50 Exciting Philosophy Paper Topics That Encourage Reflection

Philosophical research involves a lot of writing of a very particular kind. A philosophical research paper is essentially an extended argument. All your stylistic choices should make your argument as clear as possible and show the audience the logic of your argument.

The writing process of a philosophical argument topic is different from research papers on other disciplines. A well written philosophical paper can walk a reader through the best possible answer to the substantial question he has.

The philosophical paper assignments could be of 2 types:

  1. Expository — this type of paper asks you to explain someone’s argument without judging it.
  2. Evaluative — having such an assignment, you need to explain and judge any argument.

There are plenty of topics for philosophy papers, and you might get stuck picking up an interesting topic to research. Even if you have some prompts, it’s often tough to know where to start the topic of your interest. We have prepared a set of effective tips on choosing philosophy paper topics.

Generating the Easiest Topics to Write a Research Paper On

  1. Review discussions and notes you have made in the classroom.
  2. Write down all ideas that come to your mind on a separate sheet of paper. After brainstorming your ideas, you might have a long philosophy topics list to cross out topics you won’t be able to research deeply.
  3. Pick a topic you have some idea about and are interested in. There is nothing worse than investigating and poring over the topic you don’t like and don’t understand.
  4. Clarify what type of paper it will be: expository or evaluative. If it’s hard to identify the type, consult with your academic advisor.
  5. Study the background information. Get to know why this topic is still relevant, who reflected on it and what conclusions the scholars made.
  6. Don’t be narrow-minded. You might choose a topic having two sides. A controversial question could be a good option to highlight in a philosophy work.
  7. Make a structured plan to be sure that you will be able to disclose your research paper's point.

Structure of Philosophy Thesis Topic Outline

  1. Introduction. The opening part involves an intro, a research question restricted to a position on a limited topic, a brief survey of opposing positions, and a thesis statement. The introductory section aims to grab the reader’s attention and make him read your work to the end.
  2. Counterargument. Here you have to identify the position, represent scholars of the position, collect quotations from summaries of the positions, and refute the opposing position.
  3. Core argument. Defend the thesis statement with reasons and evidence, synthesize the scholarly resources, and anticipate your position's objections.
  4. Conclusion. Restate the thesis statement from the introductory part, express implications and applications of your ethical research paper topic, and return to the intro.

Things You Should Avoid In Your Research

  1. Extra rhetorical questions as they make your work hard to follow.
  2. Mindless repetitions of the same ideas.
  3. Don’t ask questions about the author's motives.
  4. Criticize the writing style and choice of words of the previous studies.

Interesting Philosophy Paper Topics on Education

  1. What Is Academic Freedom?
  2. Pros and Cons of Being Educated at Home
  3. Do All People Need Education?
  4. Future Without Education: What Does It Look Like?
  5. Philosophical Approach to Education in Asian Countries
  6. Principles and Basis of Theory of Knowledge
  7. Is Teaching a Job or a Special Talent?
  8. The Idea of Educational Philosophy
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Having become an independent field, the philosophy of education aims to solve the conceptual crisis of education. For over half a century, there have been disputes about the status and position of educational philosophy in the system of sciences.

Easy Philosophy Paper Topics on Historical Questions

  1. Early Philosophical Concepts
  2. The Dominant Definition in Prominent Philosophers in History
  3. Ideological Teachings in Middle-Aged Philosophy
  4. Outstanding Ancient Philosophers
  5. The Nature of Being Idea and Its Changes Throughout the Years
  6. The Necessity of Writing a College Paper on Epictetus Quotes
  7. The Analysis of Philosophy Value of Bertrand Russell

Scientists state that philosophical topics consider history as it existed. It studies the facts and events and does not allow a priori fictions. To obtain true knowledge, the mind has to think constantly.

Catchy Ideas on Philosophy of Art

  1. Representation of Modern Art
  2. Philosophy of Mayan Sacrifices and Their Depictions in Art
  3. Philosophical Principles of Futurism
  4. The Philosophical Problems of the Movie “Gone Baby Gone”
  5. Importance of the Art Therapy
  6. Influence of Renaissance's Artists on Modern European Culture
  7. The Literature Review on “Dreams and Reality” by Muriel Spark
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The idea of beauty is multi-faceted and changeable as it received different content in the history of art and is presented in well-known reference books on philosophy. There is a need to reflect on beauty as an idea only at a certain stage of culture.

Philosophy Research Topics in Law

  1. Change of Legal Issues Over the Centuries
  2. What Is Legal Realism?
  3. Socrates Argument on Rhetoric Use and Its Impact on Judicial Field
  4. The Utilitarianism Definition and Its Historical Study
  5. Personal Moral Philosophy of Judges
  6. Eternal Conflicts Between the Legal System and Moral Issues
  7. Philosophical Aspects of Legal Validity
  8. Importance of Writing an Essay on Freudian Defense Mechanism for College Students

To find an answer, a lawyer has to raise the question correctly, clear its essence, and understand if the current legislation solves this question, or the answer should be sought in the employment documents. Writing an interesting philosophy topic helps to understand the problem’s nature.

Political Philosophy Paper Topics

  1. Machiavelli's Impact on the Political Philosophy of Locke
  2. Enlightenment of Bacon and Locke and Its Effect on the European Political System
  3. Five Main Traits to Determine A Good Political Leader
  4. Democracy: Myth or Reality?
  5. How to Create a Perfect Political Society?
  6. Carl Rogers vs. B. F. Skinner: The Most Important Perspective in Politics
  7. Politics Without Lie: Is It Possible?
  8. Soren Kierkegaard's Thoughts on Truth and Subjectivity
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Philosophy policy is the science of the most common foundations, boundaries, and possibilities of politics. The subject of political philosophy is changing in any field of public life. Generating philosophy research paper topic ideas helps to understand these questions more clearly.

Topics to Discover Aesthetics Issues

  1. The Beauty Standards Idea
  2. Experience and Judgement of Aesthetics
  3. The Tradition of Rhetoric in Ancient Greece and Rome
  4. Aesthetic ideas of the French Enlightenment
  5. The Main Ideas of “Tragedy of the Commons” By Garrett Hardin
  6. Baroque Aesthetics and Its Basic Principles of Baroque

The history of aesthetics is a search full of drama, delight, and disappointment for something perfect that we call beauty. The main conclusion from the understanding of the beauty that is determined by philosophy. Philosophy changes, the concept of beauty changes and causes a lot of philosophy argumentative paper topics.

Basic Philosophy Paper Topics

  1. Transience and Acceptance of Life
  2. Core Components of Personal Philosophy of Nursing
  3. Living in Harmony: What Does It Mean?
  4. What Would You Choose: To Love or To Be Loved?
  5. What Makes Us Happy?
  6. How to Measure Wealth?
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Investigating philosophy topics for essays provide knowledge in culture, religion, and politics. It also affects the formation of the people's traits character. This is the basis for communication with people, understanding, analyzing, and searching for knowledge sources.

You have already known about the research paper structure, and now it’s time to explain how to extend each part.

How To Write Interesting Philosophy Paper Topics

  1. Introduction. Create an intro that engages readers with the importance of your paper. State a research question that motivates your writing and clarifies the thesis statement, and provides an evidence answer. Craft a short literature review that demonstrates how different scholars understood the current issue. Argue your position in the thesis clearly as a solution to a broader problem.
  2. Counterargument. Identify the positions supporting each with a name within a pre-existing category. Name representative scholars and their connection with the position. Summarize the scholars’ opinions, access, and refute the opposing positions based on their logic.
  3. Core argument. Pose a premise of your position and defend it with your original insights with various sources. Don’t forget to identify, explain, and defend assumptions that undergird the premises.
  4. Conclusion. It’s like the conclusion of a philosophical essay topic that you have to start by framing the paper with a modified return to the introduction. You should rephrase the thesis, address the research paper, and demonstrate how your position helps supply a broader problem. In the end, offer implications and spin a conclusive twist on the intro.

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