womens studies research topics

1. Addressing Roe v. Wade: Perceptions, Legislation, and Moral and Ethical Considerations.

Desc: This paper examines the views of both those whom support and those whom oppose Roe v. Wade, with the intention of clarifying the principles found within both sides of the abortion debate.

2. A Brief Examination of Womens Involvement With the Railways 1880-1940

Desc: This essay further considers the work women performed in relation to the railway and studies how the women's movement with the railroads was political, geographical, and creative. This paper concludes that women faced a number of advantages and disadvantages in the railroad, but were able to contribute significantly to the railroad system between 1880 and 1940. The chief problem women faced in becoming involved with the railroad included perceptions of gender and work. Since the railroad offered - or purported to offer - such rough and mixed company and such dangerous and physical work, it was not seen as fit for women. Fortunately, women were allowed to join auxiliaries to the male union's railroad workers joined. These auxiliaries allowed women a political voice at the local level, and allowed them to creatively formulate their position within the railroading community. Women were able to contribute to their railroad additionally as inventors of key railroad devices and systems. During the two world wars, women were able to enter the physically demanding railroad wars which were not open to them during peace time. Their entry to these jobs was short-lived, as public pressure compelled them to surrender these jobs upon the completion of the war, when male workers returned from overseas. However, women had proved that they could perform the physical labour of railroads, which opened the way for their future inclusion in the industry.

3. A Comparison of the Changing Status of Women in Twentieth-Century Korea with that of Women in Canada during the Same Period.

Desc: This essay will explore the common elements and differences between the lives and struggles of women in the two countries. It will be shown that while Canadian women differed from Korean women in their achievement of greater social status, the fundamentals of discrimination and sexism faced by women in both countries are very much the same. 11 pgs. 8 sources.

4. A Critical Analysis Of Academic Feminist Approaches To Religion.

Desc: This paper will examine the various feminist approaches to critical religious studies. Feminist theology is a departure from traditional approaches in that it attempts to locate women's power in a theology that is decidedly male centered. The importance of a feminist undertaking of this sort is unquestionable because of the large numbers of women who identify both as feminists and as part of the Christian religious community. 11.5 pgs. 14 f/c. 8b.

5. A persons right to choose: A queer perspective on the construction of gender identity OUTLINE

Desc: I know I'm not a man … and I've come to the conclusion that I'm probably not a woman, either … the trouble is, we're living in a world that insists we be one of the other." (Kate Bornstein) Once it was accepted that gender identity is innate and always congruent with sexual identity. This understanding forced people into strictly defined roles and imposed severe penalties for transgressors.

6. A Perspective on Historians of the Women's Movement in Labor and Historical Identification.

Desc: This paper will discuss the writings of Lerner, Berkin, Hewitt, Callinicos, and Nakano Glenn ad will make a sexual gender analysis of the women's rights perceptions that were being portrayed in each sphere of there existence in literature. By analyzing these spectrums of writings, we can see how they are all interconnected and have different themes that shall be contrasted and compared within this study. Bekin and Hewitt criticized the women's sphere as a separation of the women's culture because it was merely a diversification from a unified front. 6 pgs. No sources listed.

7. A Persuasive Argument Essay for a Woman's Choice in Abortion

Desc: This paper will examine the two sides of abortion. By showing the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice perspectives in an argumentative format, we can judiciously reason why women have a choice to have an abortion. By understanding these religious and scientific perspectives, we can surely see how religion does not hold a strong argument for the rights of women to abort their unborn fetus.

8. A Study of Rape in Times of Crisis: Sociological, Economic, and Legislative Predisposition Towards Inequity

Desc: This paper identifies the use of rape as a tool of warfare in conflict settings. Rape under such conditions is intended to create fear and is symbolic of dominance over the individual and the enemy. Case studies of crisis rape in Rwanda and Yugoslavia are used to illustrate this argument. The paper also discusses anti-rape legislation in the United Nations.

9. A Study on Treatment of Women in the Muslim World.

Desc: This paper will discuss the various ways that women are treated in Muslim countries. By looking into the countries of Jordan, Egypt, and Bangladesh, we can see how feminist aspects of life are pursued.

10. A Woman's Controversies with Freedom of Expression while in the Workplace

Desc: Within this paper, I use Naheed Mustafa's "My Body is my Own Business" to examine her glorification of traditional Muslim clothing and the ways in which she contrasts traditional Muslim clothing with her conception of North American beauty. I then introduce a hypothetical working environment where Mustafa's courageous and independent conception of beauty can either assist or impede her professional development.

11. Adam's Rib: A Reading of Three Essays on Women and Western Religion.

Desc: This paper looks at the three main Western religions - Islam, Judaism and Christianity - where the status and role of women has always been problematic. The three articles analysed illustrate both the complexity and contradictions in these faiths' representations of the role of women. 3.5 pgs. 2 f/c. 3b.

12. Addressing Women in China and America.

Desc: During the Early Part of the Twentieth Century. The political upheaval that occurred during China during the past hundred years is described in the first- hand accounts presented in Jung Chang's work, Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China. This book demonstrates that the rights provided to the women described during this period by the government were constantly limiting, where on the other side of the globe the women in the United States were privileged to ever- increasing rights and liberties. This paper explores the book Wild Swans in respect to the rights that were given to women in China and compare and contrast these rights to those of American women during the same time period.5-pages, bibliography lists 4 sources.

13. Adolescent Female Magazines and Beauty Stereotype.

Desc: This paper discusses the stereotypes created by the way women are portrayed in adolescent female magazines. The effect these media images have on young females is explored is also explored in this paper. 13 pgs. 31 f/c. 15b.

14. American Fashion from 1920s to 1960s.

Desc: This paper will describe the fashion trends in America from the 1920s to the 1960s, and will reflect on the historical values shaping these fashion trends. Some attention will also be given to contemporary fashion and the related changes in societal attitudes

15. An Analysis of Human Rights in Africa: Women's Rights.

Desc: This paper will describe the scene of Human rights in Africa that will seek to discover how Globalization affects this way of humanitarian treatment. By analyzing the nature of this philosophy, we can see the under currents of thought that are participating in making a Eurocentric view on the Human rights situations in Africa. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

16. Aristotle's View of Women.

Desc: This eight-page undergraduate paper examines Aristotle's view of women. Aristotle held a very repressive view, although he intended most of his discussion in a general way. Feminist responses to his view are included. 3 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

17. Aristotle's Views of Women.

Desc: In general terms, in contemporary society the predominant view is that men and women are entitled to identical human rights and that they possess equivalent innate value. Aristotle asserts that men and women are essentially different. His view is outlined and contrasted with contemporary attitudes. There similarities to the situation in the nineteenth century are also noted. 5 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

18. Arranged Marriage in Egypt.

Desc: This eight-page undergraduate paper talks about the custom of arranged marriage in Egypt, how women have had to fight for their right to marry and how changes have come in the way marriages are arranged in the country. 8 pgs. bibliography lists 6 sources.