140 Appealing Native American Research Topics College Students Write About

The modern generation is used to taking America as an independent and powerful state. Most contemporary young people have a poor experience in US history and to expand their knowledge in this field, college students are assigned to write native American research papers. Picking up the right topic could be challenging as beginners usually concentrate on cultural or racial issues.

To make the choosing process easier for you, we did our best to generate relevant and interesting native American topics to write about. But before that, we recommend you to learn basic information about the research paper writing process.

How to Pick Up a Native American Research Paper Topic

  1. Identify the issue of interest. Brainstorm ideas and make a literature review to find out what topic you would like to take up. Then, discuss with your classmates or supervisors to make sure that this topic will grab the audience's attention.
  2. Frame a topic. You need to know what (e.g. traditions of healing), among whom (e.g. in tribes) and where (e.g. on modern reservations) to study. Thus, you will get a native American research topic idea, “Traditions of healing in tribes on modern reservations.”
  3. Make sure that your outcomes will be measurable. Think of the fact if your research is feasible and it fills the gap in the existing knowledge.

How to Compose a Native American Research Paper Topic

  • Introduction. It contains the overall study background and the research conducted previously. Besides, an introductory paper states the current paper importance.
  • Literature review. It’s an overview of relevant theories of other scholars and research materials that are close to your study.
  • Methods. The explanation which research methodology you used and how you picked it up.
  • Outcomes. The presentation of findings and results of the study.
  • Conclusion. The researcher informs how his study will help in the current field and recommend what studies might be conducted in the future.
  • References. This page is proof of your literature sources that saves you during the plagiarism test.

College Research Paper Topics: 140 Exciting Ideas for Native American Projects

Native American Research Topics on History Pre-1800s

  1. The First Successful English Colony in North America: Founding of Jamestown
  2. The Advent of Human in America
  3. The Mayflower Voyage
  4. What is the “Great Awakening”?
  5. Impact of Thomas Jefferson on American History
  6. The Great War for Empire
  7. Colonies During the Bourgeois Revolution and the Stuarts Restoration in England
  8. George Washington: The First President of the USA
  9. Adoption of the Declaration of Independence
  10. Wars Against Indians
  11. Benjamin Franklin as the Founding Father of the USA
  12. American Revolutionary War
  13. The First Continental Congress
  14. Boston Tea Party
  15. “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine
  16. Anne Hutchinson in American History
  17. The United States Flag Approval
  18. Beginning of the White House Construction
  19. The Battle of Bunker Hill
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Students consider America and Britain as allies, but they might not know what relationships these countries have in the pre-1800s period. Investigation of some topics in this category will give you enough food for thought to create good research.

Native American Project Ideas Historical Period of the 1800s

  1. The Louisiana Purchase
  2. The First President Changing
  3. Daniel Webster as the Main Ideologist of the American Nation Unity
  4. War of 1812 and Its First Consequences
  5. Indian Removal Act
  6. Reasons for the Mexican American War
  7. Early Women’s Rights Convention
  8. Escaped Slave: Frederick Douglass
  9. Aim of the Missouri Compromise
  10. 20-Year Civil War
  11. Politics of John Quincy Adams
  12. The Emancipation Proclamation
  13. Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination
  14. The Alaska Purchase
  15. Political Crisis in 1876
  16. Apaches and Their Leader Geronimo
  17. Consequences of Wounded Knee Massacre
  18. Foundation of Kingdom of Hawaii
  19. Five Significant Battles in the 1800s
  20. Background for Texas War of Independence

This historical period characterizes by building an American nation. As is well known, building a nation is a long-lasting process requiring determination and perseverance. These topics could be used to create a good scientific paper or as native American essay topics.

Life of Indians in the XXI Century

  1. Indians Reservation in the USA in XXI Age
  2. Navajo Nation
  3. Indian Settlement Facilities
  4. Life in the Reservation of Chickasaw Nation
  5. The Religion of American Indians
  6. National Museum of an American Indian
  7. American Laws for Indians
  8. How Are American Indians Educated?
  9. Portrait of the Present-Day Indian
  10. Powwow Holiday
  11. Leisure Time of Modern Indians
  12. National Indian Clothing
  13. Famous Athletes Among Indians
  14. Philosophy of Up-to-Date Indians
  15. Indian Policy in the XXI Century
  16. Conflicts Between Indian Tribes and the US Government
  17. Health Care on Reservations
  18. Current Development of the Indian Language
  19. History of Urban Indians
  20. Why Are Indians Haunted?
  21. The Attitude of Native Americans to Political Issues
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America is always associated with a fast-growing powerful country, and it’s hard to imagine that there are still Indian tribes living almost in the primordial conditions. Writing a paper on one of these topics is a good reason to get familiar with their culture.

Native American Arts and Culture

  1. The Popularity of Indian Handmade
  2. Fine Art Movement Among Indians
  3. History of Indian Craft
  4. Outstanding Indian Artists
  5. Creation of Totem Poles
  6. Pottery-Making Process on Reservation
  7. Development of Native American Painting
  8. Wearable Pieces of Art Made by Native Americans
  9. Role of Collective Art in Indian Culture
  10. Where Do Indians Take Their Design From?
  11. Visual Art Styles
  12. Difference Between Regional Art Styles
  13. Importance of Totems for Native American Culture
  14. Ancient vs Modern Ways to Create Jewelry
  15. Spiritism in Native Americans
  16. West Indies as a Regional Style
  17. Meaning of Traditional Colors in Indian Art
  18. History of Jewelry
  19. Do Native Americans Follow Intra-Tribal Fashion?

The cultural life of other nations always attracts our interest. Researching topics on native American culture and art demonstrates how they have been developed throughout centuries and how Indians managed to preserve their values.

Religion and the Natural Environment Native American Paper Topics

  1. Sacred Plants and Animals in Indians
  2. Meaning of Scriptures for Native Americans
  3. Native American Mythology
  4. Indian Religious Leaders
  5. Peculiarities of Maya Religion
  6. Totemism in Native Americans
  7. Types of Spirits in Indians
  8. Indian Shamanism
  9. Farming in Indian Tribes
  10. Traditions Hunting and Fishing in Native Americans
  11. The Flow of Building Indians Shelters
  12. Native American’s Attitude to Nature
  13. Protection of Natural Resources in Tribes
  14. Philosophy of Nature
  15. Ecological Changes Through Indian Eyes
  16. Religious Ideology of Native Americans
  17. The Tradition of Making Prayers to Animals
  18. Influence of Indian Organic Farmer on Nature
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The particularly pressing issues for contemporary society are religion and environment. They could become more interesting when they concern little-known native American communities. Reading interpretations of ancient Indian manuscripts can lead you to thought-proving Native American topics.

Controversial Issues in Native American Society

  1. Unemployment of Native American Representatives
  2. Inappropriate Medical Care
  3. Extinction of Indians’ Native Language
  4. Voting Right for Native Americans
  5. Poor Education in Native American Community
  6. Ways to Avoid Violence Against Women
  7. Perception of Indian Race by Contemporary Society
  8. Demographic Issues in Tribes
  9. Preservation of Indian Culture
  10. Should the Government Maintain Native Americans?
  11. Endless Fighting for Recognition
  12. Providing Equal Rights for Native Americans
  13. Gender Roles Inside the Tribe
  14. The Problem of Raising Children
  15. Urbanism of Native Americans
  16. Committing Offences by Indian Society
  17. European Enslavement of Indians
  18. Relationships Between Native Americans and Afro-Americans
  19. Usage of Terms Indians and Red Skins
  20. The Goal of Indian Rolls
  21. Genocide of Native American Tribes

There are still a bunch of conflicting issues in present-day American society. What are their reasons? Only delving into their essence, you can understand Indians’ world perception and explanation of their theory of what's happening.

Basic Ideas About Native American Culture and Community

  1. The Bias of Native Americans
  2. Racial Discrimination
  3. Indian Amulets in Sports
  4. Leisure Time of Native Americans
  5. The First Female Indian Doctor in the USA
  6. Indian Music
  7. Role of Native Americans in the Present-Day Culture
  8. Committing Suicides Among Native American Population
  9. Typical Food of Native American Tribes
  10. Indians in the Contemporary US Literature
  11. Two-Spirit People Among Indians
  12. Are Nicknames Still Relevant Among Native Americans?
  13. Carlisle Indians Football Team
  14. Indian Tribes During the Pandemic
  15. Movies About Native Americans
  16. Native Americans on Modern Job Positions
  17. Privileges for Native Americans
  18. Musical Instruments of Native American Tribes
  19. Compare of Native American and Regular Schools
  20. Self-Determination
  21. Modern Distinctions Between Indian Tribes
  22. Consequences of Possible Decolonization
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If you still can’t narrow your native American research paper, it’s worth paying your attention to extra ideas covering general issues among Native American people. The topics are flexible, so you can come up with your own idea that meets your assignment requirements.

How to Write a Native American Research Paper

  • Choose a topic.
  • Collect background information.
  • Make a clear research paper plan.
  • Make a precise research thesis statement. Explain your research paper interpretation that answers all the questions about the topic.
  • Write the important points of your paper carefully.
  • Arrange information according to the plane. Analyze, sort and digest information. Put down quotes you will use, present works of other scholars and add your reflections.
  • Prepare your first draft. State your thoughts sticking to the plan points.
  • Read your draft to avoid different content errors. Check all data, facts, figures, and tables. Reorganize your outline if necessary.
  • Do typewriting for your final version. Make certain that it meets expectations for evaluation. Proofread your paper to be sure it’s neat.
  • Submit your native American research paper.

Did this process seem too difficult and time-wasting? We can say even more! If it’s your first writing experience, your research paper might fail to meet all the requirements, and the result will disappoint you. That doesn’t like bright prospects, right?

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