140 Nursing Research Topics To Make an Excellent Paperwork

Many students do not understand the complexity of nursing research topics when preparing research papers. You must have sufficient knowledge to prepare paperwork. Each topic requires detailed research and the selection of reliable sources.

The choice of nursing paper topics assumes knowledge of medical terms and the ability to operate with them. Moreover, all ideas discussed should have links to trusted sources. Proofreading, grammar, and formatting checks are also extremely important.

The preparation of the research paper layout involves an introduction and main paragraphs for expressing your thoughts. Depending on your paper requirements, you must adhere to the technical nuances of text formatting. The cited works page is as important as the nursing research paper topic. You can link to scientific articles and studies.

The research paper assumes an academic writing style without personal opinions and colloquial jargon. It is also necessary to cite authoritative sources, but not to allow plagiarism in your paper. All this makes finding nursing research topic ideas the least problem for students. Here are the most interesting options for you.

Mental Health

Such research topics for nursing students are related to mental health and patient care practices. This is suitable for those who want to tell all aspects of mental disorders, post-traumatic syndromes, and various neuronal fights in patients. The topic may be of interest to those who want to delve into the nuances and talk about modern mental disorders.

  1. What are the causes of depression among students?
  2. Is beer alcoholism a mental addiction?
  3. The main methods for diagnosing schizophrenia.
  4. Classification of the degrees of bipolar disorder.
  5. Causes of PTSD in Veterans.
  6. Mental disorders in patrol police.
  7. What is the impact of action video games on teens?
  8. The effect of prohibited substances on mental health.
  9. Psychiatric ethics and principles of medical anonymity.
  10. What is the impact of physical trauma on mental health?
  11. What are the main causes of mental dysfunction?
  12. Disorders of the cerebral cortex.
  13. Mental suffering.
  14. Methods for treating mental problems.
  15. Intensive mental therapy.
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Child Nursing

Child nursing research paper topics may also be of interest to those who want to tell more about childhood diseases, control, and prevention among the population. It is centered on children and their health. You can write about new methods of helping sick children in hospitals and the nuances of improving immunity.

  1. Main factors of ADHD occurrence and correct diagnosis.
  2. How does vaccination affect children with autism?
  3. The process of forming antibiotic resistance.
  4. What impact do food bloggers have on their followers' eating disorders?
  5. Methodology for dealing with childhood seizures.
  6. Methodology for organizing adolescent medicine.
  7. Impact of fast food on childhood obesity.
  8. Ethical aspects of pediatric pediatrics.
  9. Popular treatments for speech dysfunction.
  10. Pediatrics and patient care techniques.
  11. Children's intensive care.
  12. Help for newborns.
  13. Innovative aspects of the treatment of children.
  14. Non-invasive therapy.
  15. Nurses and prenatal centers.

Taking Care of Adult Patients

Controversial topics in nursing may be of interest if you touch upon aspects of adult patient care. In preparing your work, you can refer to various authoritative sources and psychological studies of adult patients. This will help you concentrate on the nursing aspects.

  1. Timely first aid for the coronary syndrome.
  2. Anxiety disorders in adult patients.
  3. Methodology for the treatment of a bipolar disorder.
  4. Innovative methods for the prevention of sclerosis.
  5. Cardiac tests to help adult patients.
  6. Treatment of migraine with modern methods.
  7. What are the main weight loss techniques?
  8. Dental hygiene and prevention.
  9. Excess weight and weight control features.
  10. Psychological problems in adulthood.
  11. Speech disorders in adults.
  12. Heart failure among the thirties.
  13. Medical ethics and the mystery of disease.
  14. Methods of treating the nervous system in adult patients.
  15. Anxiety syndrome.
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Older Patients Care Regime

Unlike pediatric nursing research topics, this section deals with elderly patients. You have to choose a topic that concerns senile diseases, the care regimen for seriously ill patients, and anesthesia's nuances. Such a topic can be interesting, but it will require finding many authoritative sources to gather information.

  1. The influence of age on the condition of the joints.
  2. Predisposition and symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.
  3. The functioning of the cardiovascular system in older people.
  4. Cancer stages and effective treatment.
  5. Prevention of heart muscle problems.
  6. Intensive care and its consequences.
  7. How to prevent a stroke?
  8. Symptoms of arrhythmia and control of the elderly.
  9. Psychological consequences of a stroke.
  10. Therapy and maintenance of body tone.
  11. Methodology for caring for the elderly.
  12. Blood test and nursing tasks.
  13. Patient mental support.
  14. Legal aspects of nursing work with older people.
  15. Bipolar disorders in old people.

Women's Health Issues

Choosing a research topic for nursing students, you can pay attention to women's health issues. This section will allow you to explore many aspects of the health and nuances of the human body. This applies to pregnancy, menopause, and other aspects. This topic is especially relevant for female students.

  1. Stages of a breast cancer diagnosis.
  2. The main causes of infertility in women.
  3. What problems can women face during menopause?
  4. The nuances of pregnancy and the main changes in the body.
  5. How is ovarian inflammation treated?
  6. Methods for improving the work of the endocrine system.
  7. Sleep disturbances and symptoms of problems with the nervous system.
  8. Vaginal atrophy and treatment methodology.
  9. The main causes of reproductive dysfunction.
  10. What are the causes of hormonal disruptions in women?
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There are many clinical nursing problems for research papers that relate to information gathering. The topic of obstetrics is very relevant in the context of studying and caring for babies. This option is convenient for research since there are many well-known studies. Also, such topics will be of interest to future parents.

  1. Psychological aspects of abortion care.
  2. The effect of termination of pregnancy on the female body.
  3. Gynecological examination technique.
  4. Premature birth and possible problems.
  5. Inpatient prevention of hypertensive dysfunction.
  6. Features and risks of cesarean section.
  7. Intensive care and resuscitation of infants.
  8. Preparation for childbirth and physiotherapy.
  9. Newborn control technique.
  10. Women's therapy during the recovery period after childbirth.
  11. Obstetric secrecy and ethics.
  12. The nuances of gynecological examinations.
  13. Pathology during childbirth.
  14. Obstetrics and resuscitation methods.
  15. Antenatal preparation of mothers.

Standard Treatments

Many modern controversial issues in nursing education relate to standard treatments. You can study one of the topics and find authoritative research to create an expert article. It will be especially interesting to choose a controversial topic and provide evidence-backed facts.

  1. Telemedicine and its basic principles.
  2. The role of nurses in the education system.
  3. The nuances of a healthy diet and basic prevention.
  4. How do parents influence the formation of children's eating habits?
  5. Pharmaceuticals and drug selection responsibility.
  6. Sexuality education and the need for adolescent education.
  7. Why is the work of social workers important?
  8. Medical ethics and drug distribution.
  9. Standard treatments for digitalization.
  10. Disease prevention and standard treatments.
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Pain Management

Another option for nursing topics for research papers is pain management. Many patients are admitted to the hospital with physical problems. Constant pain can be a problem, so timely treatment is imperative. Preparing a research paper on this topic is relevant for many students.

  1. Pain receptors and methods of treating abdominal pain.
  2. The main principles of migraine treatment.
  3. What are the main diagnostic techniques for rheumatoid arthritis?
  4. New types of injections for medical centers.
  5. Effect of anesthesia on pain receptors.
  6. The potential danger of medicated injections.
  7. Rehabilitation of patients after car accidents.
  8. Treatment of fractures with opiates.
  9. Analysis of genetic pain syndromes.
  10. Patient pain relief system.
  11. Pain syndromes with fractures.
  12. Mental pain disorders.
  13. How does phantom pain appear?

Health Care Promotion

Are you looking for multifaceted research topics for nursing college students? Then health care promotion can be one of the options. This area includes many aspects with statistical data and real-life examples. Preparing a research paper will not be difficult in terms of finding the necessary and trusted sources.

  1. Legal aspects of healthcare in car accidents.
  2. Genetic research and innovation.
  3. How to start a private medical practice?
  4. Medicare benefits system and legal aspects of It.
  5. Features of rendering first aid to foreigners.
  6. Gender inequality in health care.
  7. Medicine and legislation.
  8. Home health care.
  9. General code and moral principles of nursing.
  10. Professional ethics and medical secrecy.
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Professional Nursing Issues

This is a fairly extensive section that includes many topics. Accordingly, you have quite a few options for your research paper. The plus is that many scientific papers represent nursing research topics in medical surgical nursing.

  1. Theoretical aspects of the nursing profession.
  2. Ethical standards concerning the homeless.
  3. Intensive care and nursing tasks.
  4. Career aspects of nursing work.
  5. Professional ethics and patient anonymity.
  6. Nursing technical support.
  7. Stress control during night shifts in hospitals.
  8. Intensive care and emergencies.
  9. Stress control and professional qualifications.
  10. Digitalization of nursing work.

Other Nursing Topics

There are quite a few topics for nursing research papers that cannot be attributed to a specific topic. This is especially true for students who do not want to dive into niche sections of medicine. Such topics allow you to create a research paper and not go into the smallest details or nuances.

  1. The role of nurses in medical engineering.
  2. Breast cancer etiology and consequences.
  3. Presentation of the effects of pneumonia and drug treatment.
  4. Anxiety and methods of overcoming it.
  5. Tech gadgets for nurses.
  6. Nursing and mandatory overtime in Missouri.
  7. Why is it important to know medical terminology?
  8. Major mistakes and irregularities in therapy.
  9. Cohort studies.
  10. Pneumothorax and its consequences.
  11. What is the vulnerability of older people?
  12. What are the dangers of osteoporosis?
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How to Write a Research Paper on Nursing Topics?

After looking through each list of research topics in nursing and have chosen a topic for yourself, you can start technical questions. Each college or university has its technical requirements. It all starts with a search for scientific journals, articles, and research.

You should study the current issues, find several authoritative sources, and start preparing the paper. For example, research topics in pediatric nursing require authoritative sources to back up each statement. This imposes its limitations.

Strong theses and personal research best complement any controversial aspects. The last paragraph is especially important because it should contain a specific call to action, a list of recommendations, or data comparison.

If this amount of work is too difficult for you, then we are ready to help. We have quite a few specialists and a list of research topics for nursing students, consisting of many points. You can choose what you like best, and we will get to work.

We will prepare a custom research paper that will focus on nursing practice problems of interest and methods for solving main problems. As a result, you will save time and get good grades.

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