140 Exciting Sports Research Topics You Can Investigate

Physical activities have taken deep root in the young generation. As a result, more and more students decide to study sport as a subject to learn all peculiarities in this field.

How to Make a Choice of Sports Topics for Research Paper

Sports subject has a wide range of topics to write about, and that’s why it might be challenging enough to pick up the specific one. Stick to the following flow to get the right issue for your paper.

  1. Make the list of sports related research paper topics you are interested in.
  2. Don’t pick up a topic that requires long-lasting and in-depth study. You can lose focus and go the wrong way.
  3. Make sure your topics meet the assignment requirements.
  4. Conduct initial research to find out how broad or narrow this topic is.
  5. Consult with your academic advisor to get to know if the issue has any limits. He could advise you to narrow your scope or suggest some good ways to conduct your research in the right direction.
  6. Make up your research questions and ensure that your questions are answerable.
  7. Make a research plan.

How to Structure Your Paper in Sports?

Most non-expert students make mistakes by writing a research paper without adhering to the structure and setting a clear goal. Each research work should have a clear structure, making it understand and follow the main point better.

  1. Introduction. The opening part explains why you have chosen this topic about sport.
  2. Methods and Materials. In this section, you present what ways you used to fill the knowledge gaps.
  3. Results. State objective outcomes and provide supportive data and statistics.
  4. Discussion. This part interprets your results and answers the questions to fill your gaps in knowledge.
  5. Conclusions. Bring all you mentioned above in your paper together and report what goals you have achieved by researching the current issue.

140 Interesting Sports Research Paper Topics to Draft an Academic Report

Sports Management Paper Topics

  1. Risk Management in Doing Professional Sports
  2. Leadership Approaches in Coaching
  3. Ethics in Sports
  4. The Role of Gender in Sports
  5. How to Avoid Violence in Sports?
  6. Coaching as a Male Occupation
  7. Women in Coaching
  8. Safety Issues in Sports
  9. How to Prevent Steroids in Sports?
  10. The Development of the Olympic Games
  11. Ways to Manage Risks in Ice Hockey
  12. Golf Industry and Its Development Today
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These topics cover the basic questions in managing a sports career. Do you want to figure out the current sports issues like coaching, arguing about genders, and high risks? The list of controversial sports topics makes you investigate the subject you’re interested in.

Exciting Sports Science Research Topics

  1. Doping Influence on Athletes’ Brains
  2. What Is Neuroplasticity?
  3. The Influence of Biological Age on Sports Achievements
  4. Why Monitor Fatigue
  5. Hydration Testing in Sports
  6. Relative Age Effect
  7. How to Develop Agility in Young Athletes
  8. Sleep and Its Impact on Competition Outcomes
  9. How Infographics Can Improve Coaching Skills
  10. Tech Ways to Fight Doping in Sports
  11. Innovative Ways to Train Power
  12. Stamina Development in Young Football Players

Science is moving forward with seven-league steps, and sports is not outside this process. If you are willing to know all the scientific innovations in sports, it’s high time to compose a sports science paper.

Sports Schools Topics to Write About

  1. Top 5 Sports Schools to Study
  2. How to Enroll in a Sport School
  3. Pros and Cons of Sports School
  4. History of Cranbrook School
  5. Outstanding Graduates of Sun Valley Community School
  6. What to Choose: Sports School vs. State College
  7. How Do Sports Schools Instil the Importance of Sports for Teenagers?
  8. How to Choose the Best Sports School?
  9. Discipline or High Grades: Values of Sports Colleges
  10. Must-Have Sports Facilities for Every College Gym
  11. Sports Institutions Build Character
  12. Successful Athletes as Teacher in Sports Colleges
  13. What a Sports School Teaches Young Sportsmen
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Famous athletes are thankful for their success, not only hard work and a stubborn streak. Most of these sportsmen are graduates of sports schools. Instead of reading school reviews, you could write your own research paper.

Sports Research Topics on Basketball, Hockey, Football

  1. History of Football
  2. Why Do We Call Rugby “Football”?
  3. Cheerleading as a Sport
  4. Appropriate Age to Start a Career in Hockey
  5. Hockey vs. Football: Which One is the Most Profitable?
  6. Hockey Inventions We Use Every Day
  7. The World’s Best Hockey Teams
  8. Basketball Tactics: How to Win
  9. The Most Brilliant Basketball Players Ever
  10. Ice Hockey vs. Grass Hockey
  11. Can Adults Start Playing Basketball and Succeed in It?
  12. Football as a Lifestyle: Role of Sports on Social Mobility of the UK
  13. Basketball Schools in the United States
  14. The Moment When Basketball Became a Sports Topic for Essays

Some kinds of sports, like football and hockey, have become a huge part of our lives. The theoretical and athletic training research topics in basketball, football, and hockey will give you a clear understanding of their modern pace.

Fitness Research Paper Topics

  1. Ways to Determine Strength
  2. Fitness in Sports Centers Is More Effective Than Home Fitness
  3. Peculiarities of Fitness for Middle-Aged People
  4. The Importance of Daily Fitness Exercises
  5. How Does Fitness Generate Willpower?
  6. Strict Rules Cause Stress
  7. Fitness Selfies and Safety
  8. Up-to-Date Society: Fitness Industry Analysis
  9. Why Can Multitasking Become a Barrier in Fitness Achievements?
  10. Fitness Improves Mental Health: Myth or Reality?
  11. Fitness as a Business
  12. Hidden Benefits From Doing Home Fitness
  13. Fitness Programs Created by Celebrities
  14. How to Get Used to Sports?
  15. Male and Female Fitness
  16. Peculiarities of Fitness for Children
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Fitness includes not only exercises to keep fit, but it also includes a scope of healthy diet principles and mental attitude to workouts. Want to support or contradict this idea? The range of sports argument essay topics will make your choice easier.

Topics About Sports Nutrition

  1. The Significant Role of Nutrition in Sports
  2. How Do High Carb Intake Impact Athletics Performance?
  3. Ketogenic Diet for Sportsmen
  4. How to Calculate Carb, Protein, and Fat for Healthy Diet
  5. Does Protein Overconsumption Lead to Diseases?
  6. Empty Stomach Cardio Reduces Fat Faster: Myth or Fact?
  7. Why Do Athletes Need Cheat Meals?
  8. Food You Should Eat for Cheat Meals
  9. The Impact of Energy Drinks on Sports Performance
  10. Why Investigate and Write the Benefits of Physical Activity and Healthy Nutrition Paper in Schools?
  11. Simple and Complex Carbs: How to Distinguish
  12. Balanced Diet Is a Key to High Sports Results
  13. How Does Nutrition Influence Hormones in the Body?

What’s the necessary nutrition in sports? This question could be argued endlessly, and you can add your point of view in an argumentative topic sports paper. Every athlete knows that only the right balance between sports and nutrition gives a positive result and helps achieve success.

History Sports Research Topics for College Students

  1. History of the Olympic Games
  2. Sports in the Medieval Period
  3. The Top 5 Important Sports Events in History
  4. Sports in the USA: How Did It Establish?
  5. The Great Female Coaches in History
  6. Evolution of Baseball
  7. History of Wrestling
  8. The Top 10 Failed Football Games in History
  9. The Best Male Bodybuilding Competitions
  10. Sports Events That Became Movie Plots
  11. The Youngest Winners in Ice Skating
  12. Hockey History in Canada
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Sports has a captivating flow of history. Picking up a sports presentation topic will immerse you in past events and teach what mistakes you might avoid in the cruel sports world.

Interesting Topics on Sports Psychology

  1. Psychological Pressure on Athletes
  2. Psychological Gender Problems in Gymnastics
  3. How Does Neuro-Linguistic Programming Improve Sports Results?
  4. Doping as a Result of Psychological Problems
  5. Psychological Traumas and Their Consequences
  6. Ways to Control Emotions in Sports
  7. Psychological Motivation of Young Sportsmen
  8. Psychological Aspects of Sports Trophies That Raise Self-Esteem
  9. What Psychological Barriers Can a Young Athlete Have on His Way to Winning?
  10. Ways to Avoid Psychological Pressure
  11. Psychological Safety in the Team
  12. Methods of Psychological Recovery

Being a sports team member or watching any sports movie, you can’t help but notice the inside psychological climate. Choosing and creating a draft on one of the essay topics about sports helps determine the necessity of psychological safety.

Research Topics on Sports Sociology

  1. Sports as a Serious Career
  2. What Causes Increased Sexual Activity in Athletes?
  3. Transgender People in Sports: Who Should Be Their Competitors?
  4. How Do Sports Prevent Juvenile Delinquency?
  5. The Sports Impact on Academic Performance
  6. Is Doing Sports a Tribal Behavior?
  7. Sports Idol Is Better Than a Pop Star
  8. Why Do Sports Discipline Us?
  9. Sports as One of the Ways to Stay Socialized
  10. Physical Education as a Mandatory Subject in Schools
  11. Men and Women Perceive Sports Differently: Reasons
  12. Popular Bias About Doing Sports
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Even if you deal with sports activity as a leisure pastime, you might pick up one of the research topics in recreation and leisure and its impact on life’s social aspects.

Sports Marketing Research Ideas

  1. How to Promote a Sports Event
  2. Ways to Sell Sports Tickets Worldwide
  3. Using Sports Data to Sell Facilities for Gym
  4. The Most Expensive Items for Olympic Games
  5. How to Attract People to a New Sports Center
  6. How to Advertise Sports Events on Social Media
  7. Products Banned to Advertise by Athletes
  8. The Most Remarkable Sports Ads for the Last Two Decades
  9. Football as a Money-Making Source
  10. Motivational Sports Ads
  11. The Most Successful Cases of Sports Marketing in the UK

Sporting activities have become a huge field for earning money. Investigating sports related research topics will help you realize how sports products and celebrities could become income-generating sources.

Medicine and Injuries in Sports

  1. Methods to Help Recover After a Sports Trauma
  2. Types of Injuries in Sports
  3. How to prevent Athletic Varicose Disease?
  4. Medicines Allowed in Sports
  5. Consequences of Taking Painkillers
  6. Pros and Cons of Caffeine
  7. Yoga for Women’s Health
  8. How Can Elastic Therapeutic Tape Treat Tennis Injuries?
  9. Drugs Prohibited in Sports
  10. Athletic Exercises Can Help to Overcome Asthma
  11. Why Are Some Drugs Considered as Doping?
  12. Is It Safe to Practice Sports With Heart Diseases?
  13. Ways to Prevent Muscle Fatigue
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Sports are connected with injuries, and it’s vital to know how to prevent or treat different kinds of injuries. If you are going to get involved in physical activities, you have to be aware of the medications you can take while practicing sports.

Since you have chosen a sports argumentative essay topic, you can start working on following a few certain steps:

  1. Find and study all the background information.
  2. Structure the data into several sections: introduction, methods and materials, results, discussion, and conclusions.
  3. Start writing a research paper outline focusing on the main point. You might even start writing from the middle, for example, from methods and materials, or discussion proceeding from that.
  4. Check and polish your paper to get rid of mistakes and typos.

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