120 Racism Essay Topics You Should Check First

The racist system is very relevant in modern Society. Despite economic, technical, and social progress, many countries are still on the verge of social and racial intolerance. The same negative influences are relevant to future generations if they do not reconsider their point of view. That is why students need to choose racism essay topics that will reveal the essence of the problem and get a good grade.

The choice of social justice research topics is also relevant because modern society is still not ready to completely abandon prejudice towards people. Your research work should show the absurdity of such tendencies and motivate you to reject social inequality completely. You should choose exactly those social problem topics that will reflect your personal preferences and will be relevant to the society you live in. It will also help you find a lot of social studies that will help you add some facts to your research paper.

But this is not the whole list of requirements that you need to fulfill. The racism topics for the research paper require careful research and preparation of a key preliminary list with abstracts and important historical references. You need to confirm each statement not only with your personal views but also with real facts and scientific evidence.

For example, you can justify racism in the context of the psychological rejection of people who differ from certain social groups. You can also analyze prejudice and discrimination research paper topics for important information that can bring you the highest possible score. So, let's check the racism research topics.

Racism Essay Topics: History

When you select such research topics about racism, you will be able to examine the reasons for intolerance towards people of different skin colors through historical examples. For example, you can analyze racial intolerance based on a specific country or time period. This will help to understand the reasons for racism and intolerance towards people of other orientations.

  1. The policy of racism of colonists against aborigines in Australia.
  2. Racism in the United States and its causes.
  3. American Mexican racism in the 20th Century.
  4. Historical research on racism.
  5. Racial prejudice against workers in the 1960s.
  6. Harlem as a story of fighting racism.
  7. The key figures in the fight for equal rights.
  8. Racism as a lack of social progress.
  9. The Ku Klux Klan and its history.
  10. The history of apartheid in the South African republic.
  11. Martin Luther King as black rights fighter.
  12. The major historical figures against racism.
  13. The chronology of the emergence of racism in Afghanistan.
  14. The main nuances of modern racism.
  15. Historical facts that support racism in ancient Egypt.
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Argumentative Racism Paper Topics

When choosing research topics about racism like this, you need to be clear about how to argue your point of view or bring a specific example based on your chosen country or time period. For example, you can tell why racism is so relevant in modern society and the main motives it carries to everyone.

  1. The reason for the emergence of racism inclinations.
  2. The aspects of the immorality of racism.
  3. How relevant is the issue of racism now?
  4. Modern movements in the struggle for the rights of different races.
  5. Racism as a manifestation of social intolerance.
  6. When will humanity be able to defeat racism?
  7. Examples of racism in everyday life.
  8. Is religious racism possible in our time?
  9. The benefits of racism in the context of political repression.
  10. The main reasons for the irrationality of racism.
  11. Why do women experience prejudice from men?
  12. Is it possible to get rid of racism through aggression?
  13. What are the main factors motivating racists?
  14. How is Islam perceived in the context of racism?
  15. What are the current problems of different races and nationalities?

Analytical Racism Paper Topics

Analytical information is always relevant when you pick up essay topics on racism. This will allow you to rely solely on real facts and draw parallels between different countries and specific cases. All of this will help you convey your research article's main message and explain the reasons for this or that fact of racial intolerance.

  1. What are the main levers to reduce racism in the United States?
  2. The main racial prejudices in the political environment.
  3. Does racial discrimination affect language issues?
  4. Why interracial marriage is unacceptable in modern society.
  5. The peculiarities of racial discrimination against social workers.
  6. What myths about ethnic groups exist in the United States?
  7. Can Islamophobia be classified as racism?
  8. The relationship between black discrimination and racism.
  9. How does racism affect the health care system?
  10. How is racism reflected in modern cinema?
  11. Can the problem of racism be solved within the next 20 years?
  12. Basic principles of overcoming racism in society.
  13. How can you compare the social level and racism in society?
  14. The nuances of modern racism and the reasons for its occurrence.
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Racism Essay Topics: Definitions

Such social issue paper topics are always relevant in modern society. Racism is a reality that is still with us. You can give definitions of various forms and manifestations of racial intolerance and explain the reasons for such occurrence, even in modern society. It will be relevant in the context of your college or university studies and also allow you to get high grades.

  1. Classification of types of racism in the United States.
  2. How does cultural identity influence racist issues?
  3. Is there institutional racism, and what are the reasons for it?
  4. Can personality theory explain the premise of racism?
  5. Racial-free opportunities in times of racism?
  6. Interpolated racism as a new round of social inequality.
  7. How does the theory of authoritarian prejudice work?
  8. The concept of cultural racism in modern society.
  9. What are pluralism and assimilation?
  10. Does segregation affect personality perception?

Racism in the USA

When you choose racial profiling essay topics, you should think about the USA. This country has a huge number of freedoms and rights, which also goes through a stage of getting rid of racism inclinations. Towards democracy and racism cannot coexist in harmony. Therefore, society must get rid of all negative aspects. You can tell about the United States' history and how this country went through the millstones of racial hatred.

  1. The main causes of racism in the United States.
  2. Why were the early settlers racist?
  3. Why weren't blacks the only slaves on the American Continent?
  4. The reasons for the introduction of the slave system in the United States?
  5. The main nuances that influenced the abolition of slavery in the United States.
  6. Could the escalation of conflicts be repeated on the basis of racism?
  7. How is the US fighting racism around the world?
  8. Major trends for overcoming racism in pop culture?
  9. How is society divided on the basis of racism?
  10. Can racism be permanently removed from America?
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Racism Topic Ideas: Literature, Art, and Movies

When choosing racism research paper topics, you should remember that art, literature, and cinema also have many examples of negative attitudes towards people of different skin colors. For example, you can take any old film from the thirties that will clearly show the attitude of people towards other nationalities and races. This will be able to show progress and general revolutionary movements in modern society more clearly.

  1. The influence of the 1930s cinema on contemporary racism in America.
  2. Why do many Disney cartoons of the late forties have racial prejudices?
  3. Problems of white nationalism in the film The Invisible Man.
  4. The influence of modern cinema on the elimination of racism
  5. Modern literature as a factor in the fight against racial segregation.
  6. A list of the most influential films of the past century that have influenced the destruction of racism.
  7. Is there a racial bias in cinema today?
  8. How can art fight against racism?
  9. Modern filmmakers as flagships of the racial revolution.
  10. Analysis of auteur cinema as the best example of the fight against racism.

Age Discrimination

The age discrimination topics research paper is also relevant to many people in the United States and around the world. Students can take as a basis certain cases of age intolerance or historical facts on the basis of which you can create your own paperwork. This is a very broad topic that includes many key stages of social intolerance that need to be discussed in society for the complete elimination of negative manifestations.

  1. The basic definition of age discrimination.
  2. The impact of age discrimination on employment.
  3. Can an older person experience age discrimination in health care?
  4. How does age discrimination affect the lives of today's Americans?
  5. Problems of age discrimination as a factor of intolerance in society.
  6. The main aspects of age discrimination and its impact on adolescents.
  7. Methods of combating age discrimination.
  8. Modern cinema as proof of the fight against age discrimination.
  9. Older people in politics and the absence of age discrimination in advanced countries.
  10. How can modern society avoid age discrimination?
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Homophobia is a sad fact in world history. Traditional society is intolerant of manifestations of sexual deviations and other views. That is why such a topic may not only be relevant but will bring you high marks. Your job is to get facts and provide expert content with links to authoritative sources.

  1. Psychological causes of homophobia.
  2. How does homophobia affect the slowdown in the development of modern states?
  3. Homophobia as the equivalent of racism in the modern world.
  4. How society can get rid of homophobia.
  5. Why does sexual difference affect attitudes towards people?
  6. Social prejudice as a major factor in homophobia.
  7. Teenage bullying is based on homophobia.
  8. Nuances of homophobia as the highest manifestation of intolerance.
  9. Can homophobia ruin the life of the average person?
  10. The most tolerant countries for non-traditional sexual orientation.
  11. Why is homophobia so common?
  12. Reasons for psychological intolerance towards non-traditional sexual orientations.
  13. The main factors in the fight against homophobia.

General Topic About Racism

You can also choose general racial discrimination topics that do not have a specific focus and are designed to reveal the whole problem in its entirety. Such a broad aspect will allow you not to look for any specific research and provide general facts about the various problems of racial discrimination and the reasons for this.

  1. Definition of racism and racial segregation.
  2. The main reasons for apartheid in the South Africa.
  3. Why do people of color light negative B in their direction in developing countries?
  4. Nuances of racism in the context of modern state politics.
  5. Employment problems for people of color.
  6. The nuances of social policy and the fight against racism.
  7. How can you defeat racism around the world?
  8. Racism as a global disaster in modern society.
  9. Modern manifestations of racism in the social environment.
  10. The general trend towards a decrease in intolerance towards other races.
  11. Features of interaction between people of different races and nationalities.
  12. The main nuances of the fight against racism.
  13. Factors influencing racial intolerance.
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Other Topic About Racism

You can also choose argumentative essay topics on racism, as this will keep you from delving into specific narrow specifics. It may also be interesting for you and bring you a good assessment. If tomorrow you are not on those important topics, you can give several pieces of evidence that will confirm your point of view. Buy a research paper will be especially relevant if you give real examples from life or literature relevant to modern society.

  1. Racism & intercultural communication barriers.
  2. The impact of Jim Crow laws on African Americans.
  3. Racial bullying in schools.
  4. Incidents in the life of slave girls in Uganda.
  5. The black lives matter movement.
  6. Race and ethnicity problems.
  7. The illegal immigration.
  8. Joseph Stieglitz and his research papers.
  9. Contemporary problems of the black population.
  10. Worldwide star collaborations against racism.

How to Write a Research Paper on Racism?

The preparation of a research paper on racism does not differ from other formats in the Technical Plan. You still have to adhere to certain formatting, the structure of your research, and general guidelines for presenting facts and certain statistics. You should also choose a relevant topic that will be important in the context of modern society or historical moments.

Your paper should follow a clear structure, have links to reliable sources, and confirmed statistical information only then you will be able to operate with facts and get high marks. Nevertheless, if you are still undecided about which topic you should choose, you can use our services.

We have a team of professionals who know many aspects of education and are ready to open the topic of racism for your research. All you need is to pick race and ethnic relations essay topics or any other theme. We will prepare expert material which will allow you to get high marks.

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