150 Political Science Research Paper Topics For Students

Political topics are always popular in modern education because they can show society all stages of public education development. Teachers especially appreciate such research work because students can tell their own point of view and analyze a huge amount of historical and statistical data. Political essay topics are always relevant. Such studies require a lot of technical information and housing viewing of analytical articles in popular magazines.

Besides that, such political science research topics require adherence to a strict plan issued by many teachers individually. It applies to both the format works and the general layout with structure and fonts. That is why it is very important to choose the right topic so that your work's technical aspects coincide with your interests and the quality of the work satisfies the teacher.

International Relations

An international relations research topic is critically important in modern society as it allows you to see how countries and politicians interact together. Here students can find interesting topics on contemporary military and geopolitical conflict to impress the teacher. Suitable project topics for international relations are important for the education process.

  1. Contemporary human rights in North Korea.
  2. The main contradictions of Trump's policy.
  3. The Arctic as a subject of geopolitical battles.
  4. The principle of the geopolitical influence of the International Monetary Fund.
  5. The financial problems in Asian countries.
  6. Ethical compromises in geopolitics.
  7. Syrian conflict and its consequences for the global economy.
  8. Genetically modified food as an example of political pressure.
  9. Intermediaries in Japanese corporations and influence on world politics
  10. Global security in the political sphere and the causes of social pressure
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Philosophy of Research Topics

The philosophical aspects of the study of political activity in many countries are key for understanding all modern trends. If a student takes such a topic for research, he will definitely receive the teacher's approval. Political psychology research topics contribute to the structuring of state philosophy knowledge.

  1. Causes and results of the American Revolution.
  2. German philosophy on the example of Karl Schmitt’s theses.
  3. Neo-patriotism as the riskiest tendency in society.
  4. Liberal democracy and its influence on the world trend.
  5. How do selective ethics work, and why is it important?
  6. Can liberalism become the foundation of democracy?
  7. How can post-socialism be an alternative to democracy?
  8. Western constitutional law as a subject of discussion.
  9. Mutual tolerance and politics as two mutually exclusive factors.
  10. Transition methods in contemporary US politics.

Public Administration

Although this topic has a rather specific context, it can be interesting in a research format. If a student can prepare a sufficiently complex work, he will receive a high mark from the teacher. Public administration research paper topics will help you understand the features of this field of activity.

  1. Methodology for the development of modern society.
  2. Governments as a symbol of the coordination of modern efforts.
  3. The importance of the constitutional introduction to modern politicians.
  4. How are nonprofits shaping modern ethics?
  5. The private sector in the US economy and its impact on global trends.
  6. The nuances of environmental management and power compromises.
  7. Transport security as a symbol of political struggle.
  8. Social movement and its trends in social policy.
  9. How the Federal Emergency Management Agency controls political movements.
  10. Political trends and public security of modern states.
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Public Law Topics

The activity of public laws in the context of the modern world community is very important for research in educational institutions. Such topics can reveal geopolitical nuances and social aspects of the interaction between politicians and citizens through laws' prism.

  1. The impact of human rights on the formation of political trends.
  2. Criminal law as a tuning fork of public morality.
  3. The law on confidentiality of the information and its appropriateness in modern society.
  4. Social inequality in the context of political repression.
  5. Ensuring civil liberties in modern society.
  6. Political pressure as a form of social inequality.
  7. European history of law and its impact on the United States.
  8. Gender psychology and politicization of society in the context of modern trends.
  9. Modern judicial control as a system of public control.
  10. Political aspects of social trends in the context of European society.

Researchable Topics In Political Science

Many students choose political science because it is an opportunity to choose an actual topic and argue their thoughts to get high marks. Modern political trends are a good format for research work that will be appreciated by your favorite teacher.

  1. High-level politicians and the Ethics of the Prosecution.
  2. Is an acquittal in a criminal case possible?
  3. Nuances of federal policy in modern democratic countries.
  4. Armed conflicts and political disagreements.
  5. Religious aspects as political trends.
  6. Methods of elimination of modern corruption in politics.
  7. Legislative processes and aspects of their formation.
  8. Social movements and political repression.
  9. Unitary governance as a utopian model of modern society.
  10. Modern leaders and their political tendencies.
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Conflicts In Politics

The frequent conflicts on the world stage are a huge topic of discussion. Students can use these materials in the historical background context or choose contemporary conflicts to tell the entire chronology politically.

  1. Political consequences of the conflict in Afghanistan.
  2. Ethics of social protests and political movements.
  3. The problem of Mexican emigrants and the nuances of the economic crisis.
  4. Syria in the context of state repression.
  5. Nuances of the Civil War and harm to society.
  6. Ronald Reagan was a prominent political figure in history.
  7. The war in Iraq as a method from search to justification.
  8. International conflicts and methods of their resolution.
  9. Modern aggression in the context of Russian tyranny.
  10. African civil wars and consequences.

Conflict Resolution

Many geopolitical resolutions affect world aspects and global politics. It is very important to choose the right topic that could interest both teachers and students. Then such research will make special sense. Interesting political science research paper topics help grab the teacher's attention.

  1. Political persecution of prisoners.
  2. The war for the Arctic and the consequences of conflicts.
  3. The conflict of oil interests in Iran.
  4. The media and their political manipulation.
  5. US foreign policy in the context of world globalism.
  6. The operating of political leaders and the consequences of their mistakes.
  7. The party system and the nuances of political differences.
  8. Art as an element of control of political movements.
  9. The consequences of terrorist attacks and the reasons for the politicization of conflicts.
  10. Afghanistan as an example of the unsuccessful foreign policy of world states
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Mediation And Negotiation

This branch includes all the nuances of political influence in the format of negotiations and mediation. Students can take a historical topic or explore the current nuances of modern geopolitics to prepare a good job. Check these interesting political science research topics to know more about mediation and negotiation.

  1. The influence of volunteer organizations on political movements.
  2. Military conflicts and political negotiations.
  3. How do American informants work?
  4. Ethics of legal conflicts of political corporations.
  5. The judicial system as a way of political pressure.
  6. Media and political conflicts in the United States.
  7. An alternative format for solving political discussions.
  8. The system of civil choice as a system of manipulation.
  9. Reasons for the shortsightedness of American politicians in the international arena.
  10. Political aspects of negotiations with terrorists.

Modern Politics

Modern political trends and events dictate a new vector of development of the world community. Such topics are always relevant since students have enough information that is constantly updated. Comparative politics research paper topics about modern politicians are relevant to all students.

  1. The influence of political movements on the open community.
  2. How does modern government work in a democracy?
  3. Positive trends in American politics.
  4. Mass media as a subject of political pressure on the social masses.
  5. Conspiracy theory as an element of social struggle against political ambitions.
  6. How can nationalism stop globalization?
  7. All the nuances of how constructivism can change the world.
  8. Politics and integration by public morality.
  9. How does corruption interfere with the political trend?
  10. Disinformation as the main element of mass media pressure.
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Comparative Politics

Considering the comparative politics of many states, students can take a research topic that will allow them to learn all the nuances of establishing certain democratic regimes and other forms of statehood. Such political science research topic ideas can save you time.

  1. Nuances of cooperation between Great Britain and the United States in the political arena.
  2. How did apartheid change the modern political trend?
  3. How has the American government changed the format of social interaction with society?
  4. China in the context of modern communism.
  5. The Soviet Union and the reasons for its collapse.
  6. How does a social party work, and can't it be improved?
  7. How does the majority system work in the context of political trends?
  8. Nuances and consequences of the Vietnam War.
  9. Developing countries as a subject of specific democracy.
  10. Cultural interaction between Japan and the United States in the context of modern realities.

Political Philosophy

Political debate, philosophical reflections, and various historical facts can be very interesting in education. Students can take examples of various historical facts and histories of the establishment of certain states to surprise the teacher. Research paper topics in political science help develop critical thinking.

  1. The principle of work of existentialism in the conditions of the US Constitution.
  2. American Revolution and the consequences of such actions.
  3. Influence of German philosophy on modern Germany.
  4. How the Republicans formed their idea in contrast to the liberals?
  5. Common risks in the format of modern nationalism in many developing countries.
  6. How did the Soviet Union come to a socio-political impasse?
  7. Liberal democracy as a source of modern law in the United States.
  8. The nuances of tolerance and aspects of the democratic hierarchy.
  9. How does the tradition of political education affect modern society?
  10. Can electoral ethics influence political trends?
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Historical Politicians & Nowadays Trends

This area of research is very interesting because it can draw parallels between old policies and new trends. Each student can conduct large-scale research and identify patterns of development of certain political movements in this context. International relations research paper topics are endless historical opportunities to impress your teacher.

  1. Donald Trump as the President of the United States and his influence on the world stage.
  2. Theodore Roosevelt as an icon of the modern democratic movement.
  3. How does the 4th Amendment of the Constitution affect the lives of modern Americans?
  4. Jesse Jackson's speech in the context of modern history.
  5. Modern political trends in the context of democracy.
  6. How the 2016 presidential election affected global democracy?
  7. James Madison and congressional control for power-sharing.
  8. Abraham Lincoln his leadership in America Today.
  9. Eddie Mabo as a method from the political revolution.
  10. European countries and political climate.

Public Political Science

The study of political history and the methodology of certain political regimes' development is very important for understanding all subjects in general. If a student takes on a similar topic, he can discover many interesting nuances in political development as a scientific method of state management. Any political science essay topic is important for understanding modern society.

  1. Government organizations as the main level of coordination in modern politics.
  2. The private sector in the United States and its role in innovation.
  3. Methodology for the development of modern social activity.
  4. A compromise between power and political trends.
  5. How does the constitutional movement change the political vector of development?
  6. Federal Agency for Emergency Situations and the principles of its work in the political environment.
  7. The main advantages of public safety in political realities.
  8. Nonprofit organizations as one of the elements of political pressure.
  9. Nuances of strategic planning in the United States and political aspects.
  10. Transport security as a guarantee of political stability.
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Political Theorists

Without political theory and a review of historical figures, a full-fledged analysis of the political context is impossible. The real point is this area of scientific work is very interesting for both students and teachers. Term paper topics on comparative politics help to understand current political trends.

  1. Basic concepts of the philosophy of government according to the Aristotle model.
  2. John Austin as the basis of the Assistant to the theory of politics.
  3. Modern nuances of economic trends are an example of the politics of Abraham Lincoln.
  4. Edmund Burke as the founder of classical theory.
  5. Plato and his republican tendencies in terms of political governance.
  6. Historical aspects of the development of freedom and justice.
  7. History of anarchism on the example of real countries.
  8. Utopian communism or the story of Vladimir Lenin
  9. How does the sovereignty of the state affect the independence of opinions in political society?
  10. The French Revolution and the history of its political dynamics.

Other Topic Ideas To Explore

Many of the topics in this section will also interest students as they have sufficient historical factors to consider in political trends. College government thesis paper topics are essential for education.

  1. Principles of functioning of political psychology.
  2. Culture and politics as a close symbiosis and modern society.
  3. How does political science work in a social crisis?
  4. Political decisions of historical figures and consequences.
  5. Terrorism as an instrument of political pressure on the state.
  6. The cause of the Civil War and the method of overcoming difficulties.
  7. Nuances of populism in the conditions of modern world politics.
  8. How a social movement affects the political system of many states?
  9. How electoral systems work and why they are losing their relevance?
  10. Common features of totalitarian regimes in the context of modern society.
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How to Write a Research Paper on Political Science Topics?

All aspects of the policy should be carefully analyzed to provide the reader with extremely reliable information. Political research topic is needed to calculate social achievement. The student must be unbiased and give only facts that support his thoughts in research work. Otherwise, it will be an unreasonable substitution of concepts.

As a rule, teachers have strict requirements for such a task, so students must show all their moral qualities to conduct large-scale research. If you are not confident in your abilities, then you should use our online essay writing service. Any political research paper topic should be chosen carefully. Our experts can help you analyze various political nuances in the context of your topic and provide you with a finished work that will surprise your teacher.

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