Architecture Research Topics: 100 Interesting Ideas to Start Writing

Architecture is an essential and relevant area in our times as the current technological advancement affects all the aspects of our lives and needs to be investigated thoroughly.

What’s a Research Paper in Architecture?

An architectural research paper is an intellectual input to the future profession that students usually write for their classmates. The paper highlights a topical issue for the specialty and strives to clarify the current problem and answer the question based on past investigations.

How to Pick Up the Topic

To write a successful paper, you have to follow a few simple steps that guarantee the right choice of civil engineer research topics.

    1. Brainstorm Your Ideas

      Choose several topics you like and make sure you have a strong opinion on this issue. Think about if you know something about recent investigations in this subject and what the result was. Identify what sub-questions are too difficult to be highlighted clearly.

    2. Study the General Information

      It might seem that there is a lot to say about this issue. Still, in fact, you are likely to run into the lack of information or a lot of controversial opinions making it tough to follow the main idea of your engineering topic.

    3. Be Flexible

      Feel free to adjust your topic according to the information found and paper requirements. Or sometimes, students can even form the topic in the writing process when it becomes clear what questions will be pointed out.

The Architecture Research Paper Structure

If you are a beginner dealing with architecture project topics and research materials, you might be confused with an abundance of information. Use the following structure to arrange your paper.

      1. Introduction

        You inform the audience about the importance of your research and mention its objectives.

      2. Methods

        In this part, you need to point out the plan you stuck to and the workflow. Describe how you conducted your study, collect the data, and processed it.

      3. Results

        This section aims to report what results you got while carrying out the research. Give the results in detail and back up your outcomes with the statistics, but stay off the hard stuff.

      4. Discussion

        Here you have to analyze the strong and weak points of your architectural research papers and mention what problem your investigation can solve.

      5. References

        Since you didn’t write a paper based on empty thoughts, you need to provide the list containing resources where you took the information.

100 Exciting Architecture Research Paper Topics

Infrastructural Design and General Architecture Research Topics:

      1. The Peculiarities of Urban Architecture
      2. How to Install Climate Control in Different Types of Buildings
      3. The Construction Process of Steel Buildings
      4. The Maritime Technology in Architecture
      5. The Most Famous Bridges Around the World
      6. How the Technology of Concrete Buildings Construction Has Changed Throughout the Years
      7. What Fatigue in Large Buildings Is and Its Main Reasons
      8. The Key Factors in Bridge Designing
      9. The Role Hydraulics in Constructing
      10. Advanced Materials Used in Building Concrete Constructions
      11. Designing of Stone Buildings
      12. How Architectural Objects Become the Elements of Art
      13. What Is the Difference Between Urban and Rural Architecture?
      14. When Did Architecture Topics Become in Demand?
      15. Tendencies in Rural Design
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New buildings are erected every day. Thus, researching any topic will help to learn about the process of building architectural structures that can be turned into works of art.

Materials Science and Advanced Engineering Research Topics:

      1. Nanotechnology in Building:
      2. Polymer and Soft Materials for Designing
      3. Fibrous Materials in Engineering
      4. Durability and Sustainability of Textiles
      5. How Advanced Materials Are Processed
      6. Biotechnology in Creating New Materials
      7. How Eco-Friendly Materials Appear
      8. Steel Technology in Use
      9. Industrial-Scale Modeling of Building Materials
      10. Interchangeability of Materials in Constructing
      11. The Application of Concrete Technology on Practice
      12. Green Technologies in Advanced Engineering
      13. Materials of the Future
      14. Materials That Could Be Easily Substituted
      15. The Benefits of Using Acryl

Advanced engineering materials are replacing usual materials for creating a lot of stuff around us. Choosing the sub-topic helps to learn more about today’s technologies in creating new materials and those which seem to be eternal.

Modeling and Systems Engineering Research Topics

      1. How to Tailor Nanomaterials on Atomic Level
      2. The Supply Chains Designing
      3. The working Principle of Neural Networks
      4. Types of System Design
      5. The Design System Implementation
      6. Data Modelling and Working Principles
      7. Computer Optimization
      8. How System’s Data Is Documented
      9. Ways to Control Dynamical Systems
      10. Analyzing of Communication Systems
      11. Challenges While Modelling Computer Data
      12. Data Processing
      13. How Data Influences Our Daily Routine
      14. Recording and Processing of Speech Signals
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If you still stay away from computers, it's time to decide on one of the systems engineering research topics you will write about to understand this topic better. Conducting a deep study will provide you solid knowledge about collecting, storing, and distributing data in computers and beyond.

Sustainable Energy and Facilities

      1. Efficient Energy Systems
      2. What Is Tribology?
      3. Early History of Tribology
      4. The Principles of Friction in Tribology
      5. Where to Get Renewable Energy
      6. The First Alternative Fuel for Engines
      7. How Do Electrical Power Systems Work on a Large Scale?
      8. Accurate Analysis of Electrical Power Machines
      9. Where Do We Use Cold Plasma Technology?
      10. The Stages of Transport Technology Development
      11. Equipment to Renew Energy
      12. The Efficiency of Alternative Fuels
      13. What Secrets Is Perpetual Motion Machine Powered?
      14. Tribology in the Up-to-Date World
      15. Facilities Working on Solar Energy

We have often heard of the earth's resources depletion. Today, discussions about solar energy and alternative fuels haven't faded in the scientific circles. If you like to talk about it, you should choose one of the engineering research topics.

Electronics and Modern Gadgets

      1. How Microfluidics Works
      2. Theoretical Physics in Creating Devices
      3. The Advantages of Biometric Voting Machine
      4. The Working Principle of Wireless Technologies
      5. How Nanotechnology Affects the Electronics
      6. Artificial Intelligence Is in Every Our Device
      7. HD Technologies Rule the World
      8. Scanning Systems Warrant Your Security
      9. The Benefits of Solar Cell Technologies
      10. OLED as the Breakthrough in the Electronics
      11. Microsystems and Their Main Functions
      12. Why Do Scientists Consider Chipping?
      13. How to Use Space Solar Power
      14. Electronic System Design: Sensor Technology
      15. 3D Printing in Medicine
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Electronics topics will never run out like civil engineer research topics. After all, all we have is just a small piece of technological progress we use. Study what novelties we can get in the future.

Relevant ICT and Multimedia Research Topics

      1. How Multimedia Changes Our Lives
      2. The Ways to Cope With Current Technologies in Relationships
      3. Do We Interact Better With ICT?
      4. Social Media Makes Relationships Stronger: True or False?
      5. Multimedia Pushes Us to Move Forward
      6. Web Technologies
      7. How Should You Know to Create Content for Social Media?
      8. Smart Services
      9. Multimedia as a Way to Entertain Ourselves
      10. Is ICT Always Beneficial?
      11. The Role of Social Profiles in Hiring
      12. Why Should Social Networks Be Limited for Teenagers?
      13. The Influence of Multimedia on Medicine
      14. Social Media as the Source for Sharing Architecture Project Topics and Research Materials
      15. How Social Networks Can Identify Our Tastes

This topic is one of the most pressing today. We spend every single day on social media and need to know how to get the most out of it.

Architecture Education

      1. Why Choose a Degree in Architecture?
      2. Engineering Impacts Each Aspect of Our Lives
      3. Choosing the Architectural College
      4. What Educational Program to Enroll in?
      5. How to Gain Extra Skills in Engineering
      6. Ways to Succeed in Picking Up Architecture Thesis Topics
      7. The Development of IT Decreases the Number of Architecture Applicants
      8. Getting the First Customer is Always Challenging for an Architecture Student
      9. How to Create the Great Design-Build Projects
      10. Key Points to Get Ready for the First Semester at the Architectural University
      11. Jobs With Great Opportunities for Architectural Students
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Investigating current topics, you will find out what advantages you can take while getting a degree in architecture in addition to ordering papers on engineering topics from professional writers.

When you choose an engineering research topic, you should stick to certain steps to complete your paper.

      1. Collect and study carefully all the information you found on the current topic.
      2. Arrange it according to the sections in your research: introduction, methods, results, and discussion.
      3. Start writing your first draft drawing on the past outcomes of the investigation.

        First, you need to describe your methods and then — the results. After that, you can move to discussions.

        The introduction will be second to the last when you see your paper's general picture and highlight the main points of the architecture research paper topic. The last section is devoted to the references, i.e., the credible services you drew on while investigating.

      4. Proofread your paper to avoid mistakes, typos, and repetitions.

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