pop culture.
  2. The classical music and the best composers of the last century.
  3. Beethoven and his best works.
  4. How did Mozart influence classical music?
  5. Is the symbiosis of jazz and classical music possible?
  6. The structure of making classical music.
  7. The stages of the formation of classical music in modern society.
  8. Can you replace pop culture with classical music?
  9. How does classical music affect the psychological state of people?
  10. The classical music and symbiosis with opera.
  11. The basic concept of the analysis of classical music.
  12. A technical comparison of the mastery of classical composers.
  13. The choice of classical music for the mood.
  14. The classical music and its influence on rock culture.
  15. The main technical aspects of creating a score.
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By regions

The region is important for those looking for musical topics for research paper. Most genres of European music and some information about composers are open to general use. If your research topic on music is aimed at analyzing the Arab countries, then you will need more time looking for reliable information. The fact is that not all Muslim archives are in the public domain.

Western music

  1. The features of musical motives of Western music.
  2. The history of Western music with real examples.
  3. How has Western music changed over the past two hundred years?
  4. Is it possible to combine Western music with European motives?
  5. The features of the use of traditional Western musical instruments.
  6. How do Western countries use music for meditation?
  7. Western music in the context of modern society.
  8. The role of Western music in the life of native people.
  9. How melodic is oriental music?
  10. The stages of the formation of Western music in American culture.

European music

  1. European music and modern trends.
  2. British pop bands and their worldwide popularity.
  3. How popular are German pop bands in the USA?
  4. European music and national musical instruments.
  5. How does European music affect well-being?
  6. The analysis of European music with specific examples.
  7. Top 10 of the greatest European musical groups.
  8. The analysis of European music on the example of instrumental groups.
  9. The best pop music performers in Europe.
  10. How does pop music influence the development of culture?
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Asian music

  1. Asian music: the example of ethnic trends.
  2. The influence of Asian music on world culture.
  3. The main musical instruments of Asia.
  4. Can you compare Asian music with European motives?
  5. How has Asian music changed over the past hundred years?
  6. The nuances of creating Asian music.
  7. How does Asian music influence contemporary cinema?
  8. The best Asian performers.
  9. Top 10 Asian vocalists who have conquered the whole world.
  10. Do national instruments influence the creation of Asian music?

By history periods

You can use music appreciation research paper topics to analyse a specific period in history. Baroque, Renaissance and other eras are especially relevant for research as they allow you to see the history of the development of music. You can concentrate on a specific time period and the most famous composers.


  1. Medieval music and its influence on the Crusades.
  2. The major trends in the medieval music industry.
  3. The influence of kings on the creation of medieval music.
  4. The main musical instruments in medieval Europe.
  5. Musical instruments in Central Asia during the Middle Ages.
  6. What kind of music was popular in the Middle Ages.
  7. How difficult was the life of a musician in the Middle Ages?
  8. The analysis of medieval music on modern examples.
  9. How has contemporary music influenced pop culture?
  10. Historical aspects of the creation of medieval music.
  11. The influence of medieval music and culture.
  12. The rhythmic pattern of medieval music.
  13. The medieval music during the feast.
  14. The influence of medieval music on classical music.
  15. The medieval music channel and musical comparison.
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  1. The dawn of musical culture during the Renaissance.
  2. The analysis of Renaissance music with specific examples.
  3. How has Renaissance music influenced contemporary pop culture?
  4. The analysis of Renaissance music as a constructive masterpiece.
  5. The nuances of Renaissance music and, most importantly, musical instruments.
  6. How difficult is it to reproduce Renaissance music in today's environment?
  7. The analysis of structural compositions of the Renaissance.
  8. Renaissance music as a tuning fork of public morality.
  9. How has music changed since the Renaissance?
  10. Can Renaissance music be used to create a modern instrumental ensemble?

Baroque Age (XVI-XVIII)

  1. The influence of politicians on the formation of music during the Baroque period.
  2. How has Baroque influenced contemporary instrumental music?
  3. The nuances of musical constructions during the Baroque period.
  4. How has the baroque influenced modern instruments?
  5. The nuances of the Baroque in the context of the complexity of musical compositions.
  6. The main effect of the Baroque in contemporary music.
  7. The historical aspects of the creation of the Baroque as a separate genre of music.
  8. The influence of the Baroque on the creation of contemporary musical groups.
  9. The analysis of the structure and musical motives of Baroque in detail.
  10. Baroque in contemporary music.
  11. The nuances of creating songs in the Baroque style.
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Classical Age (XVIII-XIV)

  1. The Classical Age of music in modern society.
  2. How did the Classical Age influence the formation of musical trends?
  3. The general concept of the Classical Age in instrumental music.
  4. The nuances of creating music based on the Classical Age.
  5. How did the Classical Age influence the creation of pop culture?
  6. The theory of creating musical compositions on the example of the Classical Age.
  7. The general factors of the Classical Age in instrumental music.
  8. The main trends and popular instruments of the Classical Age.
  9. The main musical compositions of the 14th century.
  10. The main factors in the creation of musical compositions in the 13th century.

Romantic Era (XIV-XX)

  1. The Romantic Era and its impact on contemporary music.
  2. The main principles of structuring music into the Romantic Era.
  3. Features of creating instrumental compositions in the Romantic Era.
  4. The Romantic Era and modern music trends.
  5. The main factors influencing the Romantic Era in the music industry.
  6. Key figures in the music industry and their passion for the Romantic Era.
  7. How did the Romantic Era form the modern style?
  8. How has the Romantic Era influenced rhythmic music?
  9. The Romantic Era in the music industry.
  10. The main aspects of the formation of the Romantic Era in musical culture.
  11. Making marching music in the Romantic Era.
  12. Features of creating musical compositions.
  13. The technical aspects that influenced modern romantic motives.
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Modern Era (XX-XXI)

  1. Jazz music as a phenomenon of the modern roar the influence of the modern era on instrumental music.
  2. Technical aspects of hip-hop and Reggae.
  3. How is contemporary classical music created?
  4. Can modern music genres be combined to create something new?
  5. Why is the modern music industry stagnating?
  6. The aspects of contemporary music.
  7. How does instrumental music affect culture?
  8. Contemporary music and technical innovation.
  9. How is contemporary music created?
  10. The nuances of creating hip-hop albums.

How To Write On Music Related Research Topics

By choosing topics about music for an essay, you get the opportunity to prepare a detailed paper work with facts, genre nuances and detailed biographies of famous musicians. You need to stick to the formatting and your outline. Find reliable information for music history research topics and talk about the emergence of certain genres.

Music business research topics are especially important, as you need to consider not only the stylistic but also the commercial nuances of the bands. For example, you can prepare detailed data on annual music tours or album sales.

All music appreciation presentation topics require detailed factual focus, which can be difficult for many people. If you are not ready to do it yourself, then we can help you.

Our service will solve your problem with music research topics high school. We also guarantee that you will get a good grade. We will help you organize all the nuances so that your music history paper topics become a reason for pride and high scores.

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