Top 150 Gender Research Topics For An Excellent Paper

Creating a successful academic paper is surely not easy for most students. Moreover, writing on one of the women's and gender studies paper topics can appear to be a real challenge. Fortunately, we are here to help. Discover the freshest tips on how to write an astonishing essay and pick up any of the topics from our hotlist.

How To Write An Essay On Gender Roles Topics

There is one basic rule any student should always follow when creating essays of this kind. This is meeting the requirements of the traditional structure of the academic paper. Here is how it will look like in your case:

  • Introduction: Make sure to create an eye-catching beginning of your paper. The best thing to come up with a nice introduction is to pick up the most controversial option among various interesting women's studies topics. This way, you will grab the interest of the reader right from the start. By the way, it is important to be brief and come up with a striking thesis at the end of your introduction.
  • Main part: Here comes the main info you want to share with the audience. As a rule, you will need to find several powerful arguments about gender roles, feminism, or other related topics. You are expected to come up with convincing arguments that will support the facts, discovered during your research. Moreover, you can share your own understanding of gender power, the issues related to this area in modern society, as well as provide some recommendations on how to solve them.
  • Conclusion: This is a brief summary of your paper. Avoid writing about any new facts in this part but just sum up your research facts and ideas.
  • Bibliography. The last part of your academic paper is a list of sources you’ve used for creating an essay. Don’t forget to add a bibliography list to your paper to get the best scores for your assignment.

Top Feminist Research Topics For Your Paper

Feminism has been one of the most disputable trends in society for centuries. What were its basic principles a few decades ago? How did the feminist ethics change? What is modern feminism about? Writing on one of these topics will help you create an up-to-date academic paper.

  1. The Development Of Feminism
  2. Feminism: Basic Facts And Concepts
  3. Feminism In The 20th Century
  4. Feminism In Social Relations
  5. The Attitude Of Modern Teenagers Towards Feminism
  6. The Issues Of Feminism Nowadays
  7. Feminism: Pros And Cons
  8. Feminism And Transgender Theory
  9. The Role Of Feminism In Modern Culture
  10. The Main Concepts Of Feminism In The 21 Century
  11. Feminism In Asia
  12. Feminism In Latin America
  13. Feminism In Europe
  14. Pros And Cons Of Being A Feminist
  15. First-wave Feminism
  16. What Is Antifeminism?
  17. Feminist Ethics
  18. Psychology Of Feminism
  19. Feminism Philosophy
  20. Top Feminist Literature
  21. Democracy And Feminism
  22. Ecofeminism
  23. Radical Feminism
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Gender Roles And Issues Topics

Gender roles have been constantly changing. This means you can find tons of ideas to write a brilliant essay about gender roles and their development throughout the years.

  1. Men And Women Roles In Childcare
  2. Women’s Roles In The 20th Century
  3. The Psychology Of Gender
  4. Women’s Rights
  5. Gender Roles And Employment
  6. Women’s Roles During The Industrial Revolution
  7. Gender Roles In Building A Career
  8. The Concepts Of Gendered Society
  9. Gender-related Issues In The Modern World
  10. Psychological Differences Between Men And Women
  11. Women’s Roles In The Ancient World
  12. Women’s Roles In The Middle Ages
  13. Women In Combat
  14. Women In Non-traditional Roles
  15. The Theories Of Gender Development
  16. The Basic Concepts Of Gender Identity
  17. Men And Women In Politics
  18. Traditional Feminine Traits
  19. Differences In The Behavior Of Men And Women
  20. The Attitude In Different Societies Towards Women
  21. Importance Of Girl’s Education
  22. The Pros And Cons Of Changing Gender Roles

Women-Related Studies Topics: Abortions

Abortion has been among the most controversial topics for years. Moreover, it continues to be one of the burning issues in modern society, too. In case you are looking for a modern, sharp, and disputable idea for your academic paper, feel free to choose a topic about abortion.

  1. Abortion Rights In The USA
  2. The Risks Of Abortion
  3. Pros And Cons Of The Right Of Abortion
  4. Abortion Rights In Asia
  5. Abortion Rights In Europe
  6. Sex-selective Abortion
  7. Women’s Movements Related To Abortion
  8. Abortion: Cases And Controversies
  9. Abortion Policies: A Global Review
  10. The Times When Abortion Was A Crime
  11. Abortion And Politics
  12. The Modern Ways Of Birth Control
  13. Abortion And Democracy
  14. Abortion In Judaism
  15. The Abortion Question
  16. Psychological Conditions After Abortion
  17. Abortion And Depression
  18. Abortion And Further Pregnancies
  19. The Benefits Of Reproductive Freedom
  20. Defense Of Abortion
  21. Abortion And Ethics
  22. Abortion In India
  23. Fertility Control In Different Countries
  24. Fertility And Abortion
  25. Abortion: Public Opinion
  26. Abortion From Doctor’s Retrospective
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Gender Stereotypes Research Paper Topics

Although we live in a developed society, there are still lots of gender stereotypes thousands of people believe in. Many of these stereotypes are related to gender, as well as relationships in families. You can create a gender stereotypes research paper using one of the following ideas.

  1. Patriarchal Stereotypes In Family Relationships
  2. Gender Stereotypes In The Advertisement
  3. Gender Stereotypes On TV
  4. Gender Stereotypes In The Gaming Industry
  5. Gender Stereotypes In Different Countries
  6. Sei Shonagons Pillow Book Analysis
  7. The Psychology Of Stereotyping
  8. Dominance Stereotypes
  9. Ways To Fight Gender Stereotypes
  10. Gender Stereotype Activation: Basic Concepts
  11. Gender-role Stereotyping And Career Aspirations
  12. Gender Role Stereotyping In Children's Imaginary Friends
  13. Gender Stereotypes Dynamics
  14. Stereotyping And Discrimination
  15. Gender Stereotypes In Different Age Groups
  16. Stereotypes About Same-sex Marriages
  17. Adoption Of Sex-role Stereotyped Behaviors
  18. Sex-role Stereotypes

Women's Rights Topics: Gender Inequality

Gender inequality has been an issue in most countries for centuries. However, in many societies, this problem still continues to be sharp. Therefore, one of the topics on gender inequality might become an excellent choice for many students.

  1. Gender-neutral Language
  2. The Issue Of Gender Inequality In The Modern World
  3. How To Fight Gender Inequality
  4. Gender Inequality Policies
  5. Primary Source Analysis On Gender Ain't A Woman
  6. Racial And Gender Inequality In African Countries
  7. The Modernization Of Gender Inequality In Brazil
  8. Class, Race, Gender, And Inequality
  9. The Indications Of Inequality Between The Sexes
  10. Inequality And Education
  11. Inequality At The Workplace
  12. Factors Causing Gender Inequality
  13. Inequality In Business
  14. Sexuality And Politics
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Gender Studies Research Topics: Psychology Of Gender

The psychology of gender is one of the most interesting topics for discussion. You will definitely find lots of the newest research on this issue and will be able to write a fresh and up-to-date academic paper.

  1. Camel And Cactus Test
  2. Femme Invisibility
  3. Benevolent Sexism
  4. Determining The Relations Between Different Sexes
  5. Gender-parity In Parenting
  6. Sex-role Theory In Sociology
  7. Men And Women In Sports
  8. Impact Of Discrimination On The Development Of Boys And Girls
  9. Lack Of Female Leaders In Politics
  10. Women Without Children: Issues And Opportunities
  11. Discrimination In Marriage
  12. Technology And Gender Psychology
  13. Modern Gender Norms
  14. The Future Of Gender Norms
  15. The Role Of Motherhood In The Lives Of Women
  16. How To Solve A Work-home Conflict Of Modern Women

Gender Reassignment Studies Topics

Gender reassignment is becoming common in the modern world. But are there any issues for changing gender in different societies? What makes people change their sex or sexual preferences? You can freely describe these issues in your essay and get top grades for your assignment.

  1. Heterosexual Transvestites
  2. Homosexuals In Military
  3. Polysexual In The Modern World
  4. Transsexuals: Basic Concepts And Features
  5. Who Are Transgenders?
  6. Origin Of Sexual Orientation
  7. Feminism And Transgender Theory
  8. Why Do People Become Transgenders?
  9. Transgender Identities
  10. Socializing Transgenders
  11. Bisexuals In A Modern Society
  12. Gender Reassignment In Muslim Cultures
  13. Sex Reassignment And Personal Identity
  14. Homosexuals In Military
  15. Rethinking Gender And Therapy
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Powerful Gender Research Topics

There are many controversial topics you can write about in your academic paper. For example, same-sex marriages, legalization of prostitution, sexuality, and many others.

  1. Legalization Of Prostitution
  2. Same-sex Adoption Rights
  3. Same-sex Marriage
  4. Rethinking Gender And Therapy
  5. Signs Of Sexuality
  6. Gender-based Violence
  7. Human Trafficking
  8. Healthy Relations Between Sexes
  9. Types Of Abuse And How To Stop It
  10. The Role Of Women In The Modern World
  11. The Problem Of Gender Diversity
  12. Determining Sexual Orientation
  13. Psychology Of Gender
  14. Men Vs. Women: Who Is Stronger?
  15. Types Of Sexual Orientations
  16. Gender And Mental Health

How To Write A Gender-Related Academic Paper

There is nothing new that choosing a research topic for women gender studies is not easy. However, picking up the most fitting option among hundreds of gender and feminist research paper topics is only half of the job you need to do complete your assignment. So, what else are you expected to do to get the best scores in a class?

  • Create an essay with a flawless structure
  • Do advanced research via different channels
  • Write in a proper voice and tone
  • Use up-to-date and impressive facts and arguments
  • Represent the best examples to support your ideas
  • Split your main ideas into paragraphs in a logical and well-structured way
  • Express your own views wisely and properly
  • Use a particular voice and tone
  • Avoid any grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes
  • Make sure not to have any typos
  • Add a polished and correct bibliography
  • Use only modern and reliable sources
  • Make your introduction shine
  • Create a great summary with no new facts and ideas
  • Use proper formatting
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Following all these rules often seem amazingly difficult for many learners. In case you are one of them, no worries. The secret truth is that lots of diligent students often pay for essay online. And you can do that, too! This way, you will get a brilliant essay created by skilled and professional writers with absolutely no effort.


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