150 Biology Research Topics You Should Check First

Choosing the right biology research topics can be challenging. Sometimes, it can be a real problem because many topics require deep analysis and search for a lot of information. The second aspect is the need to take into account all the smallest details since scientists research well each topic, and you may seem incompetent if you provide information without any proof.

Every college or university has its technical requirements, so you should consider them. Once you have decided on the biology research topics, you should find out whether it is wide or narrow.

A broad topic does not need to go into detail, while a highly specialized option promises you a lot of research work. Here's what you need to do first:

  • Do the research
  • Find reliable & trusted sources
  • Prepare for the practical part
  • Consult with your teacher

You should also choose an interesting biological topic to get the highest grades. Correctly presented paperwork is always appreciated above. Try to find research by scientists on a given topic and prepare a few examples to create a good paperwork. Let's check the most exciting biology research paper topics.

Human Biology Research Paper Topics

This section of biology is entirely devoted to several factors that influence the variations in the development and structure of the human body. Given the vast knowledge of humanity in many areas of human biology, you can choose the most interesting niche for a research paper. You can even try controversial biology topics to get the highest grade.

  1. Impact of biomedical considerations in the context of epidemics among South Africans.
  2. Biocultural aspects of man in the context of the Middle Ages.
  3. Childhood sexual dimorphism in India.
  4. Chronotypes and their features among the rural population.
  5. Natural selection as a cause of the development of human biological characteristics.
  6. Biological features of increased resistance of some people to COVID-19.
  7. Nuances of puberty before and after the Black Death.
  8. The impact of malnutrition on gender among men in West Bengal, India.
  9. Population growth in the context of gene continuity.
  10. Body features of newborn children after the bombing in Hiroshima.

Marine Biology Research Topics

This area is very rich in interesting topics. Marine organisms are diverse, and you can choose any theme. For example, it can be a research work on bacteria, little-known fish, or even single-celled organisms. Such biology topics for high school or college can be very exciting.

  1. Influence of marine biology on the stages of the study of the ocean shelf.
  2. Interglacial cycles and their impact on climate.
  3. Coral reefs as a global biological indicator of ecology.
  4. Dynamics of development of underwater species in the Mariana Trench.
  5. Ecology of Antarctica in the context of biological changes.
  6. The role of biotechnology in the study of underwater bacteria.
  7. Features of biological species in artesian sources.
  8. Seabirds and their biological progression.
  9. Global ocean problems due to increased fish populations.
  10. Effect of tanker oil on plankton and other organisms.
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Molecular Biology Research Topics

This field of biology explores all the mechanisms of storage, transmission, and implementation of genes. You can pick your biology paper topics based on new scientific hypotheses and the most interesting research.

  1. The genome as the basis of human molecular biology.
  2. Molecular biology-based primate studies.
  3. Axon guidance as an essential element of biological activity.
  4. Prion disease and biological propagation techniques.
  5. Molecular biology action methods based on plant design.
  6. Memory storage as the main method of transferring data across generations.
  7. GABA receptors and their role in the context of basic biological processes.
  8. Dengue fever using the example of biological changes in the body.
  9. Study of microplasmas in the context of pathogenicity.
  10. Chronic leukemia and its features at the biological level.

Microbiology Research Topic for Undergraduates

Microbes and single-celled organisms hold many secrets. You can choose one of these biology research topics for college students and get good grades. For example, you can shift the focus to the most interesting or less researched topic.

  1. Microbiological seed selection for ideal hybrids.
  2. Features of the microbiological effect of waste on surface waters.
  3. Diagnosing malaria and evaluating the effectiveness of HRP2 and PLDH.
  4. Microorganisms and their role in the biological processes of whales.
  5. Analysis of microbiological substances based on food raw materials.
  6. Microbiological aspects of plant breeding.
  7. Bee honey as an antibacterial substance with microbiological characteristics.
  8. Potential benefits of bacillus thuringiensis biocontrol.
  9. Influence of microbiological substances on the quality of drinking water in megacities.
  10. Single-celled organisms with microbiological growth potential.
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Cell Biology Research Topics

Do you think you know everything about the structure of cells, their organelles, and the reproduction process? Then you are deeply mistaken. There are many nuances that even your teacher may not know. We recommend choosing one of these biology essay topics to create a good research paper.

  1. Major diabetic complications at the molecular and cellular level.
  2. Features of neurogenesis and its effect on the cells of the human body.
  3. Extracellular matrix and prospects for its research.
  4. The role of transport protein in cell biology and treatment of pathologies.
  5. De-identification at the cellular level.
  6. Environmental analysis of endothelial cells.
  7. The effect of atherosclerosis on the cells of the body.
  8. Features of macrophage activation in real examples.
  9. Treatments for Alzheimer's disease as a result of advances in cell biology.
  10. Regulation of stem cells in the body of an adult person.

Evolutionary Biology Research Paper Topics

Evolutionary inheritance and variability can affect the formation of any species. Such interesting biology research topics can be a good choice because you can take the theory of human evolution as a basis and trace genetic change through thousands of years of history.

  1. Features of polymorphism on the example of TLR4 gene and periodontitis.
  2. Human evolution in the context of biological processes.
  3. The procedure for the emergence of new life forms on earth.
  4. Genetic features of the evolution of cell structure.
  5. Study of amphibian species based on cytochrome-b sequences.
  6. Features of evolution on the example of X-chromosome and Y-chromosome.
  7. Polarization of macrophages as an example of the evolution of biological species.
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Animal Biology Topics

This section is especially interesting for those who love animals and want to learn more about their biological characteristics. For example, you can devote your research to feline vision, dog's sense of smell, or kangaroo body structure. If you put your thoughts properly, you can interest your teacher with such biology topics for research.

  1. Environmental factors as the cause of animal behavior deviation.
  2. Animal borrowing on the example of generations.
  3. The influence of evolutionary factors on the development of animals.
  4. Family values through the study of elephant families.
  5. Changes in animal behavior based on climate change.
  6. Innovative processes in biology in the context of animal cloning.
  7. Exploring the glycocalyx structure with real examples.

Plant Biology Research Topics

By choosing such research topics in biology for undergraduates, you can prepare some really interesting paperwork. The fact is that the plant world is full of incredible living examples of how nature can modify cells and create new species.

  1. Study of plants with microwaves.
  2. Metabolic study of plant development levels.
  3. Method for isolating plant DNA using real examples.
  4. Raman visualization as a plant study tool.
  5. New technologies for the development of world agriculture.
  6. Plant stress physiology and genetic memory.
  7. Plant growth with increased nutrient levels.
  8. Soil pathogens and their effect on plant growth.
  9. Siderophores and rhizobacteria for crop growth.
  10. Wheat growth control based on biology.
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Environmental Biology Topics

This is a very extensive section of biology, and there are tons of topics to choose from. For example, there are many opportunities to study the behavior of animals, depending on the environment. You can also focus on global and popular biology research topics.

  1. New plant hybrids for environmental assessment.
  2. Environmental sustainability of plants.
  3. Hybrid technologies for cleaning the environment.
  4. Sustainability in the face of biological innovation.
  5. Green energy as a basis for cleaning the environment.
  6. Environmental problems as a consequence of globalization.
  7. Environment and the impact of metallurgy on species.
  8. New species of bacteria in the face of climate change.
  9. The impact of biorhythms on the environment.
  10. Plant ecology and their selection in modern biomechanics.

Immune System Topics

How does our immunity work? Why did the discoverers of America cause a total epidemic among the local population? How is immunity formed at an early stage in the life of a biological species? These and many other questions are very interesting for research. Such biology research topics for high school can be challenging, but it's worth it.

  1. Biological factors in the formation of the immune system in primates.
  2. Influence of agents on the development of the human immune system.
  3. Stress deviations as one of the factors weakening the immune system.
  4. Ways to boost the immune system using the example of primates.
  5. Emerging trends in the treatment of autoimmune diseases and biological triggers.
  6. Can asthma activate autoimmune diseases?
  7. Innovations in the field of immunotherapy.
  8. Fundamentals of transplantation as a method to control the immune system.
  9. Innovations in implantation and rejection prevention.
  10. Modern vaccination and basic benefits.
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Behavior and Hormones Topics

Do you think that many of your actions are dictated solely by brain activity? Hormones are also responsible for many processes. Your behavior, emotionality, and inclination to various actions depend on many hormones in the body. Such biological science topics can become a hit with the rest of the student body if you choose an interesting aspect for your research paper.

  1. Hormonal changes and their impact on human behavior.
  2. Antibiotics as hormonal triggers.
  3. Features of human behavior during hormonal dysfunctions.
  4. Hormonal surges as the first factor in depression.
  5. Pregnancy and hormonal features.
  6. Key triggers for bipolar disorder.
  7. How cortisol affects human behavior.
  8. Oxytocin components and effects on behavior.
  9. Hormone therapy in the context of biological innovation.
  10. Oxytocin and its effect on the hormonal system.

Genetic Biology Topics

Modern genetics is at the level where scientists can add individual genes to any organism. You can pay attention to this and talk about the field of cloning. Such topics are always popular in the student community.

  1. The effect of abortion on the female body.
  2. Influence of genetic predisposition on the physical development of a child.
  3. Heredity: the key factor in mutation.
  4. Genetic prerequisites for human cloning.
  5. How does cloning work, and what are the difficulties of this process?
  6. How does DNA structure affect genetic diseases?
  7. Nuances and genetic possibilities of cloning living things.
  8. Moral aspects of geneticists and the feasibility of human cloning.
  9. Genetic progress and prerequisites for the cloning revolution.
  10. Stages of the progress of modified DNA.
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Neurobiology Topics

You can choose from many topics related to neurons, nerve impulses, and the brain's nuances. On the plus side, such nuances of neuroscience are the most interesting. You can also study the effect of neurobiological disruptions on the functioning of living organisms.

  1. The human eye: a perfect model of orientation in space.
  2. Neurology and its impact on the world of robotics.
  3. Influence of neurobiology on methods of developing hand motor skills.
  4. Music and its effect on neural connections.
  5. The main functions of the human brain and memory.
  6. Human brain self-improvement limits.
  7. Causes and first neurobiological signs of schizophrenia.
  8. Migraine as part of the body's neural failure.
  9. The effect of gut bacteria on human anxiety.

Agriculture Biology Topics

The field of agricultural activity is also interesting. It allows you to track the influence of biological aspects on the growth of plants and the distribution of such species in unusual territory. Choose biology topics for a research paper and try to find some interesting information.

  1. Evolutionary factors in the development of a green economy.
  2. Reclamation of fields as the main engine of crop growth.
  3. Effect of biological stimulants on plant growth.
  4. Economic preconditions for biological stimulation of the agricultural sector.
  5. Cereals and their characteristics, depending on the region.
  6. The required biological composition of the soil to increase yields.
  7. Biological consequences of wheat genetic modification.
  8. Gene evolution as an incentive for the agricultural sector.
  9. Trends and directions of development of agricultural biology.
  10. Factors of influence on biological processes of sunflower growth.
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General Biology Topics

Such topics will be interesting if you want to touch upon some superficial aspects of biology and do not want to delve into the peculiarities of the structure of cells or the human genome. However, general biology contains a lot of interesting things for your research paper.

  1. Development stages of the cloning industry.
  2. Public opinion as a tuning fork for the development of biology.
  3. Biological consequences of abortion for women.
  4. Effect of oxytocin on overcoming biological dysfunctions.
  5. Vaccination as a biological barrier to viruses.
  6. Animal behavioral factors associated with biological disorders.
  7. The relationship between bacteria in the human body and mood changes.
  8. Features of the connection between genes and neurons in humans.
  9. Biological camouflage of marine predators.
  10. Impact of food additives on human biological cycles.

Other Biology Topics

Choosing such topics for a biology research paper as an alternative medicine or genetic phenomenon is difficult for students as it requires maximum concentration and deep knowledge in a specific area. Here are some other options for you. Perhaps this will help you decide on the topic of your research paper.

  1. Biological confusing love with obsession.
  2. What affects membrane permeability.
  3. The digestion and absorption of carbohydrates process.
  4. Alternative medicine vs. modern medicine.
  5. Dental hygiene and biological factors.
  6. Is obesity a genetic phenomenon?
  7. Homosexuality in different species: is it possible?
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How to Write a Research Paper on Biology Topics?

After you have chosen biology research paper topics for high school or college, you should move on to the stage of collecting and analyzing data. Here are some basic guidelines:

  • Do Thorough research first
  • Determine the purpose of your research
  • Work in a narrow area

It requires a reliable source to verify the information and write truly verified data. Any biology research topics for high school students should have a clear purpose. You can analyze already existing scientific articles, criticize them, or supplement with personal observations.

Choosing a narrow area, you don't have to analyze a huge amount of data. Also, your research paper will look more cohesive. Even if you are confused and unable to start analyzing the data, all is not lost. Our cheap essay writing service is ready to help all students in times of need. We will prepare for you just such a research paper that will receive the highest marks. You can choose any topic and get a first-class result.

An Inspiration Sources List:

  1. MDPI – Open Access Journal
  2. Journal of Biology
  3. Current Biology
  4. Biological sciences
  5. Science Daily
  6. Research and Reports in Biology
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