science and technology research topics

1. A Recent Discovery about the Center of the Galaxy.

Desc: This paper discusses the discovery of a black hole in our own Galaxy the Milky Way. 5 pgs. 10 f/c. 3b.

2. A Literary Criticism of "Frankenstein": Using Three Perspectives for Assessment Purposes.

Desc: This paper explores three forms of literary critique identifying Frankenstein and its traits in order to demonstrate that this process is successful: The three genres are assessed in terms of a formal, a historical, and a feminist perspective.

3. A Longing for Place: The History of Navigation.

Desc: This paper examines the history of navigation. 3.5 pgs. 4 f/c. 3b.

4. A Look at The Website of the WHO.

Desc: This paper takes a critical look at the website of the World Health Organization. It concludes that the site is poorly designed and does not reflect a positive image of the organization. While it does house useful information, the navigation is not consistent, logical, or user friendly. Some useful suggestions for improvement are made. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

5. A Shrinking World: The Distinction between Virtual and Physical Distance.

Desc: This paper will be argued, when people speak of a "shrinking world" or a "global village" they are more often speaking of a virtually shrinking world bound together by communication networks, as opposed to a physically shrinking world bound together by transportation networks. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

6. A Substance and a Bundle of Properties.

Desc: This essay discusses if there is anything to a substance over and above a bundle of properties. This question concerns the bundle theory, which states that an object is a bundle, or collection, of properties. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 1 source.

7. ATM Network.

Desc: This is a 16-page paper that describes the concepts and structure of ATM and the operations involved in its interface and security. 16 pgs. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

8. ATM: Intelligent Networking for Scalable Enterprise Networks.

Desc: This 3-page, 3-source piece is a brief analysis of implementing ATM networking technology. In the piece, the author discusses why implementing ATM makes sense for a mid-sized corporate enterprise and some of the issues involved in upgrading. The author then suggests three areas potential upgraders need to consider before taking the plunge. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

9. Abortion, Justice and Bioethics.

Desc: This paper examines the issue of abortion in terms of justice and bioethics. When is performing an abortion just or unjust to the mother and when is it just or unjust to the fetus are the two questions considered.

10. Albert Einstien an Intellectual

Desc: Summary: This paper will define what an intellectual is in the literal sense. It will also define Albert Einstein as an intellectual using the technical definition. Then the not define part of an intellectual will be defined by myself and I will incorporate why I think Albert Einstein fits all this criteria as well. I will tie the two together to summarize what I think an intellectual is and why I feel that way. I will also add into the summary why I think Albert Einstein is the best example of what an intellectual is.

11. American Technology.

Desc: This is a three-page senior paper that considers what constitutes American technology. The short essay argues that it is not a matter of the tools or the mechanisms being born on American soil. Rather, it is the transformation of the technology through American attitudes and aspirations that makes a technology American. 3 pgs. No sources listed.

12. An Analysis of the Stem Cell and Its Research.

Desc: This paper will discuss the nature of stem cells and seek their definition in the current standards of cell research within the medical communities. By revealing the nature of this way of harnessing the creative powers of cells and how they can be made to help disease and organ problems, we can see how this may be an effective way to help create a greater chance of mortality. The way that these stem cells are implemented will also be discussed in this paper to further help the definition of this type of cell research be better explained in the current felids of medical exploration. 8 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

13. An Comparative Analysis of Arguments Regarding the Issue of Animal Research.

Desc: This analysis paper will examine a number of journal articles on this issue which approach the question of animal research from a number of perspectives. The key points of comparison between the pro- and anti-animal research positions will be outlined. It will be argued that, at its core, the debate is more political than scientific. As will be seen, the scientific method does not occur in a vacuum, and scientists are increasingly acknowledging both the logical and ethical validity of criticisms of animal testing from other academic disciplines and from the general public as well. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

14. An Ethical Analysis of Human Cloning: Secular and Religious Viewpoints in Modern Science

Desc: This paper will take a Catholic standpoint the in the ethical debate on the nature of human cloning in the twenty first century. By understanding the perspectives on the rights of God within the boundaries of science should not be given to mankind, we can see that the fetal and rights of manipulating the procreation process. In this way, Catholicism offers an ethical view on the limitations that should be placed on cloning for human beings.

15. An Exposition Paper on Genetic Engineering.

Desc: This paper is executed in two smaller formats. The first paper is 500 words and is a brief synopsis of the argument that is discussed at depth in the longer paper. The topic is a negative approach to the industry of genetic engineering. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

16. An Introduction to Hydrochloric Acid.

Desc: This paper discusses "Hydrochloric acid". It gives a detailed introduction to Hydrochloric acid. It also explains that how this acid is made and the hazards of using its industrial use, common use, medical use, chemical formula molarity and how it is used and reacts?

17. Ancient Astronomy: Stonehenge.

Desc: This paper examines the historic megalith in England known as Stonehenge. It focuses on archaeoastronomy and the astronomical influences on the design of Stonehenge.

18. Animal Testing and Its Benefits: Why In Vivo Testing Allows Comprehensive Research.

Desc: The argument that animal testing is an act of cruelty against a species or species that cannot protest its supposedly pitiless treatment is a denial of the overall benefits that result from concentrated research on a living organism. It is through such research that many significant medical achievements have been made over the past hundred years. This paper shall address these achievements and argue that they would never have been accomplished were it not for the unhindered use of animals as test subjects during the research phase. 8 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

19. Animal Testing is Beneficial for Humanity.

Desc: This paper examines the role of animal testing in research, and why - despite the controversies that surround it - the process of testing medical and chemical research on animals has provided benefits for the human race. This paper provides a brief examination of the progress that has been made in terms of research purposes through the process of animal testing. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

20. Animals In Research

Desc: Research using animals has led to substantial advances in our understanding of the biological mechanisms which result in sickness, disability and premature death. Without this we feel certain that much of which we know today would remain closed off to us with the result that we would now be further away from the prospect of early and accurate diagnosis, appropriate advice and support and in an increasing number of cases the effective therapies that have been produced through (in part) the knowledge and acquired by animal based research. Clearly research involving animals must be properly regulated, and where alternatives exist these should be used. However, we do not believe that it is yet possible to exclude the use of animals completely without either compromising safety, slowing research or both, with the result that the harm inflicted on animals used in research would be transferred to humans in the form of prolongation of disease or an increased element of risk in therapies taken through the toxicity testing and into clinical trials.

21. Answers to Gleicken Corporation Data Back Up Problems

Desc: This paper will examine the different methods of database disaster methods for backing up information. By assessing hot backup, cold backups, and data exporting, we can learn how a company learn to help save as much information as possible if a breach in security or data becomes lost in the main warehouse. This is how we can assess database security in this way.

22. Application Development Features Of Access 2000.

Desc: This twenty-page undergraduate paper is on Microsoft Access which surfaced out of nowhere at the end of 1992 to instantly develop into the database of preference for Windows based database development. Access is a relational database intended for the modern Windows environment, it does not bear the propensity and pre-Windows design history of earlier database systems (such as FoxPro, Microsoft's other database system). 20 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

23. Archaeology Questions

Desc: This paper answers a series of questions in archaeology on the effects of pyrotechnology on the prehistoric production of pottery, metal, and stone tools, and on the study of microwear, showing how microwear studies allow for close analysis of the way tools are used to reveal the purpose of the tool, how it was made, different techniques involved in manufacture and use, and so to build a better picture of prehistoric life.

24. Archaeology and Diet

Desc: This paper offers methods for developing a research design to discover the dietary habits of the people found at an archaeological site, which includes includes finding and mapping the placement of evidence such as animal bones, local plant species, food remains, and the examination of coprolites, and assuring that a comprehensive mapping of the region is achieved.

25. Are Laboratory Experiments In Information System Valid

Desc: This paper argues the position that laboratory experiments are useful components in the development of Information Systems; but, that they are but one of the tools available to the system developer. Except in the case of highly generic systems, a custom blend of hard or soft quantitative and qualitative analysis should be used. 7 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

26. Argon Gas.

Desc: This three-page undergraduate paper discusses all the properties and uses of

27. Article Review Database Management Systems.

Desc: This is a 3-page paper that analyzes the major ideas projected in two articles by Craig S. Mullins on Database Management Systems. It uses 2 sources in MLA format. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

28. Artificial Intelligence.

Desc: This paper is on the topic of artificial intelligence. What is artificial intelligence? Computers use artificial intelligence. There are many ways that artificial intelligence have been used in many different fields ranging from farming to the President. Artificial intelligent is not a thought or philosophy, but it is something that makes a difference in people lives.

29. Artificial Intelligence and the Development of an Expert System

Desc: This paper discusses the creation of an expert system to determine what type of computer to buy and which particular computer fulfills all the requirements.

30. Artificial Intelligence: What it is and how computers use it.

Desc: This paper is on the topic of artificial intelligence. What is artificial intelligence? Computers use artificial intelligence. There are many ways that artificial intelligence has been used in many different fields ranging from farming to the President. Artificial intelligent is not a thought or philosophy, but it is something that makes a difference in people lives.

31. Assessing Business Strategies: Selecting the Ideal Personal Computer.

Desc: This paper presents an analytical business report for a problem- solving scenario. The scenario is the planning needed in ordering a personal computer on a limited budget. This scenario addresses the planning, effort, and expenditure needed to build a personal computer to exact specifications on a $3000 budget. 12 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

32. Astrology and Astronomy: How We Are Still Under Their Spell.

Desc: A 7-page historical survey of the bond of Astrology and Astronomy and how as the result of the scientific method that bond was broken. And how both are still influencing us today. 7 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

33. Astrology.

Desc: This paper discusses astronomy or what we call astrology. First, most opinions are based on the worst aspects of astrology, namely the columns found in newspapers. Astronomers are also victims of this; for the tabloids misrepresent scientific astronomy in stories such as "Hubble sees Heaven", and we certainly hope that the public does not take this level of reporting as representing the real work of astronomers. There are many statements from leading astrologers that discredit tabloid astrology. Second, most of the debunkers have little or no knowledge of astrology, they just know that there are no known mechanisms that can account for a celestial influence of this type. The considerable development of astronomy in the 1600s gave further credence to mechanical model of the universe & made implausible the older anthropocentric ideas. However, Robert Boyle was a supporter of astrology who wrote that it could be a counterpart to an atheistic mechanical cosmos. Hunter closes his essay by noting that scientists had little influence at this time.

34. Astrology: An Analysis.

Desc: This five-page undergraduate paper examines the issue of whether there is a scientific basis for astrology. The author presents a brief history of astrology and then proceeds to analyze the scientific criticisms of astrology. 5 pgs. bibliography lists 3 sources.

35. Astronomy Questions.

Desc: This one-page paper provides answers for various questions about astronomical calculations. Calculations refer to earth rotation, star movements, and measuring the celestial meridian. 1 pg. 2 Internet sources.

36. Attracting, Selecting and Retaining IT Professionals.

Desc: This thirty-page graduate paper discusses the attraction and selection of IT professionals. 30 pgs. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

37. Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

Desc: This paper examines the astronomical phenomenon of Aurora, more specifically the aurora borealis commonly known as northern lights. This essay examines the scientific understanding of their origins, the colors and images that result and concludes with consideration of the mythical and aesthetic links to the northern lights. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

38. Autonomy Related to Bioethics.

Desc: This three-page undergraduate paper discusses the issue of autonomy in bioethics. The two main problems discussed are informed consent and how choices are made.

39. Autonomy and Bioethics.

Desc: This three-page undergraduate paper discusses the issue of autonomy in bioethics. The two main problems discussed are informed consent and how choices are made.