200 Gripping Environmental Research Paper Topics to Write About

It’s common knowledge that environmental pollution is increasing day by day. National and international green organizations and agencies strive to prevent harmful processes. To generate all possible ideas on protecting our environment, college students are asked to research various environmental science research topics and create a paper on the environment.

There is a wide choice of topics you might investigate, and it’s challenging to choose the most suitable for you. Following our simple tips, you will be able to decide on what ecology topic you will make the subject of further research.

Choosing a Research Paper Topic on Environment Science

  1. Make sure that you follow the assignment instructions. If you ignore even one of the requirements because you couldn’t get it, you are unlikely to succeed in writing your paper.
  2. Ask yourself what you are interested in. What personal issues affect you? The more interested you are, the better topic you will create.
  3. Put down all topics of interest and narrow them to more researchable ones. A narrow topic will help you stay focused on the main point.
  4. Ask your academic advisor to make sure that the environmental science topic corresponds to the requirements.

The Research Paper’s Structure

  1. Introduction. You establish the background, the nature of the research issue, the importance of the topic, and novelties.
  2. Purpose. Indicate a purpose, a thesis statement, and outline the intentions beyond the research paper.
  3. Methods. In this section, you have to provide information on procedures, data, assumptions, and approaches.
  4. Results. You state findings, arguments, and what was accomplished.
  5. Discussion. This chapter interprets or extends your results.
  6. Conclusion. It explains how your discoveries fit in with the previous knowledge about this ecology research topic.
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200 Catchy Environmental Science Research Paper Topics You Should Not Overlook

Climate Change Paper Topics

  1. Impact of Climate Change on People’s Health
  2. Causes and Effects of Climate Change
  3. Natural Disasters Affect Mental Health
  4. How Do Climate Change Influence Urban and Rural Life?
  5. Climate Change in Africa
  6. The Causes of Environmental Pollution and Its Impact on Climate
  7. Cloud Formation During Climate Changes
  8. Changes in Climate as a Result of Daily Human Activities
  9. Ways Large Companies Can Manage Environment
  10. Could We Stop Climate Change Today?
  11. How to Improve the Government Policy About Climate Issues?
  12. Wildlife in the Context of Climate Change
  13. Where Is Climate Change Leading To?
  14. Climate Change in the US
  15. How Does Forest Protection Prevent Changes in Environment?
  16. The Biggest Challenge for Humanity: Climate Change
  17. The Realistic Picture of Man-Made Climate Change
  18. How Do Climate Problems Affect on Business?
  19. International Tourism Harms Climate: Facts
  20. Extreme Weather Patterns as Consequences of Climate Change
  21. Can Big Money Prevent Climate Change?

We can’t stay away from current urgent climate issues that impact our life pace. The following climate change essay topics will help us realize how important it is to pay attention to environmental changes.

Environmental Protection

  1. Coral Reef Destruction: How to Stop It
  2. Everything We Have to Know About Acid Rains
  3. What Can We Do to Save the Environment?
  4. Consuming LED Lights Make a Difference in the Environment
  5. Solar Energy Distribution
  6. Why Do Deep Sea Mining Harm the Surroundings?
  7. How to Prevent the Extinction of Endangered Species
  8. How Do Acid Rains Kill Nature?
  9. The Importance of National Parks
  10. PET Bottles Damage Our Environment: Causes and Consequences
  11. Why Are Bees Vital for Humans?
  12. The Tectonic Movement Impact on the Ecosystem
  13. Greenpeace and Their Ways to Preserve Ecology
  14. Writing an Environmental Destruction Essay as a Way to Teach to Save Environment
  15. Influence of Groundwater on Environmental Changes
  16. What Huge Corporations Do to Preserve Nature?
  17. How Does Coronavirus Impact on the Environment?
  18. What Is Green Chemistry?
  19. The Ecosystem Types and Their Effects
  20. Top 5 Devices to Save the Surroundings
  21. The Importance of Small Water Bodies for Nature
  22. Greenhouse Effect
  23. Why Do Hurricanes Have Female Names? The Essay Sample About Hurricane Katrina
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We should be thankful for what nature gives us. That’s why we have to work on developing new ecosystems and preserving them. Choosing one of the offered environmental topics for research papers, we will get to know all ecology issues these days and generate solutions.

Interesting Environmental Pollution Research Paper Topics

  1. Causes of Air Pollution
  2. After-Effects of Air Pollution
  3. Water Pollution and Its Consequences
  4. What Is Noise Pollution?
  5. How to Avoid Noise Pollution?
  6. How Does Writing an Essay About Air Pollution in the United States Help Prevent This Problem?
  7. Dust Pollution in Megacities
  8. Reduction of Oil Pollution in the Arabian Gulf
  9. Deforestation and Its Influence on Water Quality
  10. Top 10 Cities With the Highest Level of Air Pollution
  11. Impact of Sea Pollution on Human Health
  12. How Does Soil Pollution Harm Farming?
  13. What Causes Soil Pollution?
  14. What Is Environmental Racism?
  15. How to Prevent Environmental Racism?
  16. Antibiotic Pollution and Its Meaning for the World
  17. Sources of Thermal Pollution
  18. Light Pollution and Its Consequences
  19. How to Reduce the Ecological Footprint?
  20. Evolution of Environmental Pollution

People have been struggling with pollution since the development of big corporations that harm nature. Investigating an environment research topic shows you how you might clean up the environment.

Cosmological Pollution

  1. What Is Cosmology Pollution?
  2. The Danger of Cosmological Pollution
  3. Causes of Pollution in Space
  4. History of Cosmology
  5. Evolution of Pollution in Space
  6. Technologies That Can Explore Cosmological Pollution
  7. Celebrities Who Are Involved in Cosmological Pollution Issues
  8. Evolution of Black-Hole Galaxy Scaling
  9. Impact of Space Investigations
  10. Cosmic Rays Effect
  11. Connection Between Space and Earth Pollution
  12. The Biggest Mystery in Cosmology: Dark Energy
  13. Countries Contributed to Space Development
  14. How Does Cosmology Pollution Affect Climate Change on the Earth?
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The best minds on our planet are interested in conquering space. But do they think of the changes they cause by galaxy exploring? Writing an earth science topic teaches us to wonder if we don’t harm when messing the balance of nature.

Issues of Forest Conservation and Wildfires

  1. What Is Forest Conservation?
  2. Role of Forest Conservation on Health
  3. Why Conserve National Parks?
  4. Forest Renewal After Fires
  5. Countries Suffering From Forest Fires
  6. How to Avoid Wildfires?
  7. Influence of Society Issues on Forest Pollution
  8. Development of Planting Trees Strategy on the Local Level
  9. Natural Causes of Forest Damage
  10. How to Stop Deforestation?
  11. Activity Patterns of Giant Pandas on the Background of Forest Issues
  12. Tree Health Policy
  13. Impact of Technologies on Preventing Forest Fires
  14. Saving Animals During Wildfires
  15. How Does Nature Destroy Woodlands?
  16. Trees Tribute
  17. Human as the Main Cause of Forest Fire
  18. Forest Fires in Australia
  19. Rural Tree Management
  20. Wood Properties in the USA
  21. Role of Urban Trees
  22. How Can Wild Animals Prevent Forest Fires?

People are fond of relaxing in nature, but deforestation and wildlife fires can deprive us of this chance. How to preserve nature? Developing an environmental planning thesis topic is a good option to get involved in this issue.

Global Warming Topics for Students

  1. The Danger of Global Warming on Health
  2. History of Global Temperatures
  3. Global Warming Consequences on Business
  4. Impact of Agricultural Production on Global Warming
  5. Global Warming and Human Behavior
  6. How Does Human Activity Contribute to Global Warming Issues?
  7. How to Combat Global Warming?
  8. What Is Better: Global Warming or Global Cooling?
  9. What Solutions to Prevent Global Warming Do Big Companies Offer?
  10. What Can Politicians Do to Stop Global Warming?
  11. Does Global Warming Have Any Benefits?
  12. Ways to Control Climate During Global Warming
  13. Global Warming as a Cause of Coral Reef Death
  14. Evolution of Global Warming
  15. Effect of Warming on Animals
  16. The Scientific Theory of Global Warming
  17. Impact of Cellular Respiration on Global Warming
  18. Global Warming Affects Children Behavior
  19. Life Changes During Global Warming
  20. How Do Colleges Protect the Planet From Warming?
  21. Melting of Glaciers
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Annually, we might notice some changes, but don’t focus on it a lot. Only if we face the question related to our needs and see any declinations, we get disappointed. Our environmental issue topics get you to dive into the global warming issue.

Environment Research Paper Topics on Natural Resources

  1. The Right Usage of Natural Resources
  2. How to Use Natural Resources Economically?
  3. Ways to Keep Soil Health
  4. Importance of Carbon Sequestration for Plant Growth
  5. What Is Recycled Water?
  6. History of Solar Energy
  7. Alternative Natural Resources
  8. Life Cycle of Energy
  9. How Can We Conserve Energy?
  10. The Earth Day
  11. What Is Better: Wood, Gas, or Electric Heating?
  12. Ways to Save Soil for Our Future
  13. What Is Fossil Fuel?
  14. Sources of Fossil Fuel
  15. Medical Properties of Plants
  16. Diamond Mines in the World
  17. The Biggest Oil Wells Throughout the World
  18. Who Is Responsible for Wasting Natural Resources in the Country?
  19. Energetic Natural Resources
  20. Distribution of Mineral Resources Between Countries
  21. The Necessity of Sun Power
  22. Lack of Freshwater in African Countries
  23. Natural Resources in China
  24. Do We Have Enough Resources for Comfortable Living in the Future?

Are you willing to leave a wealthy planet for our future generation? Then, we need to know how to use natural resources wisely. How to learn? Picking up and studying environment project topics will teach you to save planet resources.

Radioactive and Hazardous Waste

  1. The First recycling in History
  2. Ways to Recycle Waste
  3. Reuse of Plastic Materials
  4. The Best Ways to Replace Polythene Bags
  5. Key Points on Nuclear Waste Management
  6. Radioactive Waste in Oceans
  7. Harmful Impact of Non-biodegradable Substances
  8. Persuasive Speech on Recycling of Household Waste
  9. Where Is the Cemetery of Nuclear Waste?
  10. Why Recycle Batteries?
  11. Importance of Recycling
  12. Questionnaire to Check Ways of Waste Minimization
  13. Restyling Clothing as a Way to Waste Minimization
  14. How to Prevent Illegal Dumping
  15. Pros and Cons of Disposable Products
  16. Methods of Hazardous Waste Recycling
  17. Importance of Garbage Sorting
  18. Why Is It Essential to Collect Waste Paper?
  19. How to Reduce the Amount of Nuclear Waste?
  20. Pesticides and Its Impact on the Environment
  21. Technology Development Helps to Prevent Paper Waste Collapse
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One person can monitor waste issues in the world, but if you prepare a good environmental research topic on one of the questions mentioned, you will make a call to action.

The Problem of Ozone Layer

  1. Importance of Ozone Layer
  2. Ozone Hole Impact on People Health
  3. Things That Affect the Ozone Layer
  4. Types of Ozone Layer
  5. The Process of Ozone Layer Damage
  6. Ways to Preserve the Ozone Layer
  7. How Can We Care About Atmospheric Ozone?
  8. Human Activities as a Reason for Ozone Depletion
  9. Reactive Halogen Gases Destroying Stratospheric Ozone
  10. What’s an Ozone Hole?
  11. Causes of Appearing Ozone Holes
  12. Influence of Volcanic Eruptions on the Ozone Layer
  13. Production of Ozone-Depletion Substances
  14. Primary Signals of Ozone Recovery
  15. Distribution of Ozone Worldwide
  16. Ozone Layer and Climate Change

If we can’t see the ozone layer, it doesn’t mean we can do nothing about it. You might be assigned to write science and environmental policy projects to add some fresh ideas on how to take care of the ozone layer.

Paleoclimatology Research Paper Topics

  1. The Subject of Paleoclimatology
  2. Why Is Paleoclimatology Vital?
  3. Prominent Scientists Studying Climate
  4. Chemistry in Paleoclimatology
  5. History of Paleoclimatology
  6. The Future of Paleoclimatology
  7. How Can Students Contribute to Paleoclimatology?
  8. Climate Change Evidence
  9. Why Study Paleoclimatology?
  10. Climate Effects on Marine Areas
  11. How Did Deforestation Change Climate?
  12. Winter Weather in the Past
  13. Recent Climate Changes in the UK
  14. Human Activities That Changed Climate
  15. Natural Disasters as a Result of Climate Change
  16. How Did Animals' Life Change Within 20 Years?
  17. Changes in Weather Patterns
  18. Natural Hazards and Their Consequences
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Would you like to know how the climate has changed within the years? Paleoclimatology reveals a lot of curious facts about that, and you will find a few suitable topics for research.

The Flow of Writing Environmental Issue Topics

  1. Understand the assignment instructions. The research paper that meets all the requirements is halfway through.
  2. Choose an interesting topic.
  3. Study the existing facts and data.
  4. Generate questions you are going to highlight in your work.
  5. Create a basic research paper outline consisting of an introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion.
  6. Make a list of relevant research.
  7. Re-read your environmental essay topics to make sure you didn’t skip any points and wrote a paper sticking to the scientific style.
  8. Polish your paper. You have to get rid of mistakes and typos.

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