aviation aeronautics research topics

1. A Plea for Readmission to Aviation School.

Desc: This paper will discuss my desire to be readmitted to the Aviation University, which I was suspended from for poor grades. I wish a sincere desire to return to the University, and to redeem myself in the superior prowess of your school. By advancing myself through my academics, and maintaining a solid foundation for grading in your school, I believe that I am ready to make the full commitment to this education. 2 pgs, no bibliography.

2. A Short History of the United States Air Force in Space Warfare and Technology.

Desc: This study will discuss the different roles of the Air Force is creating weapons that could be used in space, as well as the many different facets of military monitoring that are part of the use of satellites in space. By understanding such angles in Air force technology, such as the use of missiles, and long-range communications networks, we can see how the history of the Air Force in this perspective can show us the failures, as well as the great successes, which contribute to the safety of the United States in this manner. With all of these options for space defense, as well as military advantages on the offensive side, we can see how these informational structures in the advancement of technology has created a whole new way to see air defense in our history of outer space utilization. In the last seventy-five years, there has been much that was accomplished in this arena, and by showing the many accomplishments of this varied military institution, we can learn how they changed and adapted in the realm of weapons building

3. A Study on the Funding Airline Security in America.

Desc: This study will seek to understand how the federal government and the airlines can help to fund the security systems that will be used. By realizing the two-sided front that may help the airlines from a governmental level, we can see how the airlines, are, as well, responsible for their own security, and should realize that, as other businesses do, they must be responsible in their finances. Many find that either one of these levels of funding should take responsibility, but in this study, both parties should take an equal share in the way that businesses should be watched by government, as well as business taking responsibility for their own lack of security. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

4. Admission Essay

Desc: The paper is an admission to college essay which will discuss the benefits I will gain through the diversity experience in at the University. My contribution to the experience and the university will be included in the essay. The diverse cultures I will come in contact with and how this diversity will prepare me for the future professionally and personally will be included in the essay. The university environment is one of diversity and opportunity and my intention of taking full advantage of the experience will be examined.

5. Airline Delay Problems At La Guardia Airport.

Desc: This ten-page undergraduate paper traces the history of the airport congestion at La Guardia Airport, explores its causes and discusses recommendations on how to overcome airline delays. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

6. Airline Industry Bailout.

Desc: This ten-page undergraduate paper discusses the airline industry bailout, which President Bush authorized. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

7. Airline Safety and Security Checkpoints: Examining September 11th, 2001.

Desc: Airline safety has become a matter of national concern since the events of September 11th, 2001. Many factors, including airline safety standards, the lack of federal regulation checkpoints, and minimum- wage airline employees, all served to contribute to the tragedy. Addressing these issues indicates serious changes in the overall operations of public airlines and might include the introduction of federally- operated checkpoints. 12 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

8. Airport Security: Administrators, Managers, Contractors and Personnel.

Desc: This is a five-page undergraduate paper on airport security, examining the roles played by the public administrator, airport managers, airlines and security firms. The paper further considers the sources of poor security performance in the poor training and low wages of security and security-related personnel. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

9. An Analysis of the Australian Air Pilot Dispute of 89'-90'.

Desc: This paper will discuss the Australian Air Pilots Dispute and seek to find, through the Dunlop Industrial Relations Systems, how the pilots reacted to the Airlines that sought to control the number of hours they could fly in a given time. By analyzing these aspects of this system of relations, we can see how it was effective, yet had limitation upon the men whom took part in it. Also, the two differing sides of the dispute will be presented and their claims made. Also, by clarifying the parties involved a further understanding o the problem may arise. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

10. Arming Airline Pilots - Pros and Cons.

Desc: Since the hijackings of September 11, there has been a great deal of controversy involving the arming of airline pilots. Whether or not this is a good idea is the topic of this paper. 5 pgs, bibliography lists 4 sources.

11. Aviation Administration.

Desc: This is a 4-page paper on the future of the aviation administration from the perspective of safety. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.8438 Aviation Administration.doc$35.80 8439 Aviation Issues: Pilot Performance and Safety Management.This is a 10-page paper that specifies the management of pilot performance in safety issues in the aviation industry. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

12. Aviation Safety Management: Air Traffic Control.

Desc: This is a 10-page paper that describes the evolution and the development of safety programs within the Air Traffic Control System in the US. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

13. Aviation Safety: Error Management versus Safety Compliance.

Desc: This essay explains the difference between Error Management and Safety Compliance in aviation accidents. Error Management, it is argued, provides a greater likelihood for proactive outcomes when errors due occur. Because errors and accidents are impossible to eliminate, EM is premised on a complex information gathering system that allows those involved in accidents to better understand what happened. It creates a more intervention-focused environment for crew, and avoids issues of blame and punishment, and thus provides the crew with a different responsibility for error prevention. 3 pgs. bibliography lists 2 sources.

14. Airline Industry in the New Century.

Desc: This twenty-four-page paper addresses the changing trends as well as the recent status of the airline industry in the new century. The paper will begin with a brief introduction on how big the airline industry is financially, the important financial booms and crashes in the airline industry and the reasons for as well as the effects of the same. Furthermore, a brief background of the airline industry in the late 1990's will be included in the introductory part of the paper. The next part of the paper will discuss all the factors responsible for effecting the airline industry of late 1990's to 2002 including the events that brought a drastic financial crash to the airline companies and the alternatives. Our paper will further look into research on the airline industry based on the company data of British Airways, American Airlines, Delta and Air France. In addition to the above we will also discuss the future of the airline industry based on the research done by some of the experts in the related field. Our marketing section will discuss the significance of marketing strategies of the overall industry. Furthermore, the marketing strategies that can be used for favorable outcomes. Moreover, the paper will look into the future direction of the companies under consideration as well as of the entire airline industry. 24 pgs, bibliography lists 30 sources.