canadian studies and issues research topics

1. A Closer Look At Canada's Prescription Drug Policy

Desc: This paper discusses Canada's success in restraining drug prices, however, has not fully restrained the growth of prescription drug spending. One reason that drug prices tend to be lower in Canada is that prices for drugs that are still under patent and therefore have no generic substitutes are regulated by the federal Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB). This Board establishes the maximum prices that can be charged in Canada for patented drugs. The PMPRB has been credited with keeping average annual price increases for patented drugs at or below zero since 1992. This paper also compares drug policies between Canada and the United States.

2. A Comparison and Contrast of the Ecological Footprint of the European Pre-Industrial Peasant with that of a Contemporary Canadian, and the Role of Technology in Transforming Human Impact on the E

Desc: 4 pgs. 0 f/c. 0b.

3. A Comparison of the Immigrant Experience in Son of a Smaller Hero and Lives of the Saints.

Desc: This paper will argue that Lives of the Saints may be seen as a "prequel" of sorts to Son of a Smaller Hero in that it explains how the culture of a country of origin can shape the immigrant life in Canada. 6 pgs. 10 f/c. 2b.

4. A Critique of the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement.

Desc: Summary: The debate in Canada over the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement has always been heated. Both sides have consistently pointed to evidences that appear to support their own position. There has, for instance, been reason to believe that Free Trade has had a beneficial impact on Canada.

5. A Discussion of the Legal Ramifications of Cyber crime from a Canadian Perspective.

Desc: This paper will examine the involvement of the Canadian government in creating legislation and/or regulations against cyber crimes. It will be argued that the action (or the lack of same) of the Canadian government in this area reflects its uncertainty as to the issue of Canadian legal jurisdiction in cyberspace. As will be seen, this is a broader problem confronting nation states in the age of the Internet and networked computers. 8 pgs. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

6. A National Crime.

Desc: This paper reviews the book A National Crime by John S. Milloy on the residential school program for Aboriginal children in Canada. MLA Format.

7. A Positive Analysis of Canada's Multicultural Policy.

Desc: This paper will provide a positive analysis of Canada's multicultural policy. Some questions addressed are, why and how has Canada's multicultural policy? What are the effects of such a policy? The immigration policy will be examined to analyze the multicultural policy. 12.5 pgs. 30 f/c. 11b.

8. A Proposal on Tourist Forecasting Models in Tourism Management Projects

Desc: This paper will discuss certain models of business forecasting when assessing a companies economic possibilities in the world market. However, we will also take an internal approach to how these external economic factors work to give tourism a clearer picture on how to operate. By showing an integrated sense of forecasting method, we can understand how companies can achieve greater success in both of these approaches to the tourism trade.

9. A Reflection on Sexual Assault Law - T. Brettel Dawson on Past Sexual Conduct of the Primary Witness and the Construction of Relevance.

Desc: This paper provides a review of as article by Dawson: Dawson, T. Brettel. Sexual Assault Law and Past Sexual Conduct of the Primary Witness - The Construction of Relevance. Canadian Journal of Women and the Law. 310: 311-17, 321-325, and 333-334. The essay assesses the contexts of gender bias in the laws regarding sexual assault, and how the Canadian legal system deals with the issues. 4 pgs. 1 source.

10. A Report of the Canadian Democracy and Corporate Accountability Commission.

Desc: This paper is an evaluation of "The report of the Canadian Democracy and Corporate Accountability Commission" published in 2002. This essay provides an evaluation of specific recommendations #13, and #14, and determines that these two recommendations are potentially contradictory, and weak in relation to the rest of the document. The author of this essay offers suggestions for enhancing the role of corporate responsibility with regards to the these two recommendations. 12 pgs. 4 sources.

11. A Response to the Commissioners Canadian Democracy and Corporate Accountability Commission.

Desc: This paper examines "The report of the Canadian Democracy and Corporate Accountability Commission," which was researched and written in 2001 and issued in January 2002. The essay argues that this is an important document that will contribute to the ongoing debates concerning corporate responsibility and the role of stakeholders in modern business. The essay also considers how the case of Enron in the U.S. has negatively impacted the Commissioner's report, and how this event may influence the interpretations of this commission's work and recommendations. 10 pgs. 4 sources.

12. A Review of Brian Ahlberg's American Express - The Stateless Corporation . Multinational Monitor. November, 1990: 29-34.

Desc: This brief article by an American freelance writer conveys a useful picture of a very transnational corporation in a state of change. Through the 1980s, American Express had tried to expand its overseas profits with a strong campaign towards popularizing the use of traveler's checks and other services where they were not yet usual. In addition, American Express issued credit cards in countries that had not had them previously. 2 pgs. Bibliography lists 1 source.

13. A Short History of the Hudson's Bay Company.

Desc: This paper discusses the history of the Hudson's Bay Company from its inception. 13 pgs. 50 f/c. 8b.

14. A Triad of Social Rights: A Modest Proposal.

Desc: The purpose of this essay is to dispute this complacency and argue a case for the creation of judiciable social rights in the Canadian context. It will be shown that these rights have a valid theoretical basis in terms of the philosophy and implementation of rights. However, in the interests of objectivity, it will also be demonstrated that legitimate political and ethical objections exist to the creation of such social rights. Nonetheless, it will be concluded that these objections can be accommodated in a model of social rights that ensures a balance between defining social rights for future generations while nonetheless respecting the democratic freedom of action of our descendants. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

15. AFN Strategy and Policy.

Desc: The Assembly of First Nations represents aboriginal people across Canada. This report outlines their role and the best manner for them to fulfill it. It is based on Paul Pross' model of lobbyist and interest group behaviour in "Group Politics and Public Policy". It concludes that the AFN must foster its support in native communities and use this power to influence political and bureaucratic policy decisions. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

16. AIDS Memorial in Cawthra Square, Toronto.

Desc: This three-page undergraduate paper provides a detailed description of the AIDS Memorial in Cawthra Park. It discusses the symbolism, meaning, aesthetics, and the historical event of the AIDS epidemic. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

17. Aboriginal Identity in Canada.

Desc: This paper examines the components of aboriginal identity in Canada. It begins by identifying their unique, historic relationship with the natural environment. It then considers the impact of development on this aspect of identity and the larger question of racism within Canadian society an its impacts on aboriginal identity. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

18. Aboriginal Peoples of Canada: Study Unit, 8-10 Years.

Desc: This paper presents a reading project on Aboriginal peoples of Canada for children 8-10 years. It considers traditional tales and contemporary literature. Throughout the emphasis is on identifying prejudice and stereotypes, and diversity. 8-pages, bibliography lists 7 sources.

19. Aboriginal Study Unit.

Desc: This paper presents a unit on Aboriginal peoples of Canada for children 8-10 years old. It considers traditional tales of the Ojibway and also contemporary history books about the Ojibway for children. It examines these texts presentation of Ojibway culture and values. 10-pages, bibliography lists 5 sources.

20. Abortion in Canada: A Feminist Approach.

Desc: The feminist approach to abortion is explores most in this paper and in a way that demonstrates how the struggle towards abortion services for women has been complicated by society's patriarchal attitudes towards women in general, and attitudes towards pregnancy and the act of abortion. 14 pgs. 13 f/c. 14b.

21. Academic Journal Exercise

Desc: The Canadian Geographer, a journal published on behalf of the Canadian Association of Geographers, has as its mandate the publication of scholarly works from a inclusive variety of philosophical, theoretical and methodological perspectives that would be of interest to both geographers and researchers in related fields. As a review of the journal for the five year period from 1999 to 2004 indicates, the Canadian Geographer may be characterized by the sheer diversity of its content and the theoretical, thematic and methodological perspectives of its contributions.

22. Access to Health Care in Canada.

Desc: Although Canada has universal medicare, differences exist in the quality and access to care for different people. There are many societal, cultural and geographic factors that influence access to health care in Canada. This problem is getting worse because of the impact of cost-cutting measures on the Canadian health care system. The more that the Canadian government becomes preoccupied with cutting the deficit, the more that unequal access to health care becomes a reality. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

23. Accounting for Complex Political-Economic Change.

Desc: This paper discusses different issues that concern Canadian economics. The essay describes the economic and political structure of the welfare-state in Canada as a post-war reconstruction process, and the partial dismantling of this economic structure by the Conservative government in the 1980s. The essay evaluates the shift from Fordism to post-Fordism in industrial economics, and the concept of free trade in relation to the World Trade Organization and the Free Trade Area of the Americas. There is a description of Normative Theory, International ethics, environmental ethics, and Canada's role in global issues. 18 pgs. No sources.

24. Accounting for the Ongoing Campaign for Pay Equity in Canada.

Desc: This paper argues that several environmental factors in Canada both underscore the need for pay equity and tend to interfere with its achievement. Inequality of pay, has direct relationship to social and legal realities in Canada that work against the cause of ensuring pay equity. Women's roles and places in society have changed dramatically, but in terms of real politick, their frequent condition of disadvantage continues, pointing to women's general precariousness, situations of prevailing pay inequity and what can seem inescapable traps of female poverty.

25. Adam Smith's and Frederick Engels' Views on Economic Production and its Significance to the Analysis of the Political Economy of Canada.

Desc: This paper will argue that Smith's and Engels' analysis of the economic processes of production, trade, and their long term consequences - although radically different in many respects - may provide useful insights to understanding the turbulent economic changes in Canada in the post-Free Trade (NAFTA) era. Moreover, it will be argued that these changes have profound implications for the continuing existence of "Canadian culture" or, indeed, for the survival of Canada itself. 5 pgs. 7 f/c. 2b.

26. Adoption of the US Dollar and Canada's Economic Performance.

Desc: This paper deals with the prospects of the abolition of the Canadian dollar and Canada's adoption of the US dollar. The pros and cons of this policy are assessed. There seems to be little sound economic evidence that this would have a positive impact on Canada's economy. Also, the ideological implications of monetary union, and opposition to it, are explored. 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

27. African-Canadians and Children's Literature - Towards a Genuine Multiculturalism.

Desc: 10 pgs. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

28. Aging Population in Canada.

Desc: This paper examines the aging of Canada's population and its potential consequences. Many consider the aging of the 'baby boom' generation to be a crisis. Other demographers suggest it will have positive consequences.

29. Air Canada Centre (ACC).

Desc: This paper examines the Air Canada Centre (ACC), stadium in Toronto, Ontario. It focuses on the dynamic demands of the client group, unique in the history of stadium construction and the responses of the architects and project managers.

30. Air Pollution: Costs and Benefits on Canada.

Desc: This paper examines the costs and benefits of air pollution focusing on Canada: More specifically, Toronto, ON. It identifies industries that will be hurt and costs. It will also identify potential benefits. Overall, it concludes Kyoto must be ratified and costs can be controlled.

31. American policies toward Canada: 1900 to 2000.

Desc: This paper will outline and analyze the policies that the US has had towards Canada over the 20th century. From this it will be clear that there has been a genuine effort to maximize the potential of the relationship between the two countries. As we approach the 21st century, the relationship between the two countries has never been better. This can be evidenced by the fact that President Clinton has made more trips to Canada than any other President in US history. If this is any yardstick of progress, or at the very least a warming of relations, there is plenty of scope to be optimistic about the relationship between the two countries. 14.5 pgs. 28 f/c. 7b.

32. An Analysis of: Europe is Braced for the Euro.

Desc: This paper will examine the Toronto Star article "Europe is Braced for the Euro" from an historical point of view. The first task will be to examine the article's main points. Then, the article will be discussed from the point of view of how it fits into the earlier developments of the plans and visions of Europeans to join together in an economic union in order to solve "local" problems, and in order to become a stronger economic force in the world. 5.5. pgs. 10 f/c. 7b.

33. An Argument for the Privatization of Health Care in Canada.

Desc: This paper argues for the legitimacy of privatizing health care. The paper contends that there must be extreme caution to government financing, since the costs to health care never level off. The privatization of health care will lower taxes, improve quality, retain access and nurture more individual responsibility in peoples' attitude toward their own health. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

34. An Examination of Joseph Heath's

Desc: Within this paper, I begin by generalizing about Canadian efficiency before outlining my thesis. I then examine the 'efficient' individual before placing that individual within an 'efficient society'. I then provide the efficient society with some of its components, such as the market, competition, and social institutions, while mentioning how Heath's novel itself functions as "An Efficient Society." My conclusion plays with Heath's theories in a light-hearted manner.

35. An Introduction to the Toronto Neighbourhood of Rosedale.

Desc: 11 pgs. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

36. Analysis of Enemy of the State.

Desc: This paper is an analysis of the 1998 movie, Enemy of the State. The paper explores such things as the director's use of imagery, editing, and sound to create a piece of cinematic art. A plot synopsis and discussion of theme are included

37. Annotated Bibliography for the Avro Arrow

Desc: This paper will examine five different sources that exaplian why the Avro Arrow was cancelled in the nineteen fifties. By understanding such authors as McSorely, Floyd, and See, we can see the different biases that history and technological perspectives can reveal in this Canadian aerospace failure. This is how an annotated bibliography helps us to understand what sources can help give a well balanced view of the Avro Arrow and its eventual cancellation.

38. Anti-Smoking Bylaw in Toronto.

Desc: This paper examines the anti-smoking bylaw in Toronto, Ontario. It examines the growth of the issue of public smoking. It focuses on the interest groups, arguments and lobbying used in support of, and opposition to, the public smoking bylaw.

39. Application Process.

Desc: This paper is a critical analysis of the application for assistance process as directed by the department of Ontario Works. The author of this essay refers to details available in public policy documents, and assesses a hypothetical application process in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the process. The paper concludes that the process of applying for assistance from the Ontario Works dept. is convoluted, contradictory, and largely ineffectual. 9 pgs. 17 sources.

40. Argumentative Essay: to marry or not to have married

Desc: This paper is an argumentative essay that ultimately comes down in support of gay marriage because the arguments presented on its behalf are more intellectually consistent than those presented against it. The paper synthesizes arguments from both sides and concludes that the only reason gay marriage has not received greater public support is because of the boorish behavior of certain self-styled liberals.

41. Arguments For and Against the Adoption of the United States Currency as the Currency of Canada.

Desc: This paper is a detailed discussion of the implications of Cdn economics in adopting the U.S. currency. Issues of international trade and business initiative are considered, as well as the possible outcomes for Canadian economics and business. The essay argues that adopting a foreign currency in Canada would restrict Federal monetary independence and constrain Canadian business in both local and international trade. 12 pgs. 4 sources.

42. Arguments against Mandatory Retirement

Desc: This paper is an in-depth analysis of the Canadian legal system with respect to a Supreme Court decision regarding retirement age. The author of this essay evaluates the court's decision and analyses the impact of this decision with reference to legal as well as social implications. The specific case being reviewed here, McKinney vs. University of Guelph is assessed and considered with regards to discrimination and legislation. 14 pgs. 8 sources.

43. Article Review: Gorlick, Carolyne A Divorce: Options Available, Constraints Forced, Pathways Taken in Canadian Families: Diversity, Conflict, and Change 2nd ed. Nancy Mandell and Ann

Desc: This paper examines the current status of divorce in Canada. This paper views divorce as a positive self-realization opportunity rather than a deviant or pathological end of marriage. It identifies the tremendous advances in women's rights relating to divorce in the past fifty years and the tremendous inequalities and social constraints that still exist. It also focuses on the impact of divorce on children. 7 pgs. Bibliography lists 6 sources.