Best 120 Art History Topics For A Perfect Essay

Art history is surely not the easiest field to write about. Many students are feeling lost in the world of art and might confuse different painters. How to write an art history research paper? How to create a successful essay? The key to your success is choosing the right topic. In this post, we’ve collected an impressive number of 120 art history research paper topics as well as some tips for writing a brilliant academic paper.

How to Compose A Successful Art History Academic Paper

Creating an art history research paper is similar to writing other types of essays you’ve faced with earlier. However, you need to know some particular features of this type of essay to make your paper shine. Here is a list of hints that will help you create a nice paper on any of the art history topics.

  • Choose a time period you will describe in your paper. One of the most common mistakes of many students is trying to write about the world of art as a whole. However, there are some historical art periods with their own unique trends and novations. Pick up a certain period and stick to your topic when writing an essay.
  • Meet the basic requirements for academic papers. Lots of learners would like to be creative when writing about art. Of course, some types of papers allow sharing your own views and preferences. However, it is still necessary to follow the basic essay structure and formatting.
  • Learn the instructions. As a rule, professors provide students with a list of instructions on writing an art history academic paper. It is better to start working on your essay by learning the basic tips offered by the professor.

Ancient Civilizations: Art History Research Topics

These are topics that might help you discover lots of secrets and mysteries. Ancient worlds have an amazing art history and lots of particular features to describe in your essay.

  1. The Sculptures In Ancient World
  2. The Secrets Of Egyptian Pyramids
  3. The Main Art Tendencies In Ancient Greece
  4. The Art In Ancient Rome
  5. The Art Of Mesopotamia: Top Facts And Trends
  6. The Sculpture In Mesopotamia
  7. The Secret Facts About Mesoamerican Pyramids
  8. Art In Egypt
  9. The Development Of Theater In Greece
  10. Challenges Of The Art Development In Ancient Rome
  11. Early Art: Hinduism
  12. Scythian Art Masterpieces
  13. Traditional Japanese Costumes
  14. Traditional Chinese Costumes
  15. The Development Of Art In Asia
  16. Hinduism: The Art Trends That Changed The World
  17. Famous Masterpieces Of Ancient Rome Art
  18. The Shifts In The Art Development In Ancient Greece
  19. The Impact Of God Worship In The Ancient Art
  20. God Figures In Ancient Art
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The Middle Ages And The Renaissance: Art History Academic Paper Topics

The world of art was changing at railway speed. When looking at the masterpieces created in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, you will be amazed by how diverse they are. These epochs are incredibly rich in new trends and tendencies, so there are lots of art history compare and contrast essay and topics to choose from.

  1. The Role Of Michelangelo In World Art History
  2. Mogul Paintings And Their Particular Features
  3. The New Styles In Raphael’s Paintings
  4. Leonardo da Vinci As A Genius Of His Epoch
  5. The Secrets Of Mona Lisa
  6. The Masterpieces Of Leonardo da Vinci
  7. Bible Scenes In The Art Of Middle Ages
  8. History Of Medieval Art
  9. Gothic And International Gothic
  10. Famous Russian Medieval Icon Painters
  11. Romanesque
  12. Types Of Medieval Art
  13. Materials Used In Medieval Art
  14. Early Christian Artists
  15. Byzantine Artists
  16. Famous Medieval Artists
  17. Nicola Pisano And His Role In The History Of Art
  18. Filippo Calendario And His Role In The History Of Art
  19. Renaissance Art In Italy
  20. The Main Features Of Humanism
  21. Renaissance Artists Who Changed The World Of Art
  22. Sienese School Of Painting
  23. The Main Causes Of The Renaissance

Art History Research Topics: 18th century

There is nothing new that the 18th century is an epoch of the flourish of art in lots of countries. Neoclassicism, Baroque, Rococo, and other styles all appeared during this remarkable period.

  1. What Is Baroque Art? The Main Concepts
  2. Types Of Baroque Art
  3. Baroque Sculpture
  4. The Tenebrism And Its Role In The History Of Art
  5. The Chiaroscuro And Its Role In The History Of Art
  6. Religious Art In The 18th Century
  7. The Causes Of Realism
  8. Easel Art
  9. The Main Features Of Vanitas Painting
  10. Biblical Art
  11. Caravaggism Painting Technique
  12. Spanish Baroque
  13. Flemish Baroque
  14. Dutch Baroque
  15. Neoclassical Architecture
  16. Neoclassical Painting
  17. Neoclassical Sculpture
  18. Caravaggio And Paintings
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Art history thesis essay topics: 19th century

The history of art is full of amazing changes and fantastic innovations. The 19th century is also a period of incredible cultural shifts with outstanding masterpieces created by Vincent Van Gogh, Giovanni Strazza, Monet, and other artists.

  1. The Historical Role Of Francisco De Goya
  2. Art Nouveau And Its Main Features
  3. Decorative Art In 19th Century
  4. Applied Art In 19th Century
  5. Japonism And Its Main Features
  6. Poster Art And Illustration
  7. History Of Art Nouveau
  8. Evolution Of Art Nouveau
  9. Art Nouveau Decorative Glass And Jewellery
  10. Famous Art Nouveau Artists
  11. Influence Of Art Nouveau
  12. Realist Artists
  13. History Of Realism In The 19th Century
  14. Verismo: The Main Trends
  15. Famous 19th-century Realist Paintings
  16. Vincent Van Gogh And His Role In History
  17. Monet And His Role In History
  18. Giovanni Strazza And His Role In History

Art History Research Paper Topics: 20th Century

The 20th century was incredibly dynamic and had lots of important events that changed the world of art. The World Wars, the fast development of technologies, and space exploration had a significant impact on the minds of artists.

  1. The Main Trends In Art In The 20th Century
  2. Photorealism And Its Main Concepts
  3. Hyperrealism: The Basic Features
  4. The World Of Cubism
  5. Symbolism And Its Meaning
  6. Futurism: The Challenges And Prospects
  7. Surrealism: The Basic Features
  8. Futurism Artists
  9. World-known Surrealism Artists
  10. Symbolism Artists
  11. Famous Hyperrealism Artists
  12. Holocaust Art
  13. Causes Of Social Realism
  14. Ashcan School
  15. American Scene Painting
  16. American Contemporary Realism
  17. Beaux Arts Quartet
  18. Magic Realism: The Basic Concepts
  19. Cynical Realism In China
  20. The Regionalist Style - Characteristics
  21. Anti-European Abstraction
  22. Why Was Regionalism Important
  23. Regionalist Painters
  24. Vorticism: The Main Concepts
  25. Video Art In The 20th Century
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Art History Paper Topics: Argumentative And Analytical

Most students are assigned to write various types of argumentative and analytical topics. However, picking up the topic for deep analysis among the history of art topics might appear to be difficult. Below we’ve created a short collection of essay topics for these purposes to make your job easier. Art history compare and contrast academic essay topics are also available here.

  1. Comparative Analysis Of Sculptures Created By Polykleitos And Donatello
  2. Style And Design In The 19th And 20th Century
  3. The Impact Of Oriental Style On European Culture
  4. Comparative Analysis Of Gustave Moreau And Mikhail Vrubel Art
  5. Expressionism And Fauvism: An Advanced Analysis
  6. Examining The Works Of Monet
  7. Realism And Hyperrealism
  8. The Difference Between Poster Art And Photorealism
  9. The Difference Between Surrealism And Magic Realism
  10. Examining The Works Of Leonardo Da Vinci
  11. The Main Features Of Ancient Greek And Ancient Roman Art
  12. The Analysis Of Venetian Paintings
  13. The Main Challenges Of Victorian Art
  14. Examining The Works Of Adolph Von Menzel
  15. The Main Trends In The 20th-century Architecture
  16. Rococo And Neoclassical Portraits

How To Create Papers On Art History

Most young learners consider art-related topics to be among the most difficult areas to write about. The matter is that the world of art is incredibly diverse with lots of trends and tendencies that appeared in different periods of time. Moreover, it is often complicated to choose the style of the piece of art you are writing about. What should you do to succeed in writing academic papers of this kind?

  • Do advanced research. Searching online and in your local library will surely take you plenty of time. Determining the differences between impressionism and realism requires having a deep understanding of both styles of art.
  • Polish your writing skills. Your paper should be well-structured and have no mistakes or typos. This means you need to have exceptional writing abilities and excellent grammar skills.
  • Have perfect formatting. Most professors will downgrade the scores for your essay in case you’ve chosen a wrong formatting style. Therefore, pay extra attention to this feature, too.

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