child abuse youth issues research topics

1. "An Empty Space with a Long Cry": Disappearance in Seamus Deane's Reading in the Dark.

Desc: This 5-page freshman essay looks at the theme of disappearance in Seamus Deane's Reading in the Dark, especially considering the ways this theme intersects with ideas of politics, family, and childhood in the story.

2. A Book Report on a Child Called It

Desc: This paper is a book report on the book, A Child Called "It". There are four different parts to this book report. The first part addresses why the book was chosen and it tells what the reader gained from reading the book. The second part is the reason the writer wrote the book, which is to inform others about child abuse. The third part of the book report is to choose a profounding paragraph. The fourth part addresses whether the book was interesting.

3. A Deductive Argument Against Abortion

Desc: This is a deductive argument on abortion. Three main reasons are given for abortion: Women die when abortion is illegal, fetus is not a living person, and women who are raped should be allowed to have abortions. This paper discusses the three arguments and show how statistics state they are not completely true. If these reasons are not true, then why is the nation not protecting these unborn babies?

4. A Discussion of the Negative Impact of Single-Mother Families on Children.

Desc: This paper will examine an article that deals specifically with single-mother, as opposed to single-parent families. The focus will be narrowed from a discussion of the negative influences of the institution of the single-parent family in terms of society in general, to an analysis of the negative impact single-mother families have upon children. 4 pgs. 13 f/c. 1b.

5. A Moment in Time

Desc: This is a five page paper discussing the relationship between a father and a son. The relationship is a Taiwan father and son. It reflects on the desire of the son to tell his father that he was proud of him and that he was worried that his father was too stressed. The moment in time for the son to tell his father his feelings never comes, because the father has a heart attack. If the son could live this moment over, he would. However, this moment in time has taught him life lessons.

6. A New Life

Desc: This is an essay about how a young person's life can change quickly when parents split up and divorce. When the mother decides to leave and go and live with a new boyfriend, the child's world is turned upside down. The essay talks about how to cope with a parental divorce and the recovery and closure that come about with time. A new family enters the picture.

7. A Picture: The Unhappy Wife.

Desc: This paper will discuss a picture, which reveals a very unhappy couple. By showing the content of the picture, we can learn how the pictures details can identify the way that this is proven. By showing the behaviors, and scenic ideals of the picture this can be proven. 2-pages. Bibliography lists no sources.

8. Addressing the Novel "Are You There God It's Me, Margaret."

Desc: Judy Blume's classic novel, Are You there God? It's Me, Margaret is considered one of the best and most enduring pieces of modern young adult fiction for its exploration of topics and situations that occur in the lives of almost every adolescent. This paper explores the novel in terms of how Blume's presentation of the character of Margaret allows Blume to address issues experienced by adolescents, especially younger girls

9. Adolescent Depression And Suicide.

Desc: The eight-page undergraduate paper is an effort in defining a link between adolescent depression and suicide. In this I have tried to articulate a link between developmental theory, research and practice about risk that applies to the subject depression and suicide in teenagers. 8 pgs. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

10. America's Poorest Children.

Desc: This paper is on the nation's poorest children and families. It discusses the way that society treats them and what families can do to solve many of their economic problems.

11. An Analysis of "Transferring an S Corp. to Your Kids".

Desc: This three-page undergraduate paper is in the form of an analysis of the article, "Transferring an S Corp to Your Kids." The author reviews the article in terms of content, clarity, and effectiveness.

12. An Annotated Bibliography on Child Abuse

Desc: "Most abused and neglected children never come to the attention of government authorities (Hopper 2003). Many children that are sexually abused never face their abusers in court. The abuse whether it is physical, emotional, verbal, or neglect is never reported. The need to continue to study child abuse is important in stopping the pattern of child abuse. Recognizing child abuse whether you are a professional, teacher, counselor, grandparents or a child is important in stopping at least one child abuser. This article is an annotated bibliography that gives information to help each of these.

13. An Exploration of the Child Soldier: Theory, Policy, and Practice in Preventing Exploitation of Children in Combat

Desc: This paper explores the prevalence of child, soldiering in the current global environment. The child soldier is an individual younger than 18 who is involved in conflict, usually as a member of an organized army. The paper takes the position that, despite efforts to reduce the number of child soldiers, current policy is not sufficient to accomplish these goals.

14. Analysis of Sexual Abuse, Therapy and Punishment.

Desc: This paper will discuss the situation of sexual conduct on the part of my boyfriend and my child. My four-year-old child Brandy told me that Richard, my boyfriend, had touched her where he should not have. The study here will be to find out how to deal with a situation like this and report it to the proper authorities. By understanding the way this can be dealt with, perhaps a way to understand sexual abuse as a sickness and find ways to deal with so it will not occur again. 3 pgs. No bibliography.

15. Analysis of a Picture at a Peace Conference.

Desc: This paper will discus a picture of a father and his sons at a peace conference. By making an analysis of this picture, we can depict how the father seems to be enjoying himself and the son does not. This is how this picture will be examined.

16. Annotated Bibliography CASA

Desc: This is just an annotated bibliography of 8 separate child abuse prevention documents including the CASA - (Court Appointed Special Advocate) program that operates nationwide in America to help give a voice to children who have suffered neglect and abuse either in foster situations or at the hands of their parents. The statistics given are horrific enough to make any lethargic person sit up and want to help in reducing one of America's shocking statistics.

17. Anorexia Nervos and Depression

Desc: The three pape paper was a review of the methodology used to study anorexia nervosa and depression of teenage girls on a longitudinal basis.

18. Argumentative Paper on Joint Custody.

Desc: This 3-page undergraduate paper explores the reasons why joint custody is better than shared custody for children of divorce. Three sources using the latest research and a comment from a woman who was a child of joint custody were used. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

19. Article Review: Critically Analyzing What to Do in Two Sessions and Beyond in Solution-Based Brief Therapy: A Case Study by Monte Hasz and Gary J. Oliver

Desc: This paper will analyze an article that will help elucidate how one commits to solution-based therapy within a religious setting. In this manner, Hasz helps provide guidelines for the practicing minister or pastor to help blend secular psychological theory alongside theological counseling practices in his approach to solution-based techniques in 2nd and 3rd sessions.

20. Assessment of Child Abuse and Criminal Behaviors.

Desc: This paper explores the correlation that is believed to exist between children that have been the victims of child abuse and the likelihood that these children will be more likely to participate in criminal acts - especially child abuse and domestic violence - when they themselves reach adolescence and adulthood.

21. Attachment Disorder in Adopted Children.

Desc: This paper will look at attachment disorders, and will consider the role that it plays in adopted children as well as the effect that is has on the adopted family. The children under consideration will be especially those who are part of the international adoption setting. 7-pages.

22. alization of Incest

Desc: This paper will focus primarily on the aspect of medicalization of incest, largely based on concepts as delineated in Tanya Lewis's book 'Living Beside'. An attempt will also be made to critique the views offered by Lewis on the above-mentioned topic.

23. Child Labor.

Desc: Child labor, defined as a regular contribution of children towards labor, is a gray area requiring much deliberation before a judgment. While providing economic relief to many, it is a source of shame for people who are actually responsible for the same. This paper discusses the issue of child labor through philosophical-ethical standards.

24. Child Sexual Abuse

Desc: The following paper provides an annotated bibliography of four articles related to the topic of child sexual abuse. Each of these articles addresses a different aspect of the topic, with an emphasis on such issues as therapy, criteria regarding sexual abuse, judicial review and the court system, and other related issues of importance that describe the problem in greater detail.

25. Child Soldiers-A Global Problem.

Desc: This paper attempts to analyze the use of child soldiers in Southeast Asia, the how, the why, and the attempts by the UN to stop child violence and the use of child soldiers throughout the world. The militarization of the childhood of Asia's youth is, of course, a reflection of the militarization of society as a whole, this for Asia, as well as other countries as we will see is not the exception, but rather the rule. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

26. Childhood, Play and the Consumer Society.

Desc: This paper discusses the role that childhood and play has in the consumer society. Children began to adopt the roles according to their families' status. The royal or dynastic child was engaged in play fit for his level. So was that of the child of the Golden Age different from the play of the public child as well as that of the contemporary child's. The time and their social status defined the play they engaged in, and it had to be attuned to the concept or role envisioned or deemed proper for the child by its parents and adult society in general. Girls wore elaborate clothes, complete with hoops, gloves, hats and fans, while boys wore waistcoats, breeches and wigs. Attitude towards children somewhat eased out during Victorian times, when children regained their place as the central focus and favorite of the typical family.

27. Children of Divorced and Two-Parent Families

Desc: Some studies indicate that the type of household—single or two-parent—has no effect on a child's performance. Other studies show that the impact of divorce on families have detrimental effect on children. Despite these disagreements, those studies converge on a point that a strong bond with parents in the family is an important factor in determining a child's behavior.

28. Occupational Safety Among Minors: Addressing Concerns for Workplace Hazards.

Desc: This paper addresses the factors that might contribute to injury within the population of employed minors and suggest reform change that could alleviate the frequency of injury. An occupational health conceptual framework is used to address potential change within this area of employment as a means of reducing the frequency of injury.

29. "The Butterfly" by James Cain.

Desc: To understand the power of incest literature, one must also understand the symbolic power of the act and then develop a clear concept of how it applies within the structure of the story. Cain's, "The Butterfly", is a work that took the author several years of sporadic work to complete. Incest is more than simply a sexual act between members of the same family, it is a representative of the betrayal of the self and of the violent division of the body from the mind. We understand, from the archetypal Oedipus Rex, that incest, whether it be imagined or real, does not find its true power to destroy through its physical side. Instead, incest is an absolute betrayal of the soul and abuse of the mind. It is the purpose of this paper to examine the major themes and intent of James Cain's "The Butterfly".

30. Teen Pregnancy: Causes and Consequences.

Desc: This fifteen-page undergraduate paper discusses teenage pregnancy at the local, national and global levels. The approach taken is partly advocacy, but mainly supportive.

31. Teenage Violence: Causes and Solutions.

Desc: 16 pgs. Bibliography lists 13 sources.

32. The Impact of Divorce on the Adolescent.

Desc: This paper investigates the information relating to the impact of divorce on the adolescent, where the emotional impact of the divorce is assessed. Tools that are used as performance standards in this study come from the home and the school environment, as well as additional emotional manifestations of trauma. 10 pgs, bibliography lists 8 sources.

33. The Right Of Minors To Abortion.

Desc: This paper shows the pros and cons of teenage abortions. Should teenagers have the rights to have abortions without informing the parents? Why? Why not?

34. The Role Of Society In The Prevention Of Child Abuse, Child Neglect And Sexual Assault Against Children.

Desc: This paper will present three areas of inquiry: 1. A truncated history of family to set up the framework for the analysis. 2. An examination of the role of society in the prevention of child abuse, neglect, and sexual assault. 3. Concluding remarks about the nature of North American society itself and the changes that need to be produced on a "society-wide level" in order to begin to complete the process of prevention. 12 pgs. 13 f/c. 11b.

35. The Scourge of Child Abuse: Its Nature and Effects.

Desc: This paper discusses the depth of Child abuse and its surrounding issues. The different types of child abuse are identified and discussed such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse. The causes of child abuse are also identified and discussed. 7 pgs. 8 f/c. 5b.