Top 120 Brilliant Law Research Paper Topics

Creating a law essay is one of the most difficult tasks for thousands of students. Choosing the right topic, writing an outline, and coming up with brilliant ideas might be incredibly time- and energy-consuming. In case you want to discover the best writing tips for creating a law essay, as well as pick up an excellent topic for your paper, this post is what you need.

How To Write A Law Research Paper?

The first and the most important thing you need for creating a flawless essay is to choose the right topic. Pick up the best solution according to your knowledge, experience, and personal preferences - this will make your job easier. Many learners prefer writing papers on law, business, and economics research topics, while others might find administrative and criminal law topics more exciting. But what happens after choosing the topic? What are the next steps of creating a paper?

  • Write an introduction. You will need to give the readers a glance at what you are going to write about. For example, in case you’ve chosen international law topics for your research paper, you can write about some basic facts in this field. It is also highly recommended to add an outline at the end of your introduction. By the way, avoid diving into the details - you are expected to do it in the next part of your academic paper.
  • Create the main part. This is where you need to come up with all your ideas, views, facts, and examples. Be precise, concise, and avoid wordiness. It might be a good idea to select several strong points and dedicate a paragraph to each one. Remember that you are writing a law paper, so try to use a formal voice and tone.
  • Conclusion. In other words, it is a brief summary of the facts and solutions mentioned in the main part. Therefore, avoid describing any new facts, but just generalize the information reflected in the previous parts of your academic paper.

Best Topic Ideas For Law Papers

You can find lots of topic ideas for term papers in business and economics law, as well as other law-related fields online. However, many of them might appear to be outdated and not suitable for a successful essay. Below we’ve collected only modern and relevant topics that can bring you excellent scores.

Business And Corporate Law Topics For Research Paper

Business law term paper ideas and topics continue to be among the most popular options for many students. The fact is that many economies are constantly developing, as well as lots of new fields and businesses appear to be on the rise. This means picking up one of the company or industry law research topics is always great.

  1. The Development Of Copyright Law
  2. How To Register A New Trademark
  3. Intellectual Property In The Music Field
  4. Types Of Business Contracts
  5. Basic Trade Rules
  6. International Trade
  7. Corporations
  8. How To Open A Subsidiary Abroad
  9. Ways To Solve Industrial Disputes
  10. Rules And Laws Of Employment
  11. Rules For Hiring Foreign Employees
  12. Types Of Joint-stock Companies And The Laws That Regulate Their Operation
  13. Insurance Laws
  14. Essentials Of Intellectual Property
  15. Capitalization Of Intellectual Assets
  16. Rules For Licensing
  17. Authorship And Ownership Rights
  18. The Globalization Of Intellectual Property Rights
  19. Innovation And Economic Growth In Big Companies
  20. Choreographing Copyright
  21. International Conflicts And The Ways To Solve Them
  22. Shipping Policies
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Family Law Research Paper Topics

Family laws have been continually changing. You can write about their development, as well as describe family laws in different countries. By the way, these topics are usually the most disputable ones, so get ready for exciting discussions in a class.

  1. Adoption Laws
  2. Child Support
  3. Contradictions In Family Law
  4. Child Custody
  5. Rights Of Parents
  6. Property Laws
  7. Legacy
  8. Paternity Establishment
  9. Mediation In Family Law Cases
  10. Child Labor
  11. Protecting Children From Abuse
  12. Violence In Families
  13. Should Cohabitants Be Equaled To Married Couples?
  14. Legalization Of Abortion
  15. Organ Retention Laws
  16. Homelessness Prevention
  17. Division Of Assets Upon Divorce
  18. Relocation Abroad With A Child
  19. Politics And Laws On Fertility Control

Law-related Term Paper Topics: Popular Legal Issues

There are plenty of interesting topics that can’t be categorized into any of our lists. These are environmental law topics that will aid you in creating a brilliant paper. The category covers a range of vital issues it might be interesting to write about.

  1. Environmental Regulation
  2. International Laws On Water Pollution
  3. Laws That Regulate Mining
  4. International Laws On Soil Pollution
  5. Land Use And Natural Resources
  6. International Laws On Air Pollution
  7. Waste Recycling
  8. Fisheries
  9. Energy Conservation
  10. Renewable Energy Laws
  11. Green Tourism
  12. Noise
  13. Land Use
  14. Biodiversity
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Law Paper Topics: Litigation

Litigation has been one of the favorite topics for hundreds of students for years. It can help you figure out the work of the courtroom from inside, as well as analyze certain real cases.

  1. Best Examples Of Legal Briefs
  2. The Basic Functions Of The Supreme Court
  3. How To Become A Member Of The Supreme Court
  4. A Theory Of Negligence
  5. The Judiciary: Overview
  6. Argument Schemas
  7. How To Choose The Most Effective Argument Schema
  8. Human Rights
  9. The Courtroom And Trial System

Interesting Law Topics: Legal Theory

The strong knowledge of legal theory is a basis for any successful lawyer. Therefore, many learners pick up the topics from this category to discover the basic facts and concepts in law.

  1. Principles Of Public Administration
  2. The Issues Of Legal Theory
  3. The Newest Constitutional Trends
  4. The Globalization And Law
  5. Freedom Of Speech
  6. The Financial Obligation In International Law
  7. Law And Morality: Discovering Connections
  8. Small Business Regulation
  9. Political Science And Law
  10. Labor Law Perspectives
  11. Immigration Law
  12. Legal Education
  13. Law As Punishment
  14. Social Change And Law
  15. An Introduction To Administrative Law
  16. The Human Face Of Law
  17. Political Science
  18. Rights Of Victims
  19. Animal Rights
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Research Topics In Law: Legal Systems

Legal systems are an inevitable part of the law environment. Still, their laws are constantly changing. This means you can pick up a modern topic related to the area to create a successful essay.

  1. National Security
  2. Public Law In Different Countries
  3. Ethics Of Establishing Boundaries
  4. Criminal Registration
  5. Law Of Regulatory Takings
  6. Law Of Torts
  7. Community Notification Laws
  8. Sharia Law
  9. Civil Law
  10. Religious Law
  11. Tort Reform

Law Essay Topics: Legal Institutions

Legal institutions are governing various forms of social conduct within the legal system. Although there are not many solutions to write about in this area, all the topics are completely new and relevant.

  1. International Organizations
  2. International Organizations Before National Courts
  3. Need For Reform
  4. International And National Law
  5. Legislature: Basic Facts
  6. Legal Profession
  7. Civil Society
  8. Military And Police
  9. Judiciary
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Legal Subjects Essay Topics

Legal subjects are another exciting area to write about. Feel free to create an astonishing academic paper on administrative law and its paradox, the development of property law, contract law, and other fresh topics.

  1. Contract Law: Basic Facts
  2. Main Issues Of Criminal Law
  3. The Development Of Property Law
  4. Property Laws In Different Countries
  5. Administrative Law
  6. Administrative Statutory Interpretation
  7. Paradox And Administrative Law

Lawyers and Lawsuits Paper Topics

Topics on lawyers and lawsuits are also of the great demand for many learners. You can write about public, criminal, and property laws, as well as historical trials to get the best scores for your assignment.

  1. Real Estate Law
  2. Current Legal Issues
  3. Historical Trials
  4. Prison Rape
  5. Constitutional Law
  6. Property Law: Basic Concepts
  7. Public Law
  8. Criminal Law: The Main Issues
  9. Criminal Procedure
  10. Exclusionary Rule
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Is Writing Law Research Papers Difficult?

Many students believe creating law essays is extremely challenging. However, you can pick up any of the topics mentioned above to make your job easier. Lots of learners also come up with their own topics, for example, sports law topics to write a fantastic paper. However, choosing a topic for your essay is not the only thing you need to succeed. What features should your essay have to be successful?

  • Error-free. Various types of mistakes are common for all essays, including papers related to the legal field. Although there are many spell-check tools available online, they can’t detect all typos and mistakes.
  • Well-structured. Your essay should have a clear structure that meets the basic requirements of essay writing. Still, it is easier said than done. Lots of learners fail to logically split an essay in a proper way.
  • Understandable. You need to create an essay in a proper voice and tone. Moreover, it is necessary to avoid any ambiguous words and phrases.
  • Easy to read. Your essay should not contain too lengthy sentences or paragraphs. Being too wordy is not a good idea.
  • Content-rich. The young learners are expected to find powerful arguments, ideas, and examples. Moreover, get ready to share your viewpoints on certain issues and support your opinion with facts.
  • Up-to-date. All essays should be fresh and modern. You will need to find the newest information about a chosen topic, as well as pick up only 100% reliable sources.
  • Formatted. Picking up a proper format is also one of the factors of creating a shiny academic paper. However, there are plenty of formatting rules your essay should follow.

But what should you do in case you feel you won’t meet all those requirements? What if you fail to choose the right topic? How can you avoid making the most common mistakes of essay writing? Fortunately, there is a solution to all these issues.

You can order research paper online and get your assignment completed by academic writing professionals. This way, you will get a flawless, brilliant, and comprehensive paper within the shortest terms. By the way, many students are using essay writing services to improve their academic performance and get excellent grades with no effort.


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