Best 170 Sociology Research Topics For Your Academic Paper

Writing academic papers on sociology is a common task in thousands of colleges. In case you are one of those students, who got such an assignment, we are here to help. Discover the best ways to choose a perfect topic for your project and pick up the best option from our list of ideas.

How To Choose A Topic For An Essay On Sociology

  • Choose what you are good at. The easiest way to create a successful paper is to write about the topic you are good at. For example, in case history is your favorite subject, you can create a paper on correlation between sociology and history. Many students also prefer choosing topics on family and pop culture.
  • Avoid too general topics. Sometimes learners don’t know what to write about. This makes them choose too general facts about sociology or other related fields for their papers. However, your essay should be precise and support a particular topic with fresh and strong arguments.
  • Stick to the subject. Sociology is closely connected with history, psychology, and other popular sciences. Nevertheless, when writing an essay on sociology it is important to focus on this subject.

Sociological Paper Topics On Race, Nationality, And Ethnicity

Race and nationality have always been subjects of discussion in different societies. Moreover, race issues continue to be on the rise in numerous countries. That is why, many students often choose sociology topics for their help research papers. You can write about various ethnicities, problems of race and nationality, as well as stereotypes in these fields that are common in modern society.

  1. A Sociological Perspective On Crime In The American Society
  2. An Attitude To Abortion In Different Societies
  3. Top Features Of An Asian Parenting Style
  4. Modern Culture Today
  5. Race Stereotypes
  6. How To Solve Conflicts Between Different Ethnicities
  7. The Main Differences Between Various Nations
  8. Race And Culture
  9. Race And Psychology
  10. Police Brutality To People Of Different Races
  11. Race And Education
  12. Race And Employment
  13. Race And Career Goals
  14. The Common Features Of A Patriot
  15. Race And Traveling
  16. Race And Migration
  17. Best Ways To Solve Racial Stereotypes
  18. Patriotism In Different Countries
  19. The Main Differences Between Patriotism And Nationalism
  20. Multi-ethnics People
  21. The Problem Of Assimilation
  22. Patriotism In Asian Countries
  23. Patriotism In Latin Countries
  24. Patriotism In European Countries
  25. Patriotism In Slavic Countries
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Sociological Topics Related To Mass Media And Social Media

Social media has become an inevitable part of the lives of millions of people. Plenty of students stick to social media and would like to find some interesting sociology research topics for their essays. In case you want to know about the impact of mass and social media on people’s minds, explore the ways to influence the audience via different channels or describe the perspectives of blogging, one of these topics might become a fresh start for your paper.

  1. Speech And Speaker Evaluation
  2. The Role Of Mass Media In The Modern World
  3. Social Media: The Impact On Society
  4. The Problem Of Social Media Addiction
  5. Different Channels Of Media In A Modern Society
  6. Why Do People Read Newspapers And Magazines
  7. Pros And Cons Of Watching TV Shows
  8. How To Influence An Audience Via Various Media Channels
  9. Social Media Users By Age
  10. Top Security Issues Of Social Networks
  11. The History Of Social Networks
  12. The Most Popular Social Networks And Their Impact On Humanity
  13. Personal Data In Social Media
  14. Ways To Protect Your Privacy In Social Media
  15. The Perspectives Of Blogging
  16. How To Become A Successful Blogger
  17. Social Media And Marketing
  18. How Disabled People Are Presented In Different Media
  19. Narcissism As One Of The Issues Of Using Social Networks

Controversial Sociology Topics On Health And Food

Being one of the hottest subjects of concern, health continues to be a top social science research paper topic among college students. In case you are looking for topics related to health and food, writing about diets, fast food, eating habits, and vegan culture might become a perfect fit for your assignment.

  1. Importance Of Organ Donation
  2. Health Laws In Different Countries
  3. The Attitude To Euthanasia
  4. The Attitude Of Society Towards Health
  5. How To Have A Good Stamina
  6. The Correlation Between Food And Health
  7. The Role Of Restaurants In A Modern Society
  8. Importance Of Family Dinners
  9. How To Solve The Problem Of Obesity In Different Countries
  10. Why Do Many People Prefer Diets
  11. The Dangers Of Raw Food
  12. The Role Of Vegan Culture In Society
  13. Cons Of Eating Fast Food: Myth Or Reality?
  14. Asian Food Traditions
  15. Latin Food Traditions
  16. The Problem Of Food In Low-income Regions
  17. The Pros And Cons Of Using Pesticides
  18. The Challenges Of Food Export
  19. Top Fast-food Chains
  20. Eating Habits In Different Societies
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Sociological Research Paper Topics: Youth And Culture Today

Youth and popular culture are tightly connected. That is why this type of research topics for sociology continues to hit the list of most popular topics for college students. These topics include socialization, sports, video games, TV series, pop music, and lots of other related fields.

  1. Reading VS Video Games
  2. Ashton Kutcher Speech: The Analysis
  3. The Attitude Of Youth Towards Bullying
  4. The Most Memorable Moment In My Life
  5. How My Environment Shaped Me As A Person
  6. A Time To Kill: Review
  7. Top Solutions To Stop Bullying
  8. Top Reasons Why Students Need To Read Fahrenheit 451
  9. The Impact Of Martial Arts On Teens
  10. The Impact Of Different Kinds Of Sports On Teens
  11. Idols And Teenagers
  12. Pop Culture
  13. The Problem Of Children And Teen Suicides
  14. Children Socialization
  15. The Pros And Cons Of Remote Education
  16. Why Do Many Students Prefer Homeschooling
  17. Teens And Pop Music
  18. How TV Series Influence On Teens
  19. The Impact Of Cartoons On Toddlers
  20. Why Are Extreme Kinds Of Sports Popular Among Teens

Sociology Topic For Your Research Paper: Gender And Sexuality

Sexuality and gender sociology research paper topics are among the most favorite for crowds of learners. The truth is that these topics are usually easy to write about. For example, you can create an excellent essay on same-sex marriages, feminists, homosexuality, and women’s rights.

  1. The Most Common Reasons For Jealousy
  2. Do Parents Have Different Standards For Their Sons And Daughters?
  3. What Makes A Person Admirable
  4. Homosexuality
  5. The Attitude To Same-sex Marriage In Different Countries
  6. How To Solve The Problem Of Gender Inequality
  7. Women And Employment
  8. Female Top-managers
  9. The Attitude To Transgenders In Different Societies
  10. How To Solve The Problem Of Anorexia In Modern Society
  11. Feminists And Their Role In The History
  12. Feminists In Modern Society
  13. The Evolution Of Women’s Rights
  14. Top Sociological Factors That Course Anorexia
  15. Sexuality In The Modern World
  16. Sexuality In Media
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Sociological Research Topics For College Students: Social Movements

Social movements have changed world history for plenty of times. Therefore, there are lots of exciting sociological research topics to choose from. Feel free to write about the basic reasons for different social movements, their role in history, and the connections between sociology and psychology.

  1. Social Movements In History
  2. Social Movements: Top Factors
  3. The Origins Of Different Types Of Social Movements
  4. How Social Movements Were Stopped In The Past
  5. Sociology: The Basic Concepts
  6. The History Of Sociology
  7. Sociology And Psychology
  8. Sociology And Other Sciences
  9. The Necessity Of Deaf Events

Top Sociological Topics On Cults, Clans, And Communities

There are plenty of basic essay samples on sociology you can find online. However, if you are searching for something special, sociology research topic creative ideas on religion, Scientology, and different sects can help you create an astonishing essay within the shortest terms.

  1. Poverty In The USA
  2. The Differences Between The Christians And Catholics
  3. Origins Of Judaism
  4. The Role Of Religion In A Modern Society
  5. Religion And Kids
  6. Buddhism: Top Concepts
  7. Moonies
  8. Scientology: Introduction
  9. Sects: Pros And Cons
  10. The Problem Of Urban Isolation
  11. Hindu Culture And Traditions
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Sociology Papers Topics On Class Conflict And Inequality

Class conflicts can become a perfect subject of discussion in a classroom. In case you are looking for some controversial sociology paper topics, the essays on the ghetto, hunger, wealth, and segregation will surely suit your needs.

  1. Effects Of Ghetto
  2. Geographical Segregation: Basic Concepts
  3. The Problem Of Poverty And How To Solve It
  4. Poverty In Different Countries
  5. How To Stop Hunger In African Countries
  6. South And North Korea: The Difference Between Cultures
  7. How Billionaires Affect Society
  8. The Advantages Of Charity
  9. Levels Of Wealth Among Different Races
  10. Poverty And Education: The Correlation

Sociology Research Topics: Spirituality And Folklore

Many students are fond of folklore and spirituality. If you are fond of unveiling secrets and exploring the hidden truth, sociology research project ideas of this kind will make your process of writing interesting and entertaining. Discover the legends of different countries about dwarfs, elves, leprechauns, and other mysterious creatures and their impact on society.

  1. Pandora's Box
  2. Top Secrets Of Mayan Culture
  3. Big Foot: Myth Or Reality
  4. The Aliens: Top Facts
  5. The Origin Of Different Legends
  6. Dwarfs And Leprechauns
  7. Elfs And Their Role In Northern Cultures
  8. The Evidence Of Lochness Monster
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Social Science Research Topics For College Students: Consumerism

Consumerism is a global trend that is common for numerous world economies. What are its basic features? Are there any drawbacks to consumerism? It’s time to do the research and create a polished paper on one of these topics.

  1. How To Impact On A Customers’ Choice
  2. Introduction To Consumerism
  3. Global Marketing Trends
  4. Ads And Society
  5. Why Do People Consume More And More Goods
  6. Gadgets And The Problem Of Consumerism
  7. Consumerism: Pros And Cons
  8. Video Gaming And Consumerism
  9. How Consumerism Impacts On Sales
  10. Consumerism And Promotions
  11. Purchasing Fashion Accessories As One Of The Consumerism Trends

Sociology Research Topics On Kids And Family

Looking for brilliant ideas for a project topic on the sociology of family? You can easily write about marriages, adoption, helicopter parenting, and nannies to create a successful academic paper.

  1. Sociology And Family: Basic Concepts
  2. The Impact Of Child Abuse On Kids Social And Emotional Development
  3. Four Stages Of Issue Maturity Scale
  4. Bad Parenting In The Glass Castle
  5. Kids And Divorce
  6. Sociology And Marriages
  7. The Consequences Of Helicopter Parenting
  8. Social Programs For Teenagers
  9. Kids And Nannies: When It’s Time To Hire A Nanny
  10. How Parents Can Influence On Teens Behavior
  11. The Challenges Of Single Parenting
  12. Young Mothers
  13. Adoption
  14. Children And Pets
  15. The Problem Of Child Abuse And How To Solve It
  16. Parents And Schooling
  17. Do Parents Need To Pay For College
  18. Teens And Pocket Money
  19. Social Hierarchy In A Family
  20. The Introduction To Patriarchy
  21. Matriarchy: Basic Features
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How To Create A Sociology Essay Fast

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