130 Criminology and Criminal Justice Research Topics for Students

Do criminology and criminal justice sound the same to you? It’s quite alright if you aren’t related to this field. But if you are going to make a career in law, you should know the difference between these terms.

So, criminology deals with the crime’s anatomy and explores its reasons and consequences. Criminal justice fights crime: ways to solve crimes, detain, prosecute, and punish criminals. Criminal justice is part of the law enforcement system.

Choosing the Criminal Law Topics for Research Paper

  1. Make sure you understand the task and your topic meets the requirements. Don’t hesitate to ask your advisor if you aren’t sure about your paper content.
  2. Pick up the topic you are interested in and it makes the writing process easier.
  3. Estimate the scope of your criminal justice paper topic. If your topic is broad, it could be hard to stay concentrated on the relevant information. In case when your topic is narrow, you might not find enough data.
  4. Think in advance what question your paperwork will help to solve and if it’s important today.

Criminological Research Paper Structure

If you want your audience to get the research paper's main point, you need to follow a certain structure.

  1. The introductory part. Make an introduction to inform why your research is important and what goals you set.
  2. Methods. Highlight the main methods you drew on researching and how they helped you to get accurate data.
  3. Sum up the results. You have to mention the main finding you while studying the criminology topic. Did you manage to fill the gaps in this field? Feel free to share your point of view.
  4. Discussion. Here you have complete freedom and can discuss and convince the audience why your work is so important for forensic science.
  5. The list of sources. Your reasoning is based on past investigations, and you moved forward from your forerunners’ points of view.

130 Interesting Criminology and Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics to Speculate About

Contradictory Topics Criminal Justice to Research

  1. Murder vs. Homicide. What’s the Difference?
  2. Should Justice System Have the Death Penalty?
  3. Concealed Weapon as a Way to Feel Protected
  4. Harassment on the Workplaces
  5. Cases When Police Need to Be Brutal
  6. Gun Control
  7. Government Lawyer Should protect all Criminals
  8. Rights of the Victim Suffered From Raping
  9. The Presence of Racial Prejudice in the Justice System
  10. Mental Illness Is the Only Explanation of Why People Commit Crimes
  11. Ex-Prisoners Should Have the Rights to Start a New Life
  12. Does Being Insane Means Innocent?
  13. The Legalization of Sex Work
  14. Cases That Demonstrate Costs and Benefits of the Criminal Justice System
  15. The Witness Testimony Isn’t Effective in the Current Justice System
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Criminal justice controversial topics require well-reasoned arguments that can provide your desired result at the end. Be ready to prepare strong examples to support your opinion and provide both sides of the argument.

Basic Criminology Research Paper Topics

  1. Resonance Criminal Cases in Criminology
  2. Criminology as a Science
  3. Crime and Its Types
  4. Crime and Mentally Unstable People
  5. Law Dealing With Young Gangs
  6. Criminal Psychology
  7. Influence of Writing Cybercrimes Essays at College Can Prevent From Committing Crimes in Real Life
  8. Countries With Low Crime
  9. Victims of Domestic Violence
  10. The Government Actions to Prevent Crime
  11. Theories of Classical Criminology
  12. Nature of Crimes
  13. Scotland Yard: History and Popularity
  14. Terrorism in Different Countries
  15. Juvenile Delinquency: Statistics and the Real Picture

These catchy topics can help you get a rough idea about your criminal research paper. If you haven’t any experience in writing such papers, it could be a good start.

Racial and Discrimination Issues in Criminal Justice Topics

  1. Racism and Criminology
  2. Race and Its Correspondence With Crime
  3. Stereotypes of Racial Crimes
  4. What Is Racial Profiling?
  5. Typical Racial Profiles of Criminals
  6. How Discriminatory is Justice System in Different Countries
  7. Race Affects Criminal Justice: True or False?
  8. Gender Discrimination in the Court System
  9. Theory of Racial Discrimination
  10. Hate Crime as a Reason for Racial Discrimination
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Today, racial issues are discussed more than ever and, thus, they are reflected in criminological research topics. Do you like struggling with bias? Then, you need to try one of the suggested topics.

Scientific Paper in Criminology

  1. International Programs to Prevent Crimes
  2. Famous Serial Killers
  3. Psychology of Serial Murders
  4. Street Lighting Can Reduce the Rate of Crimes
  5. The Hidden Pitfalls of the Prison System
  6. Graffiti: Crime or Art?
  7. The Role and Relevance of Lawyer Business Ethics in the Judicial Process
  8. The Working Principles of Jury Trial
  9. Innovation in Experimental Criminology
  10. The Cases When Crimes Are Beneficial

Criminology remains one of the mysterious and interesting sciences with lots of peculiarities. Want to check? Try to research and provide your outcomes in a criminology research topic.

Student Papers in Criminal Law

  1. Reasons for False Confession
  2. Criminal Law in the United States
  3. When Do Criminals Get Double Jeopardy?
  4. College Crimes: Under-Age Alcohol Drinking
  5. Students in Law: Fake Documents
  6. Breach of Intellectual Property
  7. The International Criminal Courts: Competent or Not?
  8. Prominent Examples of Social Offenses
  9. Punishment in Criminal Law
  10. Presumption of Innocence. How Does It Work in the Real World?
  11. Law That Guarantees the Employee Privacy Rights on Packet Sniffers
  12. Reliability and Availability of Cloud Computing Security for Regular Users. How Does It Affect the Cyber and Criminal Law?
  13. The Working Principles of Police Interrogation
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Criminal law regulates the deviant behavior that can harm society. Murders, thefts, and violence are some examples of such behavior. The person committed one of these crimes could be imprisoned or should pay a fine.

Topics on International Criminal Law

  1. Crimes in the War Period
  2. Justice and Peace in the World
  3. Female International Criminal Law
  4. Male International Law
  5. Cases of International Crimes
  6. The Role of Enterprise Bargaining in the Australian Employment System in International Law
  7. Gender View of the International Criminal Law

International crime law represents a set of norms that regulates court cases between countries. This topic selection will help you understand the working principle of the international law system better.

Society and Criminal Justice Research Topics

  1. Feminine Harassment
  2. Shoplifters Among Students
  3. Life After Prison
  4. Programs to Control Crimes in Society
  5. Punishment for Movies and Music Piracy
  6. Ways to Avoid Social Offenses
  7. How Society Impacts on Juvenile Delinquency
  8. Juvenile Delinquency in History
  9. Behavior of Witnesses
  10. Theory of Crime’s Control in Society
  11. What Are Social Justice Research Topics Highlighted at School to Prevent Crimes?
  12. Prominent Social Criminal Cases in History
  13. Male Criminal Activity in Society
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Crimes happen around us every day, but not everyone knows how to react to them and how to protect themselves. Researching any topic can help to find a solution to some acute cases in society.

Criminal Justice System

  1. Current Challenges in the Justice System
  2. The Attitude of the Justice System to People With Mental Illnesses
  3. Violations in the Criminal Justice System
  4. Reform of the Justice System
  5. Does the Justice System Work Effectively?
  6. Services to Protect Victims
  7. Labor Ethics in the Prison System
  8. Criminal Cases When the Justice System Was Unfair
  9. Criminal Justice System in the United States

The criminal justice system is a set of government agencies that rehabilitate criminals, prevent crimes, and support victims. If you want to understand its workflow, you might pick up a criminal justice essay topic with an argumentative perspective.

Criminology and Measurement Papers

  1. The System of Crime Classification
  2. How We can Measure the Effectiveness of Police Work
  3. Honesty Attorneys: Myth or Reality?
  4. Crimes Closure Rate: Statistics vs. Real Picture
  5. Evaluation of Cyber Police Work
  6. Capital Punishment Discussions
  7. Who Can Be on Jury?
  8. False Accusation Cases
  9. Public Surveys on the Justice System Effectiveness
  10. Rate of Corruption in the Justice System
  11. Lawyer’s Viewpoint: Customer in Court Is Always Right (Essay Example)
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These types of research papers involve not only collecting existing data but also making comparative analysis and conducting interviews. The more analytical work you do, the more useful your paper is.

Research Works About Types of Crime

  1. Common Crimes on Campus
  2. Domestic Violence
  3. Kidnapping
  4. Corruption in Medicine
  5. Accepting Bribes in Politics
  6. Environmental Crimes
  7. Hate Crime
  8. Blackmailing and Its Consequences
  9. Fraudulent Practices
  10. Forgery in College
  11. Religious Offences in Different Countries
  12. Bribes in Education
  13. Punishment for Drunken Driving
  14. Drug Trafficking
  15. Illegal Possession of Weapons

A criminal justice thesis topic from the following category highlights different types of crimes and penalties for the offence. Studying crimes might be helpful to find ways to fight with violations.

Court Cases Topics

  1. Raucous Court Cases in History
  2. Case of Jeffrey Dahmer
  3. The Story of John Wayne Gacy
  4. Ted Bundy and His Crimes
  5. The Manson Family Case
  6. Harrowing Case of The Plainfield Ghoul
  7. The Dating Game Killer’s Confession
  8. Disappointing Court Cases
  9. Famous Court Cases in the United States
  10. Riot Trials in Court
  11. Victims of Gary Ridgway
  12. Case of Zodiac Killer
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If you are interested in illustrative examples in court cases, picking up an unusual policy paper topic proves that criminal papers are not just plain facts. You could see how criminology works in practice.

As soon as you select the topic, it’s time to start working on it. Below you’ll find simple and practical tips on how to write papers in criminology and criminal law.

Paper Writing Flow

  1. Study and extract the information about the criminal justice research proposal topic you picked up.
  2. Divide the data into several categories: introductory part, methods used, final results, and discussions.
  3. Start writing your paper from the methods you consumed while researching. Think about what methods could be considered as the most effective ones and why.
  4. Describe the outcomes. Did you get the desired results? Could you find an answer to all the questions? If no, what prevented you from achieving better results.
  5. Discussions. The discussion part is written in free form and contains your remarks on your study's strong and weak points.
  6. Write an introduction. Although this is the first part of your research paper, you need to write it when you can see your paper's general picture, and the information is already well-organized. It helps you make a brief paper review in the introduction.
  7. Collect all the references you used to create your paper. Make sure you know how to list it right.
  8. Don’t forget to proofread your paper to avoid mistakes.

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