180 Best Macroeconomics and Microeconomics Paper Topics For Students

The preparation of research papers on economics is a crucial moment. First of all, the student needs to choose a topic and get acquainted with the technical nuances. Many interesting microeconomics topics involve research on the example of an individual enterprise or group. Such research requires statistics, which must be obtained from reputable sources.

Many macroeconomics paper topics may also be of interest. This format allows you to write an essay or research paper on a global topic without describing specific enterprises or industries. Students should adhere to a pre-prepared plan and include only verified data. Otherwise, your work will not get high grades.

You can select microeconomics research paper topics and create original content based on already published articles in authoritative publications. You also need to follow your teacher's recommendations and provide expert material. This will enable you to achieve high scores and an invaluable educational experience.

Easy Topics on Economics

There are basic macro and microeconomics paper topics that you can use. They cover general topics and do not require an in-depth study of certain aspects. This is why you can take a similar topic and create an essay or research paper. In addition, such topics may be of interest to you.

  1. The subject of research in political economy: a comparative analysis.
  2. Types and forms of ownership and transformation of relations in the United States.
  3. Privatization and socio-economic consequences of transformations in property relations in the United States.
  4. Methodology for the study of economic processes and phenomena.
  5. The transformation of property relations in the United States and their transformation costs.
  6. Commodity production as the basis of market relations.
  7. Instantaneous, short-term, and long-term equilibrium mechanisms and their impact on the economic activity of enterprises.
  8. Features of the course of inflationary processes in the United States and anti-inflationary policy.
  9. Credit system: place and role of the Central Bank and commercial banks in it.
  10. The central bank and its regulatory role in monetary relations.
  11. Socio-economic consequences of unemployment and methods of overcoming it.
  12. The stock market as an element of market infrastructure.
  13. Financial sources for boosting investment activity in the United States.
  14. The land market, its specifics, and factors that determine the price of land and agricultural products.
  15. Land relations in the United States: traditions, problems, and searches for effective forms of management.
  16. Problems and ways of updating fixed capital in the post-privatization economy of the United States.
  17. The Marxist view of the inevitability of imperfect competition and monopoly.
  18. Aggregate demand and aggregate supply and various models of macroeconomic equilibrium.
  19. Expanded reproduction model, possibilities, and features of its use in modern conditions.
  20. Economic growth and environmental problems.
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Interesting Economics Essay Topics

Typically, the standard sections of economics include too many statistics for an essay. You can choose interesting microeconomics or macroeconomics term paper topics to work with enthusiasm. Cognitive and lighter topics will allow you not to go into the smallest details but still get high marks.

  1. Investment as a source of economic growth. Their socio-economic efficiency.
  2. The search for ways to form an American model of the country's socio-economic development.
  3. The cyclical nature of economic development: its nature and methods of countercyclical regulation.
  4. Structural shifts in the US economy in the 90s and directions for optimizing its national economic complex structure.
  5. Structural and investment policy of the state in the transitional economy of the United States.
  6. Ten Years of economic reforms in the USA: Results and prospects.
  7. State regulation of the economy: current trends.
  8. Market mechanism of income generation and social policy of the state.
  9. Market economy and state social protection system.
  10. Valuation indicators of the well-being of the nation and the human development index.
  11. Taxes as an instrument of state regulation of the economy.
  12. Mechanisms for stimulating and enhancing investment activity.
  13. The US tax system and the main directions of its improvement.
  14. State functions in a transitional economy and tools for their implementation.
  15. Problems of combining economic (market) and social justice.
  16. Dynamics of income and wealth in the USA during the transition period (90s of XX century).
  17. Modern trends in international capital migration and the problems of capital flight from the United States.
  18. Economic efficiency of international exchange and problems of free trade and protectionism.
  19. Trends in the strengthening of world economic ties and Russia's place in this process.
  20. The principles of classification of socio-economic systems and modern transformation processes in the world.

Macroeconomic Paper Topics

By choosing macroeconomics essay topics, you get the opportunity to study any global aspect of the market or interstate relations. This economics branch is interesting in that you can prepare a research paper with general data and choose the topic that will allow you to get high marks without scrupulous search for statistics.

  1. The system of contradictions as the basis of the self-movement mechanism of the socio-economic system.
  2. The organizational principle as a universal beginning of the structuring of the system of relations in society.
  3. The opposition between the "consumer society" model and the sustainable development model.
  4. Globalization: alternative directions for development.
  5. Ethical and economic principles of structuring socio-economic systems.
  6. Ethics as the basis of the nation's value system and the specifics of the socio-economic development of the United States.
  7. The revival of ethics of the people as a decisive prerequisite for forming a model of sustainable development in the United States.
  8. The philosophical and economic model: traditions, modernity, and the transition to the information society.
  9. Who needs economic theory, and why?
  10. Is economic practice possible without economic theory?
  11. Mathematical methods in economic analysis: scope and boundaries?
  12. Virtual economy: stage of development of a market economy or its alternative?
  13. Is the formational approach to the analysis of the development of economic systems outdated?
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Microeconomic Paper Topics

Such microeconomics essay topics are interesting for those who want to study individual economic agents' behavior and general consumer or exchange activities. In fact, this section will allow you to study and write about basic models and carry out some analysis of the relationship between inflation, unemployment, and other parameters.

  1. What are the features of initial capital accumulation in the post-perestroika USA?
  2. Why and in what form has subsistence farming survived in the United States?
  3. Credit and e-money: advantages and disadvantages?
  4. Market Economy: A Purpose of American Reforms or a Means to Achievement?
  5. What is market speculation, and how does it fit into the US economy?
  6. Competition and Monopoly in the United States: Who Will Win?
  7. X-ineffectiveness on the example of American companies.
  8. Side Effects of Product and Advertising Differentiation in the American Economy.
  9. Features of the behavior of the American oligopoly.
  10. Intellectual Property Rights: An Element of the Market or a Form of Monopoly?
  11. American Privatization: Are Expectations Lived?
  12. Can a business be state-owned?
  13. Are there any side (negative) effects of marketing activities?
  14. How and for what purpose is economic profit calculated?
  15. Fair and Dishonest Competition Practices in American Business.
  16. Impact of American unions on labor supply and wage flexibility.

Modern Economics Essay Topics

Such a microeconomics research topic will help you reveal the modern realities of economic relations between various actors and consider a specific topic in current market relations. If you can find a good reputable source, you can create a quality research paper that gives you a good grade.

  1. Entrepreneurial risks in the American economy (with specific examples).
  2. Features of traditional, command, and market economies and their features in the modern US economy.
  3. Positive and negative aspects of state regulation of prices in competitive markets.
  4. The rationality of consumers: its features and manifestations in the modern American economy.
  5. The firm as an economic entity.
  6. The main types of firms, their advantages, and disadvantages.
  7. The objectives of the economic activity of firms.
  8. Features of monopolistic competition and their manifestation in the American economy.
  9. The role of advertising in imperfect competition.
  10. Determination of demand and factors affecting it in the labor market.
  11. Labor supply and factors influencing it.
  12. Differences in wages and their features in the US economy.
  13. The role of trade unions in the labor market.
  14. Distribution and redistribution of income: general features and characteristics of the modern American economy.
  15. Supply and demand in the capital market.
  16. Features of the land market and topical problems of forming the land market in the United States.
  17. The role of land rent in economic activity.
  18. Individual attitude to risk and risk reduction methods.
  19. Speculation in a market economy: role and specific forms.
  20. Problems of providing public goods in the United States.
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World Economics Essay Topics

Such macroeconomic essay topics are especially interesting for students who want to write about economics's global aspects. In particular, you can choose information about the specifics of international relations or the influence of a mega-corporation on entire states' functioning. Such topics may be of interest to those who want to raise an important knowledge layer and support it with statistics to get a good assessment.

  1. Are alternative theories of the firm valid?
  2. Features of the search for financial resources by enterprises
  3. The history of the development of the economic category "land rent": from the Middle Ages to the present day.
  4. The international state of the lending interest rate (on the example of a foreign country leading an active investment policy).
  5. State regulation of agrarian policy: tools and scope.
  6. Pros and Cons of inclusion in the international trade system in terms of impact on public welfare.
  7. Efficiency or fairness of politics?
  8. Transaction costs: concept and forms.
  9. What is capitalized value?
  10. Nobel laureates in economics.
  11. The most important principles of economic analysis and their application in economic research.

General Economics Essay Topics

Sometimes macroeconomic or microeconomics term paper topics may be of a general nature that does not apply to this science's specific niche in general. This option is suitable for students who want to find a common topic in order to create a good research paper and not spend too much time searching for information.

  1. Changing the role of the state in the economy in the course of market reforms.
  2. Equilibrium problems in the modern American market.
  3. Practical use of the concept of elasticity in the activities of American enterprises.
  4. The role of natural monopolies in the American economy.
  5. Reducing costs as one of the main objectives of American enterprises.
  6. Ways to Achieve the Break-Even Point by American Enterprises.
  7. Branded goods in the USA and features of the market of monopolistic competition.
  8. Demonopolization of the American economy and features of antitrust policy in the United States.
  9. Formation and development of the labor market in the United States.
  10. The role of natural resources in the US economy.
  11. The problem of private ownership of land in the United States.
  12. The development of business in the United States and its forms.
  13. Private property and trends in its development in the United States.
  14. State and municipal ownership in the modern US economy.
  15. The firm as a subject of market relations and its organizational and legal forms.
  16. The place and role of small businesses in the economic development of society.
  17. Competition and its types. Place and role in the modern economic mechanism.
  18. Problems of the formation and use of human capital.
  19. Problems of mergers and acquisitions of enterprises at the present stage of economic development.
  20. Labor exchange and its role in the regulation of market relations.
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Relevant Economics Essay Topics

If you are interested in such microeconomics topics for research paper, you like to keep your finger on world events' pulse. Analysis of relevant information is most interesting for students who want a high score for reliable data in an essay or research paper.

  1. Analysis of supply and demand in the real estate market.
  2. Credit and electronic money: advantages and disadvantages.
  3. Competition and Monopoly: Development Trends at the Present Stage.
  4. Elastic and inelastic demand is an example of American practice.
  5. Product differentiation under monopolistic competition and the role of advertising in the American economy.
  6. Profit: essence, types, methods of increase.
  7. Features of the behavior of American oligopolies.
  8. Analysis of labor supply in the American economy.
  9. Analysis of the demand for labor in the American economy.
  10. An analysis of the factors affecting wages in the American economy.
  11. Capital: traditional and modern interpretations.
  12. Features of pricing in the capital market.
  13. Antimonopoly Policy of the State: World and American Practice.
  14. The problem of competition in the labor market.
  15. The role of financial markets in a developed market economy.
  16. Analysis of factors influencing the food market in the USA.
  17. Small and large business: relationship problems.
  18. Features of the firm's behavior in the short and long term.
  19. Small firms in the service sector.
  20. Analysis of the state of the modern capital market.

Business Essay Topics

The choice of such microeconomics presentation topics is relevant for people interested in business and the specifics of various companies' work. You can analyze the performance of an entire enterprise and back up your claims with statistical facts. Such research work will be appreciated.

  1. Analysis of the factors influencing supply and demand (on the example of a specific market).
  2. Analysis of factors influencing stability and instability of equilibrium.
  3. The advantages and limitations of each form of business organization.
  4. Characteristics of a firm's external environment in the United States and its impact on the behavior of an American firm.
  5. Basic concepts of microeconomics: their role in economic analysis.
  6. Analysis of market conditions in the goods market.
  7. Analysis of market conditions in the service market.
  8. Analysis of the market situation in the labor market.
  9. Analysis of market conditions in the securities market.
  10. Analysis of market conditions in the capital market.
  11. Analysis of market conditions in the information market.
  12. Analysis of market conditions in the currency market.
  13. Mathematical methods in economic analysis: scope and boundaries?
  14. Virtual economy: stage of development of the market economy or its alternative?
  15. Is the formation approach to the analysis of the development of economic systems outdated?
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Modern Microeconomics Essay Topics

If you are looking for microeconomics topics for presentation, then you should pay attention to modern realities. There are quite a few analysis companies. You can create an essay or research paper based on the economic indicators and internal processes of the business's individual segments.

  1. Theoretical provisions of the predecessors of marginalism.
  2. Marginalist revolution and its role in the development of economic theory.
  3. Contribution of representatives of the Lausanne School of Economics to the development of economic thought
  4. Consumer preference and indifference curves.
  5. Theoretical foundations and conditions for the emergence of a market of perfect competition
  6. Justification of ideas of free trade and entrepreneurship. W. Petty, P. Bouguillebert.
  7. The main provisions of the economic theory of A. Smith.
  8. D. Ricardo as an ideologist of free enterprise.
  9. The role of advertising in the context of monopolistic competition.
  10. E. Chamberlin's theory of monopolistic competition.
  11. Costs of non-price competition and their impact on a firm's efficiency in the market of monopolistic competition.
  12. The role of the state in the modernization of the labor market.
  13. The working class in a post-industrial society.
  14. Non-standard forms or a new model of labor relations.
  15. Economic crisis and real wages.

Market Economics Topics

When choosing such macroeconomic research topics, you should pay attention to the modern market and relations between countries. This will help you define your research niche and provide relevant information. The main thing is that all your statements are supported by statistical data.

  1. What is speculation in the market mechanism, and how does it fit into the market mechanism?
  2. Competition and Monopoly: Who Will Win?
  3. Can elastic demand become non-elastic and vice versa? Give examples from Russian practice.
  4. Intellectual Property Rights: An Element of the Market or a Form of Monopoly?
  5. Can theories of consumer behavior be used for real marketing research? How?
  6. Russian privatization: are expectations justified?
  7. Can a business be state-owned?
  8. Positive and negative externalities in the American economy and the state's role in their regulation (with specific examples)?
  9. Features of the UK & US labor market.
  10. Are there any side (negative) effects of marketing activities?
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How to Write a Research Paper on Macroeconomics and Microeconomics Topics?

When you choose macroeconomics research paper topics, you need to focus on providing up-to-date information that is backed by reputable sources. All your statements must also be reasoned. The same goes for microeconomic topics. They also require prior preparation. You should create a good microeconomics research paper outline.

Follow the general guidelines and technical requirements to get a high score. Your macroeconomics research paper should provide all the information you need, be structured, and complemented by statistics. You can do your research and report the results.

Keep in mind those macroeconomics topics for paper allows you to choose a wide range of research areas. You can pay attention to foreign economic relations of countries and trade conflicts. Virtually all macroeconomics research topics offer a broad data search field and are interesting to students. That is why the choice of a segment of the economy is not a problem.

But even if you have difficulties with this, then our company is ready to help you. We are ready to solve your problems and prepare any macroeconomics research papers for you. Thanks to this, you will be able to receive high marks and expert material with detailed statistics and links to authoritative sources.

An Inspiration List

  1. Economist Magazine
  2. BBC
  3. EconomicsUK.com
  4. Federal Reserve
  5. European Central Bank
  6. Bank of England
  7. FT.com
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